May. 20th, 2010

marenzi: (Coffee & Biscotti)
I've been freaking out all week because the bakery called me back to tell me that despite the fact they had guaranteed me a job for this summer, my internship last year worked out so well that they're starting a program with the local culinary school. Which means they no longer need an engineering student. Shit.

But I just had an interview this morning which could not have possibly gone any better - they ended it by saying that I interview very well, they couldn't believe I didn't have an internship yet, and they were going to do everything they can to find me a position in the next week. Which yes, very much what I wanted. :D And of course an engineering internship looks much better (honestly, I'd almost given up on one, since I keep getting to the final round of interviews and getting shut out by juniors). So fingers crossed for that!

Or, you know, if absolutely nothing else works out, I can always just live at the Delta Sig house all summer with awesome people I love and get a waitressing job. I hate not knowing what's going to happen, but it'll be okay.


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