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Oh god my life is insane. I'm at the point of okay-I-have-time-for-one-meal-today, which ends up being floor dinner since I have early classes and I work during lunch and I am SO DAMN HUNGRY right now. But I also can't have caffeine today since rifle team tryouts are tonight and the last thing I need is to be jittery.

Rush recruitment officially began last night with the frats going dorm storming. Contrary to MY LIFE, I'm actually going to rush, but we're not talking about that. Instead, I should point out that the frats are recruiting us to come to their parties just as hard as they are the boys, because girls are such a freaking rarity here that any frat who can get girls to show up is OBVIOUSLY cool. (God, this is still so weird.) So we're getting free food every night and a million t-shirts and rush cups and everything. I am totally okay with the insane amount of free stuff they're throwing at us.

Ugh I am still SO BEHIND in fandom. I did a communities cut, so we'll see if this is manageable? But it's all good, though, because I am still riding on the high of SHOW being back with its beautiful boys. And Glee is so freaking amazing it hurts. And I'm finally doing this meme in an attempt to actually post more than once a week.

day one. a song
day two. a picture
day three. a book/ebook/fanfic
day four. a site
day five. a youtube clip
day six. a quote
day seven. whatever tickles your fancy

Joshua Radin - Everything'll Be Alright
Okay, this is such a beautiful slow, winding song. I adore his voice and the way he words his lyrics. This is my last-at-night quiet song.

3OH!3 - Starrstruckk
...and this is because it gets stuck in my head every time we make a 4am food run. And because it's quickly becoming our dorm theme song. Don't judge, it's CATCHY, damn it.
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If the Metallicar is the third character of Supernatural, music's the fourth. The Impala wouldn't be complete without its messy box of cassette tapes. Carry On Wayward Son is essential to every season finale. Dean's love of cock rock defines his character and his character is defined by his love of cock.

ANYWAY, I was thinking about how much I've been influenced by the show's music, both songs played in the episode and fandom interpretations. The show music got me into classic rock and has forever changed my driving playlist. Vids and fics and meta have all given me great songs or music associations, and sometimes lyrics will just make me stop and think, BOYS. Music's essential to every episode of Supernatural and it's essential to fandom as well.

[ profile] quidditchkiss compiled a fantastic ranking of SPN's top 15 music moments which I mostly agree with, and that covers most of the pre-S4 onscreen music. Then there are other songs which always create a vivid image or memory of Sam&Dean or J2 which might seem silly to anyone outside fandom, but make so much sense to me. Here's my own vid/song/music rec list with dl links! )

YOUR TURN. Tell me your fandom songs! Let me know if the links expire, I'll be happy to reupload.
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If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied
Illuminate the nos on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

-- Death Cab For Cutie, I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Here, have a song. ♥
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I am going through this ridiculous cycle right now of 'cannot-do-anything-right life sucks'. IT REALLY DOESN'T. I just have stupidly high expectations of myself. Especially for things which, realistically, I know I'm not good at. BRAIN. GET WITH THE PROGRAM. A lot of it is softball, and spring break practice kind of sucks. Mostly because no one is focused and our coach is getting pissed, but also because it eats all of my time.

I've finally managed to pass some of my love of cooking onto Caro - we're doing theme nights at her house, because she has a huge, beautiful kitchen. Tonight was Thai & Vietnamese, which was perfect because she grew up on the American embassy compound in Vietnam. We made shrimp spring rolls with ginger-soy sauce, Thai green curry chicken with peppers, clay pot chicken, & mango sticky rice. Om nom nom. Considering neither of us had ever cooked in this style before, it worked out well - soy sauce is still too salty for me no matter what, but other than that I loved it. Cooking with someone else is so much fun.

And then her mom backed into my car and smashed in the entire driver's side. WHAT. I am dealing with it because she immediately offered to have it fixed this week, and I know that won't be any problem for them financially, but. I am really emotionally attached to my car.

Anyway, I need help with a playlist! I'm looking for songs about small towns. (Like John Mellancamp's 'Small Town', which sort of started this whole thing.) Even if it's just a single line, like just a small town girl from Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing'. Thanks!
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Two last things before sleep:

I have had Kane's song 'House Rules' on repeat for the past three days. IT IS SO CATCHY. And I really hate that kind of country-ish music, but. I just keep imagining Jared & Jensen singing along loudly and off-key, drunk off their asses, and YEAH. ♥

Also, today while drooling over the ridiculously priced Anthony Bourdain books at Borders, I saw a display which was very not-discreetly labeled "Porn For Women".



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