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You know what is an EXCELLENT movie? Hallmark's made-for-TV Snow White: The Fairest of Them All. It is wonderfully gory and the acting's surprisingly good and there are lots of pretty pretty people. I sincerely doubt any of you have actually seen it, but somehow one of my friends here LOVES IT like I do and I just dl'd it to watch during pregaming tomorrow night, which is going to make it even more excellent. Watch/download it here for awesome funtimes.

We also pregamed to The Swan Princess last weekend which was definitely my favorite when I was little and still has a kickass soundtrack. And we both definitely remembered all the words. YEAH WE'RE THE COOL KIDS.
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You know what needed to be a book? (500) Days of Summer. Assuming it was well-written, I would really love to read that.
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SAY WHAT, WE WON SOMETHING?? YAY SHOW! I can't believe the shows they beat out, too! Just goes to show the importance of crazy obsessive fans. Actually, although I didn't care about the PCA at all (didn't even know they were going on, really) I'm very happy with the results. Glee! Inglourious Basterds! BBT! ALYSON HANNIGAN who I adore like crazy even if I never talk about HIMYM! I'm only surprised that The Hangover didn't win too.

Continuing my complete lack of motivation, last night they sent out an e-mail saying that the ice on the lake & ponds is now 6" thick so we can walk on it AND it showed several inches last night! So many people are skipping classes & work and just playing and it makes me so happy. There's an ice hockey game and people falling off the rope swing and just generally falling on their asses. Can't wait for tomorrow so I can join the fun. :)

India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima. :) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Mike Echo Mike Echo.
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So I'm currently waiting for my orange line train home, which apparently has an hour-long delay. This is AWESOME because now I can write about this evening's shenanigans with [ profile] sadcypress & [ profile] beckaandzac!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince )

TRAIN IS FINALLY HERE. Time to go home and sleep before dragging my ass to work in a few hours! The moral here is to watch HP6 and to get yourself a fabulous fangirl signal STAT.

ETA The awesomeness of fangirls was too much for my life to handle or something, IDK! I fell up the steps coming home and somehow gouged a five-inch wound around my elbow, accented by several smaller ones and a neon purple bruise right against the bone. I have three extra-large bandages & I don't expect I'll be able to bend my elbow at all in the morning. WHATEVER, STILL WORTH IT. :D


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