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i. I am home! And really, really ready to go back to Indiana. I miss it so much already. Still considering just driving back and living at the house if things get too bad here.

ii. Yeah, I'll be retaking differential equations II in the fall. For an engineer, I am so terrible at math, it's not even funny anymore. But I should be done with all my math courses after next quarter. Fingers crossed!

iii. I desperately, desperately want to go see Foreigner, Styx, & Kansas at Nissan Pavilion Jiffy Lube Live (wtf really? when did this happen?) on June 12th! $20 lawn tickets, people! But I don't really have any friends left here and none of them seem interested anyway because they have no taste in music. DC fangirls, anyone wanna go with me??

iv. SPEAKING OF, DC fangirl meetup sometime while I'm home, Y/Y? :D I very much want to see you lovely ladies!

v. My really exciting news... the dad of my best friend from high school, Caro, now works as the Icelandic diplomat, so they're living there now. I'm half Icelandic on my dad's side, so I have tons of family there I've never met. So this August, I'm actually going to leave the country for the first time (!!) and visit! I'll probably be spending two weeks there, mostly in Reykjavik. I'm booking my flight this week and am so, so excited. (I'll spam about this much more once I actually have details worked out.)

vi. I'm loving [ profile] classy_lawyers, a new Jared-Jensen-Danneel RP by [ profile] poor_choices & [ profile] setissma. You should be following this.

vii. Because I can't end on an even number, and seven is a good number - I love you all. ♥


Jul. 28th, 2009 02:41 pm
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A few weeks ago, I got a small chip in my windshield. No big deal; I just called USAA and they sent someone out to repair it. Very easy. I was specifically assured by the repairman that the chip would not spread and heat would not affect it.

Today, I walked out of work and found a two-foot crack covering the passenger side of my windshield. It clearly originated from the 'repaired' chip in the 90-degree weather. So I called USAA again and explained what happened. They told me that yeah, their repairman must have fucked up the job, but I still have to cover the thousand-dollar deductible anyway.

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The Yes/No/Maybe So (circle one) Meme )

Need to find a formal presentation outfit, a prom dress, and a graduation dress this weekend. In between working at the bakery, creating my final project for Monday, and hosting relatives. All while being ignored by my mother for no reason I understand.

My emo angst of epic proportions, let me show it to you. I am so not looking forward to this week. Not in an oh-high-school's-over-how-sad way. I should be excited for this, right? But I've sort of just stopped caring. :/
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If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied
Illuminate the nos on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

-- Death Cab For Cutie, I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Here, have a song. ♥
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DNW 92° in April! The A.C. isn't working yet, so I'm lying around in a t-shirt and generally being a pain in everyone's ass. I don't handle heat well, okay? This is why I didn't look at any southern schools.

Spent the morning/afternoon at school taking a four-hour BC calc exam - I know it went terribly, but I can't be bothered to care right now. The A.C. wasn't on at school either, so we all melted in a stuffy little room.

Yes, I can & will blame all my problems on the weather. UGH I will stop dumping on all of you now and go back to obsessively pretending I can meet the BB deadline.

ETA Ahaha, haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, but how much do I love that Tamora Pierce's new book is outselling Twilight & Miley Cyrus? A LOT, THAT'S HOW MUCH.
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This week felt like a carbon copy of last week - I just came home and got into bed again last night, but I'm feeling better now anyway. I tend to avoid LJ when I'm in a bad mood because I don't want to dump on everyone else.

From a brief skimming of my flist, however, I'm deeply concerned that these two plot bunnies aren't being written. [ profile] lazy_daze? These scenarios are firmly stuck in my head and I am sort of craving them now.
ETA: [ profile] _mournthewicked is made of WIN.

Also made of awesome: my advisor got married over spring break! I seriously love this man - he's Spanish and very shy and the textbook definition of metrosexual. Possibly the best-looking man I know personally, plus the exotic accent and extremely tight pants? Highly attractive. We asked him what he'd done over break and he told us his parents had visited America for the first time and that he had gone to Mexico with his girlfriend. It wasn't until I noticed his ring that he admitted that he'd finally married her, but he didn't want to impose on us by making us congratulate him. He keeps blushing whenever he talks about her and is generally being adorable.

And of course that story just reminds me that Jared & Jensen are golfing. In Oregon. This is my new euphemism for a 'weekend fishing trip'. They are so Brokeback.
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I am in such a bad headspace. I struggled to keep it together all day Friday, then came home at six after practice and just got into bed because I couldn't handle thinking anymore. Spent 9-5 yesterday at school finishing the yearbook, but I was so drained that the literary magazine isn't done. Four of my friends, a teacher I admired, and a coach are currently not speaking to me, and I have no idea what happened. My dad's job was just cut back and now we're not sure if I can afford college. I am just feeling like I'm made of fail in everything right now, and it's really fucking difficult to get out of it.

Anyway. I just got my laptop back, so I still haven't read or watched any con reports, but I hope the boys were adorable and being BFFs. I completely understand the squick factor of 4.18; this doesn't mean I didn't love it and love Kripke and love that Show has a sense of humor. [ profile] missyjack said it best: "Show/fandom is my OTP." And, um, "I feel like Kripke just rimmed me and I loved it." This it the best type of thinky meta, really!

Iowa Court Voids Gay Marriage Ban. This made me smile more than anything this week. Iowa is Middle America, definitely not the most progressive of the states, and this gives me so much hope. I can't wait until we all get there. ♥

Does anyone have a high-resolution version of this photo? You know, where the boys are sitting right next to each other looking all nonchalant but sekritly sending each other schmoopy love texts which they save for ever and ever?


Apr. 2nd, 2009 07:09 pm
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I began panicking & almost went home before school even started today. Coming back from spring break made me realize how stressed and anxious I am the rest of the year. How stupid is it that I have one month of high school left and I can't even make it through the first week?

I've been so busy I haven't watched any vids or read my flist all week - I'm hoping to catch up on con reports & all this weekend. I haven't been ignoring any of you and I can't wait to read about Jared & Jensen's epic tinhatty love! Please link me to anything really amazing?

I was procrastinating by flipping channels and just saw the first couple seconds of tonight's SPN promo. Don't spoil me, but I really need something amazing and sweet and BROTHERS tonight. Plz deliver, show.
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Today was... ugh. This morning, I spent a total of four hours discussing eating disorders and rape in my psych class and my English class. And I never consider that sort of thing triggering or whatever, but I was just completely drained by noon. Today was just kinda shitty in general.

ANYWAY. Let's move onto the fact that I abandoned LJ for a week and there is much to catch up on.
1. Last Friday was our school's annual variety show. You'd think that the highlight would have been all of the teachers dressing up as zombies and doing Thriller horribly out of sync. Or the MCs accidentally splattering cream pie all over the new velvet curtain. But the finale was five senior guys who dressed as the Backstreet Boys to perform I Want It That Way. NINETIES POP FTW. They had every single one of the cheesy dance moves down and their singing was indescribably terrible. This is why I love my class.
2. Softball varsity pre-season has started! My love for this sport is rather inexplicable, as I have played for seven years and am still rather terrible, but whatever. I'm still over-the-top excited every year. :)
3. The true meaning of food porn. Best served with alfredo sauce, y/y?
4. OH, destitute!JENSEN. ♥ But for the record, I highly disapprove of this housecat army. Dogs are the way to go, man.
5. I AM GOING TO SEE F13 THIS FRIDAY WITH [ profile] balefully & PEOPLE!! THIS FRIDAY, 7:30, GALLERY PLACE, DC. BE THERE. Who else is going to DIE over Jared Padalecki's ridiculous face??
6. I greatly dislike even numbers. I've noticed this on my flist before, and I can only conclude that it is a sign of extreme intelligence and general awesomeness.
7. Right, I'm off to dl & watch Misha Collins suck his own cock. You'll know what happened if I never post again.


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