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YAY JARED & JEN GEN! I'm so happy for them. :)

In far less exciting news, I am so unmotivated to do any work at all that it hurts. I have only been back for three days so far! I have another eight weeks to go! Sigh. Why am I so lazy. I still have to program my circuit board & write a rocket launch program & study for my differential equations test on Friday. It's weeks like these that I miss writing essays for English classes.

Basically, I am living for this weekend so I can go out and make awesome life decisions. It's been so long since we partied that I'm almost not sick of this song anymore. Almost.
...just don't pass out with your shoes on.
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This morning I registered for winter classes and signed my insanity card by officially declaring my mechanical engineering/electrical engineering double major. There are maybe a dozen people who get through Rose with a double major each year, so we'll see how this goes. shoot me now

In other news, I'm failing calculus & have an exam next period. But then it's fall break, so I get three glorious days of sleeeeep. ♥ And I'm wearing my awesome navy girl!Dean jacket and brand-new motorcycle boots and, not gonna lie, feeling just a little kickass.

Also, pictures of boys at the airport make me smile a lot. Jensen needs to wear that jacket all the time.
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So I finally own F13 & MBV3D thanks to Best Buy's screwup! I was checking online to see if the prices had dropped yet, and I found both extended editions listed on their website for $9.99. WIN. So I went into the store and found that both were still listed as $19.99. Fail. But I talked the the manager and got him to pull up the online prices, so he agreed to match it anyway. JARED PADALECKI'S ASS, WHAT.

I'd love to propose a fangirl viewing, either as an online-chatroom sort of thing or an actual meetup, but have no idea how to go about such a thing. If anyone smarter than me feels like running with this, PLEASE DO. I would definitely be in!

And I finally preordered SPN S4, so that will most likely be my first package on-campus. :D
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I spent this afternoon going through everything in my room & bathroom and sorting out what I'm going to take to Rose. I now have a pile in the middle of my room which is surprisingly very small. A few bags, desk things, DVDs. Eleven different notebooks, because those are NECESSARY. And then I looked at the calendar and realized I'm not leaving for another two weeks. Oh god I am so ready to leave right the hell now.

I'm only taking three books, actually - this may seem sacrilegious to most of you (it did to me for a long time), but I only ever own a few books at one time. This started on the move from Idaho, when I only had one huge duffle for all of my stuff, and then when we got here I didn't have a bookcase. So I keep a few favorites and end up going to the library a few times a week. I've gotten strangely used to this system, and at least I no longer spend hundreds on books every year. Hmm.

And the second round of [ profile] blindfold_spn is up and running, so I have no idea what the hell you're still doing here.

Aug. 11th, 2009 11:39 pm
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Just got home from a going-away work party, since one of our Swiss apprentice bakers is flying home this week. In theory, it was an American Melting Pot potluck, which turned out to mean cases and cases of European liquors. Let me tell you, drunken Swiss boys singing in German makes for some damn good entertainment. And, of course, the food was ridiculous since it was all made by bakers and pastry chefs. I'm full for the rest of the week, thanks. And oh my god, there were mojito sorbet popsicles... mmmph. I love my coworkers.

And then what do I find when I get home? A message from the beautiful, lovely [ profile] lady_sarai, who was once my accomplice and who was checking back in on me, since I completely fell off LJ until last year. Sara, I have missed you like Sawyer misses his coconuts and you have completely made my day. I can't wait to bake crack pie with you again!

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In the past week, I have:
Completed my internship & began my summer job at the bakery.
Given my final presentation for my internship, complete with shameless food bribery.
Attended senior prom.
Attended a ceremony where I received honors for my project & three writing awards.
Practiced walking and sitting for three hours.
Graduated from high school. Pictures or it didn't happen! )
Gone to five grad parties & the school-sponsored all-nighter from 10-6 at ESPNzone.

This totaled out to three all-nighters (prom, grad party, crazy friends), wearing a skirt or dress for five days in a row (I wore a skirt twice the entire school year), and approximately nine million tagged photos on facebook. IN ONE WEEK. And ?skip=600 flist, which was honestly better than expected since I haven't been online since last Saturday, but I just skimmed without commenting. :/ I have so may tabs open that I may have broken Chrome.

In other not-news:
Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles are still so fucking sexy it kills me.
Misha Collins has become a BNF of himself & I love him for it.



Jun. 1st, 2009 07:22 pm
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So I'm seeing some dented tinhats after all this 'he's moving out! he already moved out!' business. Don't be ridiculous, you guys, you know they're just old-fashioned boys. Jensen's saving himself for the wedding night. Don't judge, it's really hard on them both - Jared Padalecki is the physical embodiment of temptation, after all.

asdjdkflaj but really, how cute is Jensen talking about Danneel?? They are the sweetest ever. I especially love that they bought a dog together.


LOVEEE. SO MUCH. NO WORDS. Hee, the glasses!

I had Important Things to discuss, like my haircut and books, but BOYS. (Haven't yet gotten to the Misha Collins reports, but I suspect they will need a post of their own.)
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Jared joined Jensen on stage & they joked that they were going to reenact a scene from the finale. "It's Jensen doing a sex scene. With me".
Jared ran out to defend Misha's accusation that he'd had pec implants. And then made a million jokes about how Misha thought he was so sexy.
After he kept bouncing around and spinning in his chair and consumed an unmentionable number of Fantales caramels, Jensen told Jared to calm down and asked if anyone had any Ritalin.

Also, LOLOLOL MISHA COLLINS MAKES MY LIFE. He knows exactly what we want to hear! How did we get so lucky??
To Jared & Jensen -- "Is it weird playing brothers when you're lovers in real life?"
Question about Ed & Harry versus Sam & Dean - "Are you talking about slash fic?"
If there were an SPN musical? Castiel would be a stage manager. Sam & Dean should sing and dance and strip.
He wants to get pranked by J2, so he hangs around their trailers looking naive and innocent.
Oh, and then there was that thing where he HUMPED JARED SHAMELESSLY and Jensen got jealous.
Reports from here & here.

I love that both Jensen & Misha shot down the stupid 'who do you like better' questions. And Danneel & Genevieve are both adorable! The boys both look so happy when they're with their girls. No haters, plz.

I am so psyched that they're finally giving us an official DVD of this con. :D
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asdfkljdsl SO HAPPY OMG. Here is a rundown of the past thirty-six hours in list format, because I am anal retentive like that:

PRO: A three-hour softball practice of nothing but batting. YES. I may be a shitty fielder, but when I'm feeling on top of things, give me an Easton and I will jack some bombs.
CON: The inch-long blisters along my thumb and heel of my palm. DNW. (However, I am stupidly pleased with the way my entire right scapula is one huge bruise, plus a few little ones on my shoulders. I love the thunk when you finish your swing and feel the bat hit you just right and you just know it was good.)

PRO: The best pizza I have ever had. I've heard so many people talk about Church Street Pizza, but I hadn't tried it. Clearly, this is why my life was formerly unfulfilled.
CON: It was used as a bribe to get me to show up at Sadie Hawkins. It's okay, we were there for twenty minutes, signed in to get free dress on Monday, and then booked it. Yay for cheating the system!

PRO: Spending six hours in J's hot tub, which is inset into the enormous pool. Honestly, I will never get used to the idea that I have friends who are wealthy, but it was so nice. Even if I did lose at five fingers twenty times.
AND THEN. We were talking about nicknames and he mentioned that since his initials are J.J., his swim team calls him J-squared. I KIND OF DIED. Fandom/RL is the crackiest slash ever.

And so after spending all night in a hot tub, I got up at six to drive up to Princeton because C, my best friend from Idaho, was visiting the campus and we haven't seen each other in two years. LOVE. Oh god, I don't care if everyone thinks Idaho is a) the lamest place ever, b) Iowa, or c) nonexistent, I miss it so badly. We spent the afternoon together before her flight left & it's so hard to leave again.

AND NOW BOYS. Jared saying he would date Dean & working with Colin on Sam's characterization. Misha being generally hilarious and cracky and utterly loveable (plz to be stalking me, btw!). Jensen & Danneel acting adorable together. Needing to shave Not have time to shave because of certain ~*special morning activities. I want to just squish them all! There are pictures here & here, and I leave you with this:

FUCK ME PLZ. UGH HIS THROAT. THE BRACELETS & RING. THAT STUPID VEST. Jensen Ackles, if you ever get tired of the toppy 6'4" manbeast and your Maxim model girlfriend? I AM TOTALLY AVAILABLE.

Yeah, that's all. ♥
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Someone brought this picture and asked Jared what he was thinking. He honestly had no idea - I don't think he even remembers doing it. He said something about it being that silly time at four in the morning. Jensen, however, LOVED it. He laughed and held it up for the camera to zoom in on so everyone could see it and said, "I'm gonna get a LOT of mileage out of this one." And Jared was all "Where did you even FIND THAT?"

-- [ profile] juice817's tag

Misha Collins --
"We all hang out naked in each other's trailers."
"Maybe Castiel is just a big pussy."
"They don't act like primadonnas - much."
"Is this going to be research for some slash fic?"

-- [ profile] afrocurl via [ profile] arabella_hope


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Someone asked them about the wrap party and they said they didn't know, they didn't make it. They flew here yesterday to be with us instead and, to quote Jensen, "Jared and I had our own wrap party last night." Then he smirked and added, "That's why I'm having a hard time moving around this morning."
Jared is definitely more awake than Jensen is. They were late because Jensen hit "off" instead of "snooze".
One of the new writers from this year, the one who did "After School Special", apologized to Jensen. He said the guy told him that sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks "It would be SO FUNNY to put Dean in plum-snuggler shorts! and a headband! and knee socks!" and that he forgets that Jensen is an actual person and a grown man who has to DO those things the writers dream up. Jensen said he really should be apologizing for thinking of him in bed.
Someone asked them how they liked each other's movies. Jared was all 'YAY IT WAS AWESOME OMG'. Jensen sort of gave us a Look and said he didn't like Friday the 13th, didn't appreciate the juxtaposition of the story line. Then he said the protagonist was dim. Jared said, "That was a CHARACTER CHOICE. He didn't need to be smart." Jensen said, "The dude's on the roof. LOOK UP."
Someone asked Gabe if he thought the supernatural is real, and he said, "Do I believe in the supernatural in general, or do I believe Jensen really hunts demons? BECAUSE HE DOES."
Jensen was saving the last cupcake. He really wanted that cupcake. He came back to the trailer one day and it was gone, and there were greasy footprints in the trailer. Jared said, "I AM SEEING A LOT OF ACCUSING LOOKS. IT WAS NOT ME." Then he turned his back to Jensen and sort of hunched over guiltily. We all laughed, and Jensen looked at him and said very seriously, "I will KILL you."

-- [ profile] juice817's tag

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FUCK, JARED. I don't even know anymore. HIS MOUTH ON A COCK. COWBOY HAT. HIPBONES. WHAT. ashdfkjdjaf is he real? Like, is it physically possible for him to exist in real life?

In other really really amazing news, I got my financial aid offer from Rose-Hulman today - almost full tuition and room & board, plus a laptop waiver. And what I have saved up will cover most of the rest. I can't even express how relieved and happy I am. Everyone else has been so focused on just getting in, so they kept saying I was so lucky to have found out back in October - but I really wasn't sure I could go until now. I sort of can't believe it's all working out so beautifully.

Also, I threw together leftovers last night and made a to-die-for chicken & portobello risotto. It doesn't look like much, but it's the sort of meal you'd eat by the fire after skiing, which is exactly my kind of comfort food. Whatever, it was DELICIOUS and terribly rich, with grated parmesan cheese... yummy. And then I made apple dumplings a la mode for dessert. I need someone to forcibly keep me out of the kitchen to save me from myself.

About to leave for the Melting Pot to celebrate a family birthday! Best restaurant ever. So, yes. Many good things. ♥
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10-6 v. Stone Ridge! And they were a decent team (although OMFG, they got two runs on a FOUL BALL, wtf... I'm over it, I swear). Two of our freshmen got ridiculous home runs, too. I love these 80-pounds-soaking-wet girls who can jack it.

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1. Saw Fired Up! last night after practice! We were the cool kids walking around Tysons in sweats. Danneel Harris is so undeniably sexy that she almost made up for the plotlessness, even if I was spoiled for her character. Jensen, you lucky bastard.

2. THE JARED PICTURES. KILLED ME DEAD. Sadie is the luckiest ever and he is just so blissed-out and. ♥ Jensen totally took that in retaliation for Jared's "three dogs" comment.

3. It is so nice here! Like spring-is-actually-here warmth. I feel silly saying it, but driving around with the windows down and the music up makes me so ridiculously happy.

4. The not-so-good was that my head's been pounding horribly all day and I'm surprised I haven't OD'd on painkillers yet. At least my quads are sort of better? Because the trainer hooked vibrating electrodes up to my legs before practice yesterday. Yes really. It tickled a lot, but my legs were so good and loose afterwards.

5. Damn it. You guys, with your PEER PRESSURE and CELEBRITY STALKING. I've caved. Just please don't ship it to LJ.

6. Why is everyone talking about Leverage? Why are you doing this to me? Because we've just established that I am a fandom sheep. My only hope is that I can't get too into it because we only have basic broadcast, aka not TNT.

7. I'm eating buttery whole wheat rotini with sausage and freshly-made harissa. MMM SO GOOD. The harissa is too hot & spicy and my throat's on fire because it tastes so damn good that I can't stop eating more.
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My friends showed up at the end of practice and demanded that I go out with them, to which I moaned and complained that I was broke and was generally a pain. They won. And because they were dragging me against my will, I chose the movie. I've probably terrified them all to death and they'll never see a slasher flick again, but I needed to see that ass in those jeans Jared again.

By the way, JARED PADALECKI IS KIND OF RIDICULOUS. There were a few scenes where his lips were just - I think he gets gypped on SPN because he's next to Jensen Ackles, whose cocksucking lips are so perfect that no one can ever possibly compare. But Jared could reciprocate rather well, I'm sure.

Also, that opening sequence? Even better the second time around. Yay this movie. I'm ready to see it again now.

OH AND [ profile] balefully IS AMAZING. Lucy beta'd an old original piece for me last week and pulled it much further into the realm of coherency (and taught me how to spell lightning). It was a piece from last year, and it was so wordy. I think that's the main reason I haven't posted in the SPN fandom - because I look at pieces like that, from a year ago, and wonder how I ever wrote such shit. And then I think that a year from now, I'll just look back and think the same thing. It's a completely useless, unproductive cycle, and I'm sort of stuck in it. Gah.

Lit mag reading tomorrow! And I haven't even started my spreadsheet to keep track of everything, so. Off to do that. Flist catch-up tomorrow! ♥
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Happy (late) Valentine's Day, flist!! Am I really the only single person who still loves this holiday? Because it's really just as much about friends and family and being a schmoop. And the opportunity to embarrass as many people as possible, because ganging up on my friends in the hallway and singing 'Centerfold' as a duet is apparently my idea of a good time.

AND THEN OMFG JARED. I met up with [ profile] balefully, [ profile] sadcypress, [ profile] beckaandzac & [ profile] ciaan at Gallery Place for F13, which. It has been over 24 hours and I still have not recovered from his ASS in those JEANS, GOD. Spoilery spoilers! ) Kind of need to see it again, but am broke. Must rectify!

And afterwards we trawled DC looking for coffee and a place to sit and freak out, but two of the Starbucks were closed (WTF, DC? 10 on a Friday night? Fail.) and the third was jammed. In the interests of Jared Padalecki, we went to Hooters (I hadn't been there since Idaho, but just for the record: they do T&A pretty much the same all across America) and discussed how Jared's peen is made of diet Coke and is like one of those squishy jellytube things and generally cannot be handled by anyone but Jensen. HIGHLY INTELLECTUAL CONVERSATION, I TELL YOU. Oh my god, so much fun, and I got to meet all of these amazing, lovely fangirls and freak out about hot gay incest in the middle of a crowd. And on the metro home with [ profile] balefully, she told me she wrote Sweet Charity and Big Bang and something else all during her MCATs, so I need to get off my ass and actually write [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang by May. I have no excuse!

Yesterday was work (where I was useless because JARED PADALECKI) and then our rivalry basketball game, which was fun because all of the guys were so high on testosterone that three fights started on the court and two of their players were thrown out. But we overrepresented them at their court and won by almost double, which was way off from the tight game everyone was expecting after last time. And watched Chocolat with spiced cocoa, because there is nothing schmoopier and happier. Good times. ♥
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Also, this is ADORABLE and perfect and I love our boys. ♥
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Today was... ugh. This morning, I spent a total of four hours discussing eating disorders and rape in my psych class and my English class. And I never consider that sort of thing triggering or whatever, but I was just completely drained by noon. Today was just kinda shitty in general.

ANYWAY. Let's move onto the fact that I abandoned LJ for a week and there is much to catch up on.
1. Last Friday was our school's annual variety show. You'd think that the highlight would have been all of the teachers dressing up as zombies and doing Thriller horribly out of sync. Or the MCs accidentally splattering cream pie all over the new velvet curtain. But the finale was five senior guys who dressed as the Backstreet Boys to perform I Want It That Way. NINETIES POP FTW. They had every single one of the cheesy dance moves down and their singing was indescribably terrible. This is why I love my class.
2. Softball varsity pre-season has started! My love for this sport is rather inexplicable, as I have played for seven years and am still rather terrible, but whatever. I'm still over-the-top excited every year. :)
3. The true meaning of food porn. Best served with alfredo sauce, y/y?
4. OH, destitute!JENSEN. ♥ But for the record, I highly disapprove of this housecat army. Dogs are the way to go, man.
5. I AM GOING TO SEE F13 THIS FRIDAY WITH [ profile] balefully & PEOPLE!! THIS FRIDAY, 7:30, GALLERY PLACE, DC. BE THERE. Who else is going to DIE over Jared Padalecki's ridiculous face??
6. I greatly dislike even numbers. I've noticed this on my flist before, and I can only conclude that it is a sign of extreme intelligence and general awesomeness.
7. Right, I'm off to dl & watch Misha Collins suck his own cock. You'll know what happened if I never post again.

So Awesome

Jan. 29th, 2009 11:26 pm
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I love every SPN episode ever, but I am still BOUNCING in GLEE. ♥

Important Things Which Make Me Squeeful:
1. Snow!! We got a good three inches on Tuesday, then a rock-solid ice coating on Wednesday, so a couple of days home from school. Prior to the ice storm, it was PERFECT snowball snow, too. ♥
Oh. But not so much love for spending forty minutes hacking my car out this morning.
2. Jared being RIDICULOUSLY STRONG is such a fucking turn-on, I cannot even describe. 335 pounds. Where is my Jared-benching-Jensen fic??
3. THIS PICTURE. Jared's arm. No, Jared's t-shirt. No, Jensen's happy-relaxed FACE. I cannot decide which is the best part, really.
4. Danneel on NCIS! How did I not mention this on Tuesday??
5. All of the batshit-crazy squee on my flist right now, because YAY. &skip=120 in less than 24 hours, though??

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HOW am I supposed to write essays when my flist is flooded with con reports?? CANNOT FOCUS. AT ALL. (Oh my fucking god they are so gay for each other and HOW is it humanly possible for any man to look as good as they do??)


Also, plz to be doing THIS with your tongue more often, KTHX.


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