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The boy who lives below me climbs out onto his roof at night and sings along with his guitar right below my open window. I know he doesn't know I'm up here, but it makes me so happy to sit here in the warm night breeze with the stars just coming out and listen to him. He has such a pretty voice.

Thank you, boy. ♥
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This morning I registered for winter classes and signed my insanity card by officially declaring my mechanical engineering/electrical engineering double major. There are maybe a dozen people who get through Rose with a double major each year, so we'll see how this goes. shoot me now

In other news, I'm failing calculus & have an exam next period. But then it's fall break, so I get three glorious days of sleeeeep. ♥ And I'm wearing my awesome navy girl!Dean jacket and brand-new motorcycle boots and, not gonna lie, feeling just a little kickass.

Also, pictures of boys at the airport make me smile a lot. Jensen needs to wear that jacket all the time.
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You know which vids never fail to make me smile? Jensen Ackles being a complete dork, dancing in the middle of a train station, boys kissing OMFG, and THIS. The absolute best condom advertisement I have ever seen. I first saw this in French class a few years ago, and it has pretty much formed my entire opinion of the culture. THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF YOU AND YOUR BAGUETTES.

Maman, je peut mettre le chat dans la machine a laver?


TV Shows

May. 19th, 2009 07:11 pm
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I know some of you are serious television addicts, but the only show I watch consistently is Supernatural. I used to love NCIS but haven't watched at all this season; I love Castle but keep missing it. I know there are a million and one shows that have ended or are still on the air that I would love, so this is where I need you! Guide me, wise flist! Or something like that.

[Poll #1402566]
Please note that I am very easily swayed by picspams of pretty actors. :D

Who else can't wait for the Glee preview tonight?? I'm absolute in love with their version of Don't Stop Believing. ♥
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So. Now that that's over with, I can pretend to continue with my life (HA).

I finished AP exams and softball on Tuesday - third in the state! It's the first time we've ranked, and a home game at that. Lost 6-5 in the seventh inning, but we played amazingly and they were a good team. It's really weird to think that I'm done with softball, which has sort of defined spring for the last four years.

My birthday was yesterday, and it was nice and quiet. I began my internship, so I worked at the bakery from 11-7 and then took home their signature black&white cake, which was very pretty and delicious. I assumed I'd be observing and dishwashing to start off, but it's been very hands-on; today I was actually icing and decorating the sale cakes. It's extremely weird to think that someone is going to pay $22 for a tiny cake made by a high schooler.

My extended family often pools birthday presents together, so from my parents/relatives I got a white G1. It is extremely pretty and incredibly addictive and I'm already in love. I'm finally beginning to see why so many people love iPhones! There are a lot of great free apps, too. Any recommendations from fellow G1-users? The only thing I'm considering buying is the Microsoft Office app, which would be very useful but very expensive. I'm desperately hoping someone will code a free version soonish.

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asdfkljdsl SO HAPPY OMG. Here is a rundown of the past thirty-six hours in list format, because I am anal retentive like that:

PRO: A three-hour softball practice of nothing but batting. YES. I may be a shitty fielder, but when I'm feeling on top of things, give me an Easton and I will jack some bombs.
CON: The inch-long blisters along my thumb and heel of my palm. DNW. (However, I am stupidly pleased with the way my entire right scapula is one huge bruise, plus a few little ones on my shoulders. I love the thunk when you finish your swing and feel the bat hit you just right and you just know it was good.)

PRO: The best pizza I have ever had. I've heard so many people talk about Church Street Pizza, but I hadn't tried it. Clearly, this is why my life was formerly unfulfilled.
CON: It was used as a bribe to get me to show up at Sadie Hawkins. It's okay, we were there for twenty minutes, signed in to get free dress on Monday, and then booked it. Yay for cheating the system!

PRO: Spending six hours in J's hot tub, which is inset into the enormous pool. Honestly, I will never get used to the idea that I have friends who are wealthy, but it was so nice. Even if I did lose at five fingers twenty times.
AND THEN. We were talking about nicknames and he mentioned that since his initials are J.J., his swim team calls him J-squared. I KIND OF DIED. Fandom/RL is the crackiest slash ever.

And so after spending all night in a hot tub, I got up at six to drive up to Princeton because C, my best friend from Idaho, was visiting the campus and we haven't seen each other in two years. LOVE. Oh god, I don't care if everyone thinks Idaho is a) the lamest place ever, b) Iowa, or c) nonexistent, I miss it so badly. We spent the afternoon together before her flight left & it's so hard to leave again.

AND NOW BOYS. Jared saying he would date Dean & working with Colin on Sam's characterization. Misha being generally hilarious and cracky and utterly loveable (plz to be stalking me, btw!). Jensen & Danneel acting adorable together. Needing to shave Not have time to shave because of certain ~*special morning activities. I want to just squish them all! There are pictures here & here, and I leave you with this:

FUCK ME PLZ. UGH HIS THROAT. THE BRACELETS & RING. THAT STUPID VEST. Jensen Ackles, if you ever get tired of the toppy 6'4" manbeast and your Maxim model girlfriend? I AM TOTALLY AVAILABLE.

Yeah, that's all. ♥
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I want something that says elegant, but at the same time, incredibly slutty and available. In fact, I'm not that bothered about elegant.
[ profile] marlisle. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. I just sat through an entire Emma Roberts movie because of Alex Pettyfer, an eighteen-year-old British boy who is hot like burning. Just. LOOK AT HIM. He's actually my age, as opposed to the other two men I flail over (and let's not talk about that thirteen-year difference - hi, Jensen Ackles). And his smile is adorable. And when he drives that silly car & grins, I really, really wish I were riding shotgun. The dirty things I would do to him...
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ajkfdlkjsaf Someone you might have been IS OVER. And [ profile] fleshflutter broke me. If you haven't finished it yet... well, I have no idea why you're reading this instead.

Went to IKEA this morning - you guys, I could spend DAYS wandering around and decorating my imaginary loft with their stuff. I just - I NEED all of it! It's essential that I have picture frames in every color of the rainbow! (...which I may or may not have actually bought SHUT UP.)

The downside to being good and not spending money at IKEA is that now Threadless is having a $5 sale. I am usually so good with money, really, but the combination of these two forces? I'm doomed. I already have Living in Harmony, but now I want The Art of Conversation & Rock Is Dead & Movies: Ruining the Book. Although, haha, lots of death and black, which is very much not me. I would want Keep It Simple if the shirt were another color. And yeah, I also kind of want the spoiler shirt, but I'd feel way too guilty to ever wear it, so.
...I haven't bought new clothes since 2008, don't judge.

I also want a Rose-Hulman sweatshirt, but I can't let myself buy it until I know I can go there. This whole you're-in-but-we-won't-tell-you-how-much-money-we'll-give-you thing really sucks.

Since I'm stuck on my dad's computer while my laptop is being taken apart in California, I'm trying to find a clean version of PSP8, but no luck. Any help, please??


Jan. 24th, 2009 08:03 pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAN. I wish you open roads and enough pie to fill the Impala. ♥

To celebrate Dean-style, let's talk about gratuitous sex. I'M MAKING YOU CHOOSE.
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I'm currently watching PotC Black Pearl, and now I desperately want an epic pirate!Sam&Dean AU. "You'd best start believing in ghost stories... you're in one." Because buried somewhere in teh internets is an old, old HP fic of mine featuring pirate!Sirius/Remus, and I can only think that if it was hot with Marauders, it'd be even hotter with our boys.
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I'm still a little confused, but life seems to be good? It really shouldn't be, but I've been ridiculously happy. Which is maybe just hormones, but I'm not complaining!

Spent last weekend down in Blacksburg with family and went hunting. Not of the supernatural variety. ) I know that hunting makes a lot of people uncomfortable (hence the cut). But I'm finding that there are a LOT of misconceptions about it - like that we waste good meat or ignore injuries or that overpopulation's just an excuse. And that frustrates me. I think a part of hunting is helping other people understand that it's a social and economic necessity in some areas. For the record, I'm totally open to answering any questions here.

As of Tuesday, my 26-hour cells lab YES over one full day of my life WASTED goddamnit is DONE. And today I took the test and failed but whatever, it's all over with!

ANYWAY. Enough srs bzns. Plz to be noticing androgynous!Kristen Stewart.



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