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Can't even remember how I found it, but Surviving The World is a pretty fantastic webcomic. It's by a thirtysomething MIT grad and there are engineering jokes throughout - like XKCD but daily. And not quite as funny but slightly more thought-provoking. Sometimes. On occasion.

Top Three: Two Fandom-Related, One That's Just Geektastic! )

And how are all of you? ♥


Sep. 9th, 2009 02:57 pm
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FML all Threadless shirts are $9 today. Which would be awesome except I am a broke college student. But I NEED this one & this one & this one. And maybe the spoiler shirt, except not because I'd feel too guilty to ever wear it.

You know what's distracting me from cute t-shirts? There's this show tomorrow with these boys who MAKE MY LIFE. alfjdklfj SPN S5 IS ALMOST HERE. \o/

And I still feel so guilty for not being in fandom right now, except I'm never on the computer anymore! I don't want to have to actually make a schedule for you amazing, fantastic people, but I don't know how else to make this work time-wise. :/
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JUST FINISHED FIREFLY. ahdskfjsdajlkf LOVE. I am a loser of the highest order for not watching before now, because it was as brilliant and amazing as advertised - I ended up mainlining it all weekend. What were the popular ships in this fandom? Because I am slashing all over the freaking place. If anyone's got Firefly fic bookmarked, rec me please!

Am trolling the internet for the DVD set and crying because I cannot afford it and really should not spend graduation money. That would be wrong. Right?
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Happy Pi Day and Steak & BJ Day! Uh, the second link is a bit NSFW. :)

I AM ABOUT TO GO GIVE UP MY LAPTOP. SOB. I had it in my car for a few hours during practice back when it was really cold, and the plastic cracked. So now it doesn't close properly and the screen is slightly endangered. But I'm ridiculously attached.

No idea when I'll get it back, but when I do, this is a self-reminder that I've been tagged. Because my handwriting is really weird and I tend to make up letters!
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When you see this, post your favorite poem. --[ profile] chash

I hate poetry in general - yes, all of it, I have no soul, etc. - but there are just two poems I love. A lot. So much that I have them both memorized. My absolute favorite, which I am not cutting because if you don't know this poem you must read it and if you do then you need to read it again anyway:

the boys i mean are not refined
e.e. cummings

the boys i mean are not refined
they go with girls who buck and bite
they do not give a fuck for luck
they hump them thirteen times a night

one hangs a hat upon her tit
one carves a cross on her behind
they do not give a shit for wit
the boys i mean are not refined

they come with girls who bite and buck
who cannot read and cannot write
who laugh like they would fall apart
and masturbate with dynamite

the boys i mean are not refined
they cannot chat of that and this
they do not give a fart for art
they kill like you would take a piss

they speak whatever's on their mind
they do whatever's in their pants
the boys i mean are not refined
they shake the mountains when they dance

I kind of desperately want to fic this poem somehow. I DON'T EVEN KNOW. But I really really want to. :/

And then here's Casey At The Bat, because I can't resist. I memorized this when I was ten. ALL THIRTEEN STANZAS. And now the pitcher holds the ball, and now he lets it go - )



Nov. 6th, 2008 08:59 pm
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I can't even. Oh god. Just. ♥
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Random Archiving, Move Along )
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Two last things before sleep:

I have had Kane's song 'House Rules' on repeat for the past three days. IT IS SO CATCHY. And I really hate that kind of country-ish music, but. I just keep imagining Jared & Jensen singing along loudly and off-key, drunk off their asses, and YEAH. ♥

Also, today while drooling over the ridiculously priced Anthony Bourdain books at Borders, I saw a display which was very not-discreetly labeled "Porn For Women".

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Okay, this is what happens when I procrastinate: I start Googling things. So if I had hypothetically not been working on my paper & had hypothetically Googled "supernatural fan code", my hypothetical self would have been forced to do it. Here it is, you guys.

Supernatural Fan Code )

S4 DW+ SW+ MC+ 117+ 401+ 108- DVD+++ C+ S-- FFW+++

...too long? THAT'S WHAT DEAN SAID Of course not.

Suggestions? Ideas? Things that should OBVIOUSLY be in here & how could I have possibly forgotten them?
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So, sitting in Caribou Coffee with my laptop? Is pretty much the best thing ever.

Except I spent all day yesterday writing essays & am going to end up spending all day today writing essays. OMG, self, taking four writing-intensive APs? BAD IDEA. I am such a dork, I have no life.

But it's okay, I have a laptop with free internet (Caribou > Starbucks any day) and coffee, I think I'll make it. :)


ETA: Seriously, flist. You are failing me. If I were actually FOCUSED, you would be spamming me right and left. As it is, I have no distractions.

In unrelated news, I could watch this mood theme icon FOREVER.
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Oh man. So last night, my computer DIES. Only turns on to give me a glimpse of really weird code, then shuts down again. I copied it all down, e-mailed it to my dad (computer geeks FTW), and he told me it had worn out. Then I sat down and counted and realized it was 11 years old, so maybe this shouldn't have been so surprising.

Anyway, I've been worrying all day because between buying my car last year and paying for gas & insurance, no way do I have enough for a shiny new computer. EXCEPT. The people at Best Buy? Have no idea what they're doing. And between explaining to them why they are wrong & pointing out completely superfluous 'problems' with their floor models, I end up with a LAPTOP. For the first time ever, and I am beyond excited, you don't even know. It's a Dell Inspiron 1318 and is really just perfect for what I want/need - was on sale to start with & I ended up paying $500. It retails for $900 on Dell's website. It is shiny & new & omg I am typing on it RIGHT NOW. :D

Between yesterday (YOU GUYS. THEY ARE STILL LIVING TOGETHER RIGHT NOW OMG.) & this laptop & SPN in basically ONE WEEK, life is freaking amazing right now. Except for that 30-page paper due Monday that I've been procrastinating on for three weeks, wot? AMAZING, I say.


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