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I've disappeared for the past few weeks, and I really feel rather guilty about it. But I want to start this post by saying that each time I skimmed my flist (I am just hopelessly behind at this point, apologies) I saw so much love and so many good things. I love you all so, so much. Especially you. You brighten my life.

I'm rounding off my two weeks of vacation and returning to Rose on Sunday. I'm not really sure how to describe being home other than I very obviously don't fit anymore. My house is a bit of a disaster at this point; the night I got back, my parents told me they're finally getting a divorce. Unfortunately, this can't happen for a while because my mom's disabled & can't support herself, but at least they're finally recognizing that they can be happier apart. That's really all I've wanted for them.

I think what's hitting me the hardest is remembering how different life was here. I was the quiet girl without friends in high school who never went out at all. At Rose, I'm surrounded by fun parties and good people who care about me. It's hard to reconcile the past few months of going out every Friday and Saturday night with spending Christmas & New Year's Eve alone with the tension between my parents. We've already agreed that I won't be returning home until summer, but I'm toying with the idea of living somewhere else anyway if I can't find an internship. I didn't realize how depressed I was here until I left.

Aside from the messiness, my family does Christmas pretty quietly; I got a couple of DVDs, a cookbook, a coffee mug. The surprise was my own hunting gear, which was so appreciated; I've been borrowing from my uncles and younger cousins for the last few years, which of course never fit well. It's such an amazing difference to have good gear that fits. I ended up spending most of this past week hunting muzzleloader with my uncles because I wanted out of the house, and it was definitely good for me, very relaxing. I'm sure that's not how most people see it, but just consider sitting in a snowy forest with perfect stillness and perfect silence for hours. It's beautiful.

God, I can't wait to go home on Sunday. It's probably silly to miss being so busy all the time, but I like schedules and my organized room and the ridiculous nerdy people I surround myself with.

I hope every single one of you had a lovely holiday & a happy new year's celebration with the people you love. I hope twenty-ten brings you love and peace and happiness. I hope you know how much I appreciate every single one of you. ♥
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Today is my Christmas-on-campus, because we're finishing our hall decorations this afternoon and then I'm exchanging gifts with my friends over coffee and then this evening is the team dinner. I'm about to go downstairs and make vodka pie & candy cane cookies for the dinner, so I even get to cook! It's a good day! Except for the lab and papers I haven't finished yet. :)

I'm also notoriously terrible at gifts (and broke) so I ended up making gifts for the girls here. All of my friends joined Chi Omega sorority, whose mascot is an owl and whose colors are red & yellow excuse me, cardinal & straw, so I made them ornaments vaguely based off of these (yay Etsy!): picture! )
They're pretty cute, so simple to make, and inexpensive; it would be really easy to change the animal without changing the template too much.

I now have one of these formspring things, because all the cool kids are doing it. Please ask me asinine questions!

eta Oh, and holiday cards have finally been sent out!! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me cards, they are all beautiful and picking up actual post is exciting! ♥
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It is SO DAMN COLD HERE. It's been snowing all day, but it is crazy windy - like, can-barely-walk-upright windy - and it isn't sticking. And the heater in the range is broken! SOB MY LIFE. I shivered for three hours straight and I'm going to pretend that's why I shot so badly. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

AND THEN THE SNOWFLAKE COOKIES. ♥♥♥ You guys are AMAZING, I was just totally overwhelmed when I went to my profile! I'm so sorry I missed out on sending them to everyone. Stupid time limits. But I love you all!

a;lfjakldfjaklfj I am just SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS, YOU GUYS! Today I wrapped my dorm door and hung up stockings and wrapped gifts and am now drinking hot chocolate. So good. And this is the last call for holiday cards, because I'm sending them out this weekend! Please, please sign up if you haven't already, because I have super-awesome cool cards and there'll be something cute in them and I am just excited to send them to you guys! Don't let the extras I have now go to waste!

Rose is all decked out for the holidays and everyone's in a good mood and people are actually singing carols in the hallway right now. I am blissfully ignoring homework to type this up and revel in the fact that I will be home in a week and there will be a tree with lights and ornaments and my family.
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How is it possibly December already?? Second quarter classes started yesterday and I'm already convinced that there is no way I can pass half of them, but we'll see. I have a weekend Wednesday this quarter which makes up for some of it. I'm just really ready for Christmas and the holidays right now; I've already hung rainbow lights around my dorm room and we've begun decorating the hall. (Although really, I have a feeling the rainbow lights are going to stay for the rest of the year because they're just that awesome.)

Speaking of the holidays, comment on my card post so I can send you something!! It will probably be lame but whatever, snail mail is always exciting.

Also, my culinary discovery of the year: vodka pie crust. Try this, it is AMAZING! Very light and flaky and buttery. The alcohol keeps the dough moist without forming the gluten bonds which make other doughs chewy, and it's much easier to roll out, too. OH THE WONDERS OF VODKA.

Basically, I have nothing to say here, but I did manage to use an icon that is relevant to both Christmas & pie, so I still count it as a win. Om nom nom pie.



Nov. 23rd, 2009 07:34 pm
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Being home after three months is weird, yo. I like being off-campus, but I forgot how stressful my house is. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. I did go shopping with a friend today (ugh shopping. But it was necessary.) which turned into four hours of coffee-talk. It was good to sit down and tell someone about all of the crazy things that have happened. And to actually get jeans & bras that fit.

Final grades went up, and I did technically pass calculus. I'm still not sure if I'm going to grade-replace and take it again next quarter, but that makes me feel a little better. And everything else was an A, so at least it didn't tank my GPA.

Tell me something good about your day. ♥
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Oh man, awful week, awesome weekend. Reeeally awesome. I love Halloween. :)

I threw together a last-minute cowgirl outfit, which I'm still going to count as a win because everyone who was at least halfway sober could tell what it was. Did the crazy frat party thing Friday night, then went over to a quieter frat where I actually know people Saturday night because I had to be up early this morning. Ended up staying the night with the captain of the rifle team, which made for a super-fun morning as we dragged our asses out of bed at 6:30 am and he drove back us to campus for our first rifle match at 7:00. I shot rather terribly; he broke the school record by 13 points. Figures.

(Quick background: rifle matches are scored out of 600. I broke 500, which is good for my first match, but I could have scored much higher were it not for a few really awful fly shots that each lowered my score by 10. TEN POINTS EACH, DAMN IT. Whatever whatever, I'm getting over it. Kinda.)

[Poll #1479493]
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Happy Pi Day and Steak & BJ Day! Uh, the second link is a bit NSFW. :)

I AM ABOUT TO GO GIVE UP MY LAPTOP. SOB. I had it in my car for a few hours during practice back when it was really cold, and the plastic cracked. So now it doesn't close properly and the screen is slightly endangered. But I'm ridiculously attached.

No idea when I'll get it back, but when I do, this is a self-reminder that I've been tagged. Because my handwriting is really weird and I tend to make up letters!
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Happy (late) Valentine's Day, flist!! Am I really the only single person who still loves this holiday? Because it's really just as much about friends and family and being a schmoop. And the opportunity to embarrass as many people as possible, because ganging up on my friends in the hallway and singing 'Centerfold' as a duet is apparently my idea of a good time.

AND THEN OMFG JARED. I met up with [ profile] balefully, [ profile] sadcypress, [ profile] beckaandzac & [ profile] ciaan at Gallery Place for F13, which. It has been over 24 hours and I still have not recovered from his ASS in those JEANS, GOD. Spoilery spoilers! ) Kind of need to see it again, but am broke. Must rectify!

And afterwards we trawled DC looking for coffee and a place to sit and freak out, but two of the Starbucks were closed (WTF, DC? 10 on a Friday night? Fail.) and the third was jammed. In the interests of Jared Padalecki, we went to Hooters (I hadn't been there since Idaho, but just for the record: they do T&A pretty much the same all across America) and discussed how Jared's peen is made of diet Coke and is like one of those squishy jellytube things and generally cannot be handled by anyone but Jensen. HIGHLY INTELLECTUAL CONVERSATION, I TELL YOU. Oh my god, so much fun, and I got to meet all of these amazing, lovely fangirls and freak out about hot gay incest in the middle of a crowd. And on the metro home with [ profile] balefully, she told me she wrote Sweet Charity and Big Bang and something else all during her MCATs, so I need to get off my ass and actually write [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang by May. I have no excuse!

Yesterday was work (where I was useless because JARED PADALECKI) and then our rivalry basketball game, which was fun because all of the guys were so high on testosterone that three fights started on the court and two of their players were thrown out. But we overrepresented them at their court and won by almost double, which was way off from the tight game everyone was expecting after last time. And watched Chocolat with spiced cocoa, because there is nothing schmoopier and happier. Good times. ♥
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I don't think I've said this yet, but Halloween? BEST HOLIDAY EVER. It's hands-down my favorite. Friday, we dressed up for classes and then spent the afternoon watching laughably awful horror movies (and Fight Club ohgodyes), then actually went trick-or-treating. Um, yes, I am technically eighteen, but I never said I acted my age. For the record, we had fantastically kickass costumes - we were the seven deadly sins. And people loved us because we were polite and stayed off their lawns and were nice to their little kids. SO YES, I have a ridiculous amount of chocolate sitting on my desk which I don't know what to do with.

AND THEN. LAST NIGHT. It was Caro's 18th birthday, so we drove into Georgetown and went to Cafe Milano. YES REALLY. And it was unbelievably, orgasmically good. I had raviolini di spinaci e guancette di manzo al tartufo, spinach ravioli filled with braised beef and drizzled with a buttery truffle sauce. I swear I can never enjoy another meal again. Just nnngh yummy. And then I shared cassata siciliana, sponge cake scented with Grand Marnier and layered with ricotta and candied fruits, with Caro & Mari. It was delicious but too sweet for me, but it came with this citrus ice which was so sour it hurt and I loved it.

And then we just walked around Georgetown and looked at the pretty lit-up shops. The boys were silly and it was freezing and it was fantastically saccharine. ♥


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