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Apr. 12th, 2010 01:02 pm
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I completely disappeared for the last week for no real reason. It was spring break and I had plans to go spend a week drunk off my ass in Panama City with a couple of the frats, but then that Thursday two of the guys I was rooming with had a huge fight because one slept with the other's girlfriend and then they weren't going and then we couldn't fill the room in 24 hours so the rest of the room couldn't go either. Life's bitchy like that sometimes.

So I drove the 700+ miles home and promptly determined that I am not going to be able to live at home this summer and keep my sanity. IDK, guys, I know this is probably just me being a whiny teenager, but my mom and I get along so much better when we're several states apart. For all intents & purposes, I'm really living without any supervision here; the RAs & housing staff don't care what we're doing as long as no one's getting hurt. It's just frustrating to go home and immediately revert to being twelve with a ten o'clock curfew. Yes, I know I don't have a life there. It'd just be nice to pretend.

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Haha, I can't even imagine going back to being twelve. I was still living in Idaho and going to a school I loved and surrounded by some of the best people I've ever met, all of whom I'd known since we were five. I had no idea that my dad would lose his job and my mom would be diagnosed and we'd have to move to DC, so I was pretty happy back then. If I could see myself now... I'm probably at the happiest point in my life here at college, despite all of the stress and drama, because I love what I'm doing and I've made a place here. Those six years in between were pretty miserable, but it's interesting that these are the two high points of my life so far.

To actually answer the question, an amusing mixture of both. I'd be horrified that I wasn't studying English to become a ~real writer~, which I wanted since I was three, and I probably wouldn't be all that pleased with the drinking and partying and sex, but twelve-year-old me was very very sheltered. (Okay, I still sort of am, shut up.) I've gotten past that now. ;) But overall, I think I'd be okay with my life, which is nice to realize.

Also, there's a pretty important episode of a pretty awesome show airing this week! (No spoilers, please!) I rather like the relevancy of this icon, although unfortunately Jared Padalecki hasn't worked up the nerve to actually ask me to fuck on the Impala yet. Jensen's probably taking up all his time, that bitch. ♥
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I've disappeared for the past few weeks, and I really feel rather guilty about it. But I want to start this post by saying that each time I skimmed my flist (I am just hopelessly behind at this point, apologies) I saw so much love and so many good things. I love you all so, so much. Especially you. You brighten my life.

I'm rounding off my two weeks of vacation and returning to Rose on Sunday. I'm not really sure how to describe being home other than I very obviously don't fit anymore. My house is a bit of a disaster at this point; the night I got back, my parents told me they're finally getting a divorce. Unfortunately, this can't happen for a while because my mom's disabled & can't support herself, but at least they're finally recognizing that they can be happier apart. That's really all I've wanted for them.

I think what's hitting me the hardest is remembering how different life was here. I was the quiet girl without friends in high school who never went out at all. At Rose, I'm surrounded by fun parties and good people who care about me. It's hard to reconcile the past few months of going out every Friday and Saturday night with spending Christmas & New Year's Eve alone with the tension between my parents. We've already agreed that I won't be returning home until summer, but I'm toying with the idea of living somewhere else anyway if I can't find an internship. I didn't realize how depressed I was here until I left.

Aside from the messiness, my family does Christmas pretty quietly; I got a couple of DVDs, a cookbook, a coffee mug. The surprise was my own hunting gear, which was so appreciated; I've been borrowing from my uncles and younger cousins for the last few years, which of course never fit well. It's such an amazing difference to have good gear that fits. I ended up spending most of this past week hunting muzzleloader with my uncles because I wanted out of the house, and it was definitely good for me, very relaxing. I'm sure that's not how most people see it, but just consider sitting in a snowy forest with perfect stillness and perfect silence for hours. It's beautiful.

God, I can't wait to go home on Sunday. It's probably silly to miss being so busy all the time, but I like schedules and my organized room and the ridiculous nerdy people I surround myself with.

I hope every single one of you had a lovely holiday & a happy new year's celebration with the people you love. I hope twenty-ten brings you love and peace and happiness. I hope you know how much I appreciate every single one of you. ♥
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CMM VISITED MY BAKERY TODAY, GUYS. I'm minding my own business in the kitchen, just icing layer cakes, when the stupid little bell at the door rings. I glance up, because it's a Pavlovian thing, and this twentysomething blond preppy guy swaggers in and flips up his sunglasses. And then proceeds to flirt shamelessly with the underage girl behind the counter, so obviously IT WAS HIM. Or at least his stunt double. Or evil twin, although I would suspect that CMM is already the greater of two evils, so.

And then there was surprise!Zefron in Firefly, which blew my mind because I somehow missed it the first time around. He was little Simon in Safe. Apparently I am just surrounded by lovable douchebags today.

This was the first Father's Day I've been with my dad since elementary school, so we spent the day together. We went to the Icelandic ambassador's embassy party in DC, which was - well, not fun, but interesting. He had a good time, at least! We both love sushi, but didn't have a chance to go out for lunch or dinner. So I made him a sushi cake! )
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I'm working on my AP biology research paper (yes, this is my Saturday night, shut up) and my dad walks in to ask about dinner (and yes, we're apparently eating at midnight tonight since we all forgot earlier). Our conversation:

Dad: So about dinner - *stops*
Kate: Yeah, dinner?
Dad: Um.
Kate: *realizes that she still has twenty or so tabs open about the male reproductive system, and her screen is filled with pictures of different penises*
Kate: *ALT-F4 ALT-F4*
Dad: Okay then. You, uh, do your research. *walks out*

Ahaha, I think I scarred him. Because in his mind, I don't even know what sex IS. *g*

Spending hours reading about seminal plasma and the epididymis make throbbing members and burning love-swords look good in comparison. I think I'm quitting soon.
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ajkfldsajo I MISSED TONIGHT'S EPISODE. Family dinner was five hours and I only just got home. I will be completely avoiding my flist until I find a dl sometime Saturday & get a chance to watch!

Tomorrow morning I'm heading up to Lancaster with Caro for a mini-road-trip! This was originally supposed to be a Thursday-Friday-Saturday thing, but we both got busy and we've cut it down to just tomorrow. But yeah, we have a general idea of where we're driving and we're pretty much set. Open road and loud music and all that - I'll probably even channel Dean and annoy her with classic rock. Pictures if I remember my camera! Yay spring break. ♥
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A picspam of my five days in the kitchen! I really only have pictures from the two days devoted to Christmas dinner, though, so there's a fair bit of storytelling involved for the others.

The first day was spent baking different Christmas cookies, but my camera apparently ate those pictures? The cookies were just too irresistible, I suppose, although I really wish I had them. :/ I made classic chocolate chip cookies, peppermint twist candy candy cookies, & Turiano Italian cookies. The last don't really have a name; it's just the general idea which came from that branch of the family. It's one of those recipes where nothing was ever written down, so we all claim to have the right recipe even though we're making very different types. Mine, however, are totally the right ones! :)

I do have all of the images for the Christmas preparations, however! Days two & three:
EXTREMELY image heavy. Known to cause pangs of hunger. In severe cases, foodgasms may occur. )

Like I mentioned in my previous post, days four & five I went up to Pennsylvania to help out with the annual Italian family Christmas dinner. Every year, there's a different theme & it's hosted by two of my cousins, Ron & Dale, who are brothers. This year's theme was African and we were cooking for seventy-odd people.

We made twelve lemon-olive chickens, twelve chickens with a couscous-almond stuffing, crab & okra soup, chicken tomato peanut soup (with six pounds of baby spinach), pureed ginger vegetable soup, lamb sausage, lemony beef boharat, spiced creamed collards, tomato-onion-preserved-lemon salad, spicy plantain chips, green banana fries, morning glory with peanut sauce, harissa, Tunisian & Moroccan olives, garlic puree... seriously, I'm still forgetting about half of the dishes. It is an EPIC meal. And that's not counting dessert - almond snake filo rolls, koesisters, almond pudding, and six traditional pies. Un-be-lievable.

For all the silly drama and more-than-slightly crazy people I'm related to, this one meal totally makes up for it.

The family doesn't usually exchange gifts, because that'd be a huge drain with such a ridiculous number of cousins, but after everyone left on Saturday around two in the morning, Ron & Dale, Kim (Ron's wife), & I just sat down for a few hours to unwind. As a thank-you for coming up to help out, Ron & Kim gave me my own set of Santoku knives. I still don't even know what I ought to write here, because I am so grateful and excited and DUDE, MY OWN KITCHEN KNIVES. They are amazing & I am so excited to use them!

Anyway, awesome Christmas in the kitchen. I got my own Joy of Cooking after abusing Mom's for years, my own knife set, and melamine prep bowls. I am happy. And really really full.
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So I'm alive after all! The past week just - I honestly can't account for half of that time. What happened, people? But good times were had, so I really can't complain. I was firmly planted in the kitchen for five days straight, which was beyond awesome. I'm not even going to get into that now because I'm planning an epic picspam/storytelling sometime tonight.

Christmas turned out nice, even if we didn't do much. I was sort of nostalgic re:decorations, because they just didn't happen; we did get a tree, but didn't decorate it or hang stockings. IDK, they were just so iconic as a kid that I really missed them now, especially since it's my last year at home and all. My parents found me an elliptical though, so that was awesome! I wasn't expecting anything like that, because even secondhand ellipticals are well over $100 and that tends to be the family limit. But a neighbor got one and hated it, so she sold it for $50 just to get it out of her house. Whatever, I'm psyched! It's definitely an improvement over working out after school in the gym basement, because now it's stuffed with the lacrosse boys who're training. (Okay, so that admittedly wasn't exactly a hardship, but.)

And then AND THEN. I drove up to Pennsylvania early Friday morning (ugh, I did not sleep at all last week) to help with another family dinner. So much more than you ever wanted to know about the Italian side of my family! )

I spent Saturday night in Pennsylvania and then took the long way home yesterday. All back roads, no highways - it was fantastic. I was really disappointed not to find any little coffeeshops (I have a thing), but it was still so relaxing. Mmph. Good way to end the week.

I really hope all of you had happy Christmases as well! ♥


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