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I'm hooooome! Last week was finals week, with a grand total of six hours of sleep, 42 hours in the library (I AM NEVER GOING BACK THERE until spring quarter finals week), and zero meltdowns. So, you know, success!

Then we drove up to Michigan Friday night after my last exam to shoot the Western Intercollegiate Rifle Championships at Michigan State on Saturday morning. It went well for the team, okay for me - my goddamn air cylinder completely busted during my first set, so I kind of just completely winged my air targets - and no I am not at all bitter than every single part of that gun other than the wooden pieces of the stock have broken during a match this season - it's a $6000 competition precision Walther! - okay this has just completely devolved into an incoherent rant of rage. Apparently I have ~feelings about this!

ANYWAY. Ahem. So after the awards banquet, where I'm proud to say we held our own against all the division one teams with Olympic shooters, we drove back to Indiana and I got straight on a plane to DC. Actually, I got on a plane to Atlanta and then another one to DC, because AirTran is super cheap but kind of stupid. And then I slept for more than two hours in a row for the first time all week and it was GLORIOUS.

So I woke up this morning, went grocery shopping, and haven't left the kitchen since. The fridge is already full & it's only the first day. SOMEONE COME HELP ME EAT ALL OF THIS, PLEASE.


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