Mar. 19th, 2010

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Sorry I've been so absent this week! I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to something on Tuesday and ended up spending Tuesday & Wednesday night in the hospital. It's okay now - I am on a shitload of steroids - but pretty weird. I've only had three allergic reactions in my life, all of them here at Rose; the first was very mild, the second a little concerning, but this time I didn't respond to the IV for quite a while. I'm getting tested ASAP because if this happens again, chance are it'll be a lot worse. :/

Chance are that I'm just allergic to Indiana. Fuckin' Hautians. ♥

But this week actually went pretty fast, mostly because I obviously missed all the St. Patrick's Day celebrations (I feel that drinking while on steroids is also a bad idea). My friend & I are working our way through SPN S1, though, which is making me so happy. For all his Deangasming, he's convinced that Sam is just a little bitch. I told him to give the puppy a chance. (Really, though, these boys are way too good to me. They brought me ice cream when I got home from the hospital & got me breakfast the next morning & have pretty much let me live in their rooms, since I was told to stay away from my dorm in case it's something there. I seriously do not deserve them.)


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