Jan. 15th, 2011 12:24 am
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So I'm currently up in northern Ohio because we're shooting in the Camp Perry Open tomorrow for rifle! This is the beginning of the main part of our season, aka I'll be traveling every weekend until March. (Goodbye, social life.) This'll definitely be interesting; it's the only non-NCAA match we shoot, and we'll be on the line with the Olympic team, the national team, and Special Forces snipers. No pressure or anything.

Other really exciting news is that University of Alaska Fairbanks, which has lead the NCAA rifle program for the past few decades, has invited us up to shoot our sectional qualifiers at the end of February. And since we're currently unsupported by our school (long story, but we have no funding), they're actually paying for everything. Flights, room & board, range... it's an awesome opportunity that I think will be a great end to the season. And dude, ALASKA!

asdfkljf and we were just informed that our relay starts at 8:00, not 10:30 as they'd originally said, so I'll need to be up in five hours. Night! ♥
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Tenth week is over, rifle is over, finals week is here. Just a few days until I'm home again. Almost there.

I can't even describe how miserable tenth week was; suffice to say that I slept eight hours the entire week. We got on the bus five minutes after my last class on Friday and headed up to Michigan for the riflery conference finals on Saturday. Despite less-than-ideal conditions - they were morons and wouldn't let us adjust the height of our targets, so I had to shoot at the seniors' normal height. They're 6'4"; I'm 5'4". WTF. - we all did really well, especially considering we were shooting against girls from the Olympic training team. Our team broke both school records and I had season highs in most of the events, which put me in fifth in conference for championship smallbore performance. It was a good way to end the season. :)

And now I have finals for the next three days and then I am getting obliterated Wednesday night and then I'm going home to sleep for a week. And as stupidly miserable as I've been for the last week, finals aren't even stressing me. Bring it on, Rose. I'm ready.


Feb. 1st, 2010 08:28 pm
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I had a ridiculously long post typed up about this weekend, but it sort of devolved into rambling about shenanigans & drunken hookups with the guys on the team. And that I remembered a dream for the first time in years at the motel on Friday, but it was pretty much about a drunken team orgy and pole dancing on a rifle. Yeah. That kind of sums it all up.

Anyway, this weekend was the Midwest rifle invitational, so we shot at Murray State in Kentucky on Friday & University of Tennessee at Martin on Saturday, then got back to Indiana around 5 am Sunday. I had personal bests in everything, so I'm pretty happy with that. :)

[livejournal.com profile] fallintosilence made a beautiful rainbow picspam about love. You should all go read it and smile and be happy. Also, today was GayOK day on campus and I now have pretty banners above my bed. ♥
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SPEAKING OF! SIXTH SEASON FTMFW! I am just not ready for this to end, guys, I've only had a few seasons live. It's okay if it's not, like, S1-level awesomeness (THOUGH THAT IS COMPLETELY COOL WITH ME TOO, KRIPKE). I just want to be able to see more of their stupid faces.

Leaving at 4:00 this afternoon for a rifle match and not getting back until sometime very early Sunday morning, so will probably not be around unless the motel magically has wireless. I am going to be SO TEMPTED to watch on the bus.

Ugh I hate computer programming. I am not a damn CS major for a reason, and listening to this professor drone at 8:00am every morning is NOT HELPING.

How are you? ♥


Jan. 11th, 2010 01:13 pm
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FML. No, I'm actually really excited, and since I have no plans to do anything for spring break I'm hoping it'll happen then. I miss writing.

In actual FML news, that sore throat that I thought was from playing in the snow on Saturday? Turns out it's laryngitis. I am torn between amusement and mortification because there's really a 99.9% chance that on Saturday night, I gave it to one of the guys on the team, all of whom are technically off limits. And quite possibly all of his housemates, since we were doing shots and not really keeping track of glasses. And of course I feel guilty as hell, but I didn't know I was sick!

Practice tomorrow should be interesting if we both turn up without voices.
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It is SO DAMN COLD HERE. It's been snowing all day, but it is crazy windy - like, can-barely-walk-upright windy - and it isn't sticking. And the heater in the range is broken! SOB MY LIFE. I shivered for three hours straight and I'm going to pretend that's why I shot so badly. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

AND THEN THE SNOWFLAKE COOKIES. ♥♥♥ You guys are AMAZING, I was just totally overwhelmed when I went to my profile! I'm so sorry I missed out on sending them to everyone. Stupid time limits. But I love you all!

a;lfjakldfjaklfj I am just SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS, YOU GUYS! Today I wrapped my dorm door and hung up stockings and wrapped gifts and am now drinking hot chocolate. So good. And this is the last call for holiday cards, because I'm sending them out this weekend! Please, please sign up if you haven't already, because I have super-awesome cool cards and there'll be something cute in them and I am just excited to send them to you guys! Don't let the extras I have now go to waste!

Rose is all decked out for the holidays and everyone's in a good mood and people are actually singing carols in the hallway right now. I am blissfully ignoring homework to type this up and revel in the fact that I will be home in a week and there will be a tree with lights and ornaments and my family.


Nov. 20th, 2009 12:24 am
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Craziest week so far this year, but I'm still alive! Quick rundown:

Home rifle match versus OSU last Saturday. (All the schools we shoot against are D1, because the NCAA hates us.) Did really well personally; brought my small bore standing (worst position) up to the 90s from the 60s, which was awesome, and matched the scoring team's scores for air rifle. Of course, one of the OSU girls is currently third in line for the Olympic team, so. At least it went better than we expected!

Was also the range officer at 7:30am, so I had a full twelve-hour day at the range. I jokingly complained about it to my coach, and he told me he wanted me to RO now so he has the option of putting me on the scoring team for air rifle when matches resume in January. WTF SERIOUSLY. My coach told me this in earshot of the senior I would be replacing, though, so he's going to step it up. We'll see how this plays out; the competition should definitely be fun. :)

And then FINALS FINAL FINALS Monday Tuesday Wednesday. I survived my first quarter at Rose, although we'll see if I need to retake calculus III next quarter to grade-replace and save my GPA. UGH DNW. It's ironic that I'm doing so terribly in math at an engineering school.

My flight home to DC doesn't leave until Saturday, so now I'm staying in Indianapolis with a friend. I have a non-twin-sized bed and homemade dinner and absolutely no work to do for another full week. Life is good. Now to actually sleep.
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We have a rifle match in Ohio, so I'm leaving right after classes today and won't get back until sometime early Sunday morning. Traveling with the team should be interesting... and I'm really excited to have real food instead of the cafeteria for the first time in months. It's probably sad that I am this excited at the prospect of Chipotle, but I miss it!

I have Supernatural to watch on the bus ride (although haha, I really should never watch that show in the company of other people, I know I act ridiculous! And I am still completely unspoiled, but I am so excited by all of the squee on my flist) and am still very upset at the recent lack of Glee. I need my shows, damn it!

And to everyone doing NaNo, you are absolutely crazy and I am totally in awe of your prolificness. [livejournal.com profile] lady_sarai & [livejournal.com profile] jelliclekat, I AM LOOKING AT YOU. Keep it going, you're amazing. ♥

edit QUICK, REC ME YOUR FAVORITE LONG FICS! I'll be on a bus for around 20 hours this weekend and may actually finish my homework before we get back. And let's face it, reading Sam/Dean or J2 is preferable to problem sets no matter what.
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Oh man, awful week, awesome weekend. Reeeally awesome. I love Halloween. :)

I threw together a last-minute cowgirl outfit, which I'm still going to count as a win because everyone who was at least halfway sober could tell what it was. Did the crazy frat party thing Friday night, then went over to a quieter frat where I actually know people Saturday night because I had to be up early this morning. Ended up staying the night with the captain of the rifle team, which made for a super-fun morning as we dragged our asses out of bed at 6:30 am and he drove back us to campus for our first rifle match at 7:00. I shot rather terribly; he broke the school record by 13 points. Figures.

(Quick background: rifle matches are scored out of 600. I broke 500, which is good for my first match, but I could have scored much higher were it not for a few really awful fly shots that each lowered my score by 10. TEN POINTS EACH, DAMN IT. Whatever whatever, I'm getting over it. Kinda.)

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I found a group of boys in Deming who all watch Supernatural! So we're going to get together Sunday nights. I'll just have to watch it on my own first so I don't scare them by shrieking at the television, haha.

Always important: SUPERNATURAL IN GENERAL. I'm not doing episode reviews anymore because my watching schedule is completely off, but (and this is never ever a spoiler) Show is my forever girl, always and always. THIS SEASON, THESE BOYS, SO MUCH LOVE. ♥

Today I had classes from 8 to 3, ran down to the career fair to meet important people and try to get in a good word for a summer internship until 4, had rifle practice from 4 until 8, and just got back from team dinner and am about to start homework. HELL YEAH COLLEGE woo. I need sleeeeep.

BUT I also had a really good target tonight that outscored one of the juniors. (Okay, he had a really shitty practice, but I am still kind of thrilled with myself.) Coach said that if I'm shooting like that in two weeks, I'll be ranking in our first match. :)
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So yes, the idea that a freshman roommate is to be endured is really relevant right now, even though I know it's partly my total neuroticism. I'm completely OCD about my space & she's really messy and disorganized; I'm dealing with this because hey, she can do whatever with her stuff. What I am not okay with is her leaving a bowl of ramen on her desk for a WEEK because she's always over at her boyfriend's (seriously, I saw her once between Thursday and Monday). I've talked to her about it and she keeps saying she'll take care of everything, but moldy ramen is a goddamn PROBLEM for me. Just because she's never in the room & doesn't have to deal with it all the time doesn't mean it's not her responsibility. And I know that if I clean things up for her now, I'll be doing it for the rest of the year. JFC this is stressing me so much more than it should, but really.

Aside from that, I'm quickly drowning under this workload and still loving being here. GOOD THINGS:

+It's already homecoming week (although combining that with week 3 aka HELL WEEK was a BAD IDEA) so we've been building the freshman bonfire all week. This is so fantastically designed that every year they have to redirect air traffic. It's ENORMOUS and I cannot wait because I am such a pyro. :D

+ When I told my parents I made the rifle team, my mom mailed me her old FBI range training shirt. It's hilariously old and really comfortable and I love it a lot.

+ Our SRS BSNS team meeting about training and goals devolved into determining the alcohol & strip club policy when we travel. I love these boys already.

+ I am way too in love with this clock! But really, a WORD CLOCK! In pretty colors! With little minute dots! So when I will the lottery & have $1600 to spend on clocks, you know what I'm getting.

+ This will never get old. So simple & so much fun.

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So I found out last night that I made the varsity rifle team.


Okay, I didn't even bother telling anyone I was trying out, I mainly went just because I haven't had a chance to shoot in forever & thought it would be fun. The first night was prone position using an air rifle, both of which I have NEVER DONE and my final target looked like shit. And then last night was standing position, which I actually did pretty well at - much better than I expected anyway, 24/25 - but I was trying out with ten other freshman guys, half of whom shot competitively in high school, and there were only two spots open. So I figured hey, fun times, see you all around campus.

And then at one a.m. I get an e-mail from the coach saying welcome to the team, we have physicals & our first practice tonight!

asdfkladjfljf I'm really excited but still sort of suspicious because I'm really not that good? But the team is me and nine guys and they all seem amazing, as does the coach. And we have a solid base of four seniors who can carry us for competitions, which takes some of the stress off.

Ahaha I cannot wait to make an idiot out of myself in front of all of them, but I'm still bouncing around smiling like crazy.


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