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Hello all! I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season, or at least an excellent few days off work!

First off, I got a nook for Christmas! I've been working my way through the Harry Potter books, which I've been wanting to reread for forever - but who the hell wants to lug all those books around?? - and I'm halfway through Goblet of Fire. God I'd forgotten how much I love this world! Shoebox Project will definitely be next, since that's my canon anyway. ♥

But I was hoping some of you might be able to point me towards any comms for ebook sharing? Because I haven't figured out how I'm paying for next quarter's textbooks, much less fun reading. I'll love you even more than I already do!

And secondly, my cousin has convinced me to finally try Tumblr. I'm shakethemountains, from the e.e.cummings poem the boys I mean are not refined, which I adore. So far it's just quotations & pretty things & utter randomness, and it's not going to be super fannish since it's connected to my RL. But link me to yours? And to any pretty picspam feeds? Please & thank you!

Love to you all - get ready for 2011!
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I had literally thousands of books as a child. They had nickel-&-dime sales at the local library and I was all over that. I read daily and kept them all and pretty much filled my entire bedroom with YA novels. Leaving Idaho happened kind of fast and I only ended up packing a few books since all of my stuff had to fit in two airline-friendly suitcases. Today, I own maybe a dozen books. I miss being surrounded by pages of adventures.

What made me think of this, though, was Avi's novel The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. It is GLORIOUS, or at least I remember thinking so when I was ten. God, I wanted to be her. (Actually, I really wanted to be a young, daring girl facing the world alone at just about any point in history. Except, of course, the twenty-first century, which I deemed utterly boring.) It looks like there was some hype about DeVito directing the movie version last year, but it seems to have died out. It could actually be really amazing if they did it right, especially since they had Saoirse Ronan cast as Charlotte.

What were some of your favorite books when you were younger? Or really (since I can't imagine trying to list favorites) the ones that you really remember for some reason? I wish I had a list of every book I've read in my lifetime.
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You know what needed to be a book? (500) Days of Summer. Assuming it was well-written, I would really love to read that.
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I spent this afternoon going through everything in my room & bathroom and sorting out what I'm going to take to Rose. I now have a pile in the middle of my room which is surprisingly very small. A few bags, desk things, DVDs. Eleven different notebooks, because those are NECESSARY. And then I looked at the calendar and realized I'm not leaving for another two weeks. Oh god I am so ready to leave right the hell now.

I'm only taking three books, actually - this may seem sacrilegious to most of you (it did to me for a long time), but I only ever own a few books at one time. This started on the move from Idaho, when I only had one huge duffle for all of my stuff, and then when we got here I didn't have a bookcase. So I keep a few favorites and end up going to the library a few times a week. I've gotten strangely used to this system, and at least I no longer spend hundreds on books every year. Hmm.

And the second round of [ profile] blindfold_spn is up and running, so I have no idea what the hell you're still doing here.


Aug. 3rd, 2009 07:42 pm
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[+] This weekend was absolute insanity, but of the very fun sort. Saturday was Swiss National Day (yay to any Swiss on my flist!) and my bakery caters the embassy events, so I've been working ten-hour shifts starting at 5am since Thursday. (The Swiss embassy, by the way, is stunning. Wow.) I'm exhausted, but admittedly rather excited for the overtime pay. :)

[?] I have no idea what was going on, but on my way home from work, Braddock Road (610) had every side street & driveway blocked off with at least two police cars at every intersection, four at the major lights. This continued onto Fairfax County Parkway (7100) and the entrance to I-66. I counted over three dozen cars in total, not including motorcycles & unmarked vehicles. Weird.

[+] OH GOD today's xkcd was so nostalgic for me. Every single one of you should read Le Petit Prince, and if you have any background in French, read it in the original. So much love.

[+] Speaking of amazing reading, I'm finally going back to BBs, and some of them are absolutely stunning. I can't wait to make a rec post for all of these.

[-] Am feeling like shit tonight and being a hypochondriac. Please convince me I don't have appendicitis and this is just an adverse reaction to my birth control. I'm just hoping to sleep it off.
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Urban Italian by Andrew Carmellini ashdfahflskdf I JUST GOT IT. Oh my goddd I love it so much already. This is one of those food porn books that I've always wanted but couldn't justify the cost, but a few unwanted Christmas gifts added up to THIS at Borders. I've limited myself to the introduction so far, but it's snarky and new school and he is freaking adorable. I am honestly bouncing around at the prospect of trying all of these beautiful new recipes. *LOVES MADLY*
To make it even more obvious that I am Italian and love food (which, yes, repetitive), we went to Carmello's in Old Town Manassas tonight. It's a hole-in-the-wall place that's mainly Italian and a little Portuguese and you will never ever want to leave. Their olive bread is to die for, and I am in love with their gnocchi carnesani, and just in case you don't asplode from all of that, their espresso with a glass of mascarpone will finish you off. It's the kind of place I want to go if I ever do manage to find my way to Italy. I can die happy now.
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Total: 12
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Non-Fiction: 2

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9. The Color Purple by Alice Walker -- fiction -- 304 pages
I got very little out of this. Admittedly, female empowerment isn't exactly my crusade, but I just couldn't get into the characters or the plot or the epistolary style at all. I just found everything implausible. For every character to find their happy ending - for them to be well-off and in love and magically find each other - was just way too much for me. (This is where my friends say I have no soul, I think.) But aside from the impact of the first page, nothing grabbed me. It was too predictable.

10. The World According to Garp by John Irving -- fiction -- 609 pages
The end of my Irving books. Apparently, this was the most autobiographical of all, and it scares the shit out of me. There's a lot of Biblical-style justice - a guy's dick is bitten off during a blowjob in a car. It starts off with Garp's mother, a nurse who impregnates herself through an infantile, brain-damaged patient. There are a legion of women who cut their tongues out in support of an eleven-year-old rape victim (who of course just wants to forget it, not start a fucking trend). And I hated the novel insertions, because they were far too long and exactly the same.
Basically, Irving's books are formula: a young man grows up in a strict, rigid environment, then branches out into the real world on his own. He struggles to find the meaning of his life until an abused young girl comes to him, and he then realizes that his life's work must be to return to his childhood home. I am not looking forward to researching his life at all.

11. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut -- fiction -- 224 pages
...All I could think about during this book is that Billy Pilgrim = my senile biology teacher. (He insists that he's 133 years old, only he was reset to a baby at 77, and that his girlfriend - Molly Jolly Golly - is enslaved on an alien planet. WHAT.) I'll admit it's an effective anti-war book, and Billy's insanity is a huge contributing factor. But I wasn't pulled into the story. The extremely non-sequential storyline threw me a bit at times, and it felt unresolved. Not terrible, but not worth it.

12. This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen -- fiction -- 352 pages
Sarah Dessen is my YA-teen-novel guilty fix. It'll never be great literature, but her characters are so relatable and quirky and imperfect. Remy's flimsy badass front is silly, and I love her for it. And Dexter's - sort of indescribable, really. But he's so self-confidant and sure of himself, no matter what. My favorite part has to be the warped pictures and their stolen collage - the pieces of strangers' lives, arranged on the wall with pins. It's one of the little details which makes Dessen's novels.

13. The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen -- fiction -- 400 pages
My favorite of her books - I love Macy because I love her life. I love her craving for chaos and her stupid insecurities, because really? Most of them are mine, too. I'll totally admit that Wish is sort of my dream summer job - insane and unpredictable and a bit unstable. (Not to mention that YES, I really want a Wes. God he is so ridiculously amazing) It's sappy, but it's really hopeful. This is either a rainy-afternoon or a beach-read; either way, I'll smile.

14. Terrier by Tamora Pierce -- fiction -- 608 pages
I was obsessed with Tamora Pierce in middle school. I re-read her Tortall quartets over and over again, and I was hopelessly in love with George. (Okay, I loved the tension between Alanna & Jon when she was his squire and it was all ~forbidden. But then he became a dick, so.) George was the dangerous bad boy, proving that I didn't have any sense when I was younger, either - but he was so fiercely loyal. Pierce transferred that same quality a few hundred years back to the days of George's ancestor, a Dog who loathes the Rogue (yay backstory!). Beka... takes morally righteous to a whole new level, and I'd love to yank the stick out of her ass sometimes, but I can't help but love anything Pierce writes. It defines the YA fantasy genre to me.

On My Bookshelf
Le Petit Prince par Antoine de Saint-Exupéry -- fiction -- 96 pages
Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce -- fiction -- 560 pages
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Thirteen pages in two and a half hours. My hand is cramping up so bad right now! But it was English, so I'm not too concerned. Around the top of the twelfth page, Mrs. K walked past and whispered, "The end, right? God, you know I have to read all of that, right?" Hee. ♥

Oh! I finished the first of my three John Irving books, A Prayer For Owen Meany. I really didn't want to like it. At all. The caps thing bothered me so much for the first few chapters. Except the end, where everything - EVERYTHING - all just came together? Good ending. I'd really love to hear what anyone else thought of it and particularly how you believe it relates to Irving's personal life, because I don't have my thesis yet either.


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