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Hi guys! I don't even know what happened to the last two months but it has been CRAZY. Summer was fantastic, orientation was insane but went off beautifully, and sophomore year is kicking my ass hardcore. So far, I've dropped everything from my life except class, work, rifle, and sleep*, torn my meniscus, and reaffirmed how much I love my amazing ΔΣΦ boys for keeping me semi-sane.

This was a really rough week - the first time I've ever absolutely not wanted to be at Rose, wondering why the hell I'm doing the double major, why do I suck at life - but tonight is Homecoming so it's (almost) all better. I'm going to see all of my seniors from last year and get a chance to breathe for the first time in a few weeks.

And I finally got a chance to watch the SPN premiere. All I have to say is OMGWTFBOYS. I have lots of thoughts on the subject but few are very thinky and they mostly involve lots of flailing. I am somehow going to make time to watch the new episode this weekend, I promise, although it's weird watching with other people. Especially non-fandom people. We'll see if I can possibly contain my squeals of Wincesty glee.

Basically life sucked but is slowly getting better and I MISSED YOU. Sorry. ♥



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