Apr. 16th, 2010 03:52 pm
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You know what is an EXCELLENT movie? Hallmark's made-for-TV Snow White: The Fairest of Them All. It is wonderfully gory and the acting's surprisingly good and there are lots of pretty pretty people. I sincerely doubt any of you have actually seen it, but somehow one of my friends here LOVES IT like I do and I just dl'd it to watch during pregaming tomorrow night, which is going to make it even more excellent. Watch/download it here for awesome funtimes.

We also pregamed to The Swan Princess last weekend which was definitely my favorite when I was little and still has a kickass soundtrack. And we both definitely remembered all the words. YEAH WE'RE THE COOL KIDS.

Road Block

Apr. 12th, 2010 01:02 pm
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I completely disappeared for the last week for no real reason. It was spring break and I had plans to go spend a week drunk off my ass in Panama City with a couple of the frats, but then that Thursday two of the guys I was rooming with had a huge fight because one slept with the other's girlfriend and then they weren't going and then we couldn't fill the room in 24 hours so the rest of the room couldn't go either. Life's bitchy like that sometimes.

So I drove the 700+ miles home and promptly determined that I am not going to be able to live at home this summer and keep my sanity. IDK, guys, I know this is probably just me being a whiny teenager, but my mom and I get along so much better when we're several states apart. For all intents & purposes, I'm really living without any supervision here; the RAs & housing staff don't care what we're doing as long as no one's getting hurt. It's just frustrating to go home and immediately revert to being twelve with a ten o'clock curfew. Yes, I know I don't have a life there. It'd just be nice to pretend.

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Haha, I can't even imagine going back to being twelve. I was still living in Idaho and going to a school I loved and surrounded by some of the best people I've ever met, all of whom I'd known since we were five. I had no idea that my dad would lose his job and my mom would be diagnosed and we'd have to move to DC, so I was pretty happy back then. If I could see myself now... I'm probably at the happiest point in my life here at college, despite all of the stress and drama, because I love what I'm doing and I've made a place here. Those six years in between were pretty miserable, but it's interesting that these are the two high points of my life so far.

To actually answer the question, an amusing mixture of both. I'd be horrified that I wasn't studying English to become a ~real writer~, which I wanted since I was three, and I probably wouldn't be all that pleased with the drinking and partying and sex, but twelve-year-old me was very very sheltered. (Okay, I still sort of am, shut up.) I've gotten past that now. ;) But overall, I think I'd be okay with my life, which is nice to realize.

Also, there's a pretty important episode of a pretty awesome show airing this week! (No spoilers, please!) I rather like the relevancy of this icon, although unfortunately Jared Padalecki hasn't worked up the nerve to actually ask me to fuck on the Impala yet. Jensen's probably taking up all his time, that bitch. ♥
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So last night one of my best friends came over to my dorm and we ended up talking for six hours before he noticed all of my Supernatural DVDs. GUESS WHO'S A FANBOY.

We have of course begun an epic spring quarter marathon, although I only lasted through Dead In The Water (which we finished around seven this morning oh god I am going to hate myself for this later). My favorite part is that he is SUCH a Deanboy - he told me that he basically wants to be Dean Winchester when he grows up, which I told him was because he's only seen the first season. We'll see. But I'm really freaking excited that I found someone else (who is so awesome to start with) who loves this show! And now I have an excuse to do a massive rewatch before the finale in May. WHICH, BY THE WAY, IS ON MY BIRTHDAY. THAT'S RIGHT, I'M BRINGING THE APOCALYPSE ON MAY 13th.


Feb. 16th, 2010 04:22 pm
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Supernatural Sixth Season Confirmed! With Kripke! I love these boys and their stupid faces and the Metallicar. I'm in this for as long as it keeps going.

Definitely the highlight of my day, since my differential equations prof just told me (very kindly) that I need a 96% on the final to do well in the class. After an entire quarter of near-failing test grades, I am not quite sure where I'm going to pull this from. I hate math, okay? I love science and engineering and the application of math to science, but. Fuck. Straight-up math is kicking my ass at this school.

I am going to go shoot things and take my final night programming exam and then go eat chocolate & watch Firefly. Because I still have not got it through my head that at the top engineering school in the country, I can't pull effortless 4.0s anymore like I did in high school. Damn it.

edit Ahaha this is the most bipolar post ever. SHOW LOVE! YAY BOYS!... FUCK MATH! MISERY! I am not quite sure what mood to select here.


Feb. 6th, 2010 12:12 pm
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I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHOW. SO MUCH. And what I really love is when they get it so right with an episode that pretty much everyone in fandom - even the people who hate this season/the mytharc/the writing - is all \o/! WIN.

Also! The season finale is set for my birthday, May 13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, RIGHT? Because our season finales are always full of sunshine and rainbows and brothertouching. Eric Kripke, don't you dare ruin this for me.

Our rifle match was cancelled this weekend due to snow. This is my first full weekend on campus since October and I am not quite sure what to do with all of this time. Two whole days to myself? What is this madness? Time-wasting suggestions welcome.
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SPEAKING OF! SIXTH SEASON FTMFW! I am just not ready for this to end, guys, I've only had a few seasons live. It's okay if it's not, like, S1-level awesomeness (THOUGH THAT IS COMPLETELY COOL WITH ME TOO, KRIPKE). I just want to be able to see more of their stupid faces.

Leaving at 4:00 this afternoon for a rifle match and not getting back until sometime very early Sunday morning, so will probably not be around unless the motel magically has wireless. I am going to be SO TEMPTED to watch on the bus.

Ugh I hate computer programming. I am not a damn CS major for a reason, and listening to this professor drone at 8:00am every morning is NOT HELPING.

How are you? ♥
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SAY WHAT, WE WON SOMETHING?? YAY SHOW! I can't believe the shows they beat out, too! Just goes to show the importance of crazy obsessive fans. Actually, although I didn't care about the PCA at all (didn't even know they were going on, really) I'm very happy with the results. Glee! Inglourious Basterds! BBT! ALYSON HANNIGAN who I adore like crazy even if I never talk about HIMYM! I'm only surprised that The Hangover didn't win too.

Continuing my complete lack of motivation, last night they sent out an e-mail saying that the ice on the lake & ponds is now 6" thick so we can walk on it AND it showed several inches last night! So many people are skipping classes & work and just playing and it makes me so happy. There's an ice hockey game and people falling off the rope swing and just generally falling on their asses. Can't wait for tomorrow so I can join the fun. :)

India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima. :) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Mike Echo Mike Echo.
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We have a rifle match in Ohio, so I'm leaving right after classes today and won't get back until sometime early Sunday morning. Traveling with the team should be interesting... and I'm really excited to have real food instead of the cafeteria for the first time in months. It's probably sad that I am this excited at the prospect of Chipotle, but I miss it!

I have Supernatural to watch on the bus ride (although haha, I really should never watch that show in the company of other people, I know I act ridiculous! And I am still completely unspoiled, but I am so excited by all of the squee on my flist) and am still very upset at the recent lack of Glee. I need my shows, damn it!

And to everyone doing NaNo, you are absolutely crazy and I am totally in awe of your prolificness. [livejournal.com profile] lady_sarai & [livejournal.com profile] jelliclekat, I AM LOOKING AT YOU. Keep it going, you're amazing. ♥

edit QUICK, REC ME YOUR FAVORITE LONG FICS! I'll be on a bus for around 20 hours this weekend and may actually finish my homework before we get back. And let's face it, reading Sam/Dean or J2 is preferable to problem sets no matter what.
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I HAVE BEEN FAILING SO HARD AT LJ FOR, OH, THE PAST TWO MONTHS. I AM SORRY. :/ I just did a flist cut today in hopes that I can actually manage to keep up with it now. Even manage to comment sometimes, maybe! I miss all of you and your wonderful levels of crazy.

Supernatural is freaking fantastic, Glee is OMGGLEEEEE, college life is just ridiculous. Why yes, these are my priorities. Don't judge. I'm just happy to finally be all caught up on my shows again (I have TWO, this should not be difficult!) but I actually SLEPT this weekend since there was no one on campus. It was glorious.
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I found a group of boys in Deming who all watch Supernatural! So we're going to get together Sunday nights. I'll just have to watch it on my own first so I don't scare them by shrieking at the television, haha.

Always important: SUPERNATURAL IN GENERAL. I'm not doing episode reviews anymore because my watching schedule is completely off, but (and this is never ever a spoiler) Show is my forever girl, always and always. THIS SEASON, THESE BOYS, SO MUCH LOVE. ♥

Today I had classes from 8 to 3, ran down to the career fair to meet important people and try to get in a good word for a summer internship until 4, had rifle practice from 4 until 8, and just got back from team dinner and am about to start homework. HELL YEAH COLLEGE woo. I need sleeeeep.

BUT I also had a really good target tonight that outscored one of the juniors. (Okay, he had a really shitty practice, but I am still kind of thrilled with myself.) Coach said that if I'm shooting like that in two weeks, I'll be ranking in our first match. :)


Sep. 9th, 2009 02:57 pm
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FML all Threadless shirts are $9 today. Which would be awesome except I am a broke college student. But I NEED this one & this one & this one. And maybe the spoiler shirt, except not because I'd feel too guilty to ever wear it.

You know what's distracting me from cute t-shirts? There's this show tomorrow with these boys who MAKE MY LIFE. alfjdklfj SPN S5 IS ALMOST HERE. \o/

And I still feel so guilty for not being in fandom right now, except I'm never on the computer anymore! I don't want to have to actually make a schedule for you amazing, fantastic people, but I don't know how else to make this work time-wise. :/
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TVaddict!chef has finished SPN S2 and, being an incorrigible Deangirl, is incensed that only Sam got dirty in S2.
Her: Can we please talk about hot, sexed-up Dean? When does he get a sex scene?
Me: Not until S4. Then they both get some.
Her: But they're really good, right?
Me (thinking about Dean's sweet & slow versus Sam's rough & dirty): It's... really not the way you'd expect it.
Her: ...it's together, isn't it.
adsfjkljlf OBVIOUS BOYS ARE SO OBVIOUS. SO. FUCKING. OBVIOUS. I COULDN'T EVEN PROCESS. I just sort of gaped at her and flapped around wordlessly, which she (NATURALLY) took as my utter horror at the idea of gay sibling incest. She just shrugged & said, "They act like gay lovers all the time anyway. I bet the real surprise of the series is that they aren't actually related, so then they can get it on with each other. I'm totally right, aren't I?"

Goddamn, I love my coworkers. I am seriously going to miss this job.
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Ahaha, anyone remember that I loaned TVaddict!chef L SPN S1? She texted me last night.
if you don't bring s2 tomorrow don't bother showing up bc you're fired. I need it now.
And then when she arrived this morning, the first thing she said to me was "This was such an awesome show until that bullshit finale. What the fuck was THAT? Does the dad die? The dad dies. Wait, don't TELL me! IS THE CAR OKAY?" SHE'S SUCH A FANGIRL. And a Dean!girl, but I'm pretty sure she's just uncomfortable with how ridiculously young Jared looks in S1. UGH HIS STUPID HAIR I MISS IT.

Anyway, Bakery of Crazy earned its name today because tomorrow is Swiss National Day, and we cater the embassy party. Which is really very cool, but of course nothing's ready and we're all running around frantically. Our freezers are literally stuffed floor-to-ceiling with about one square foot in the center. Tomorrow will be just as lovely, I'm sure. :)
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If the Metallicar is the third character of Supernatural, music's the fourth. The Impala wouldn't be complete without its messy box of cassette tapes. Carry On Wayward Son is essential to every season finale. Dean's love of cock rock defines his character and his character is defined by his love of cock.

ANYWAY, I was thinking about how much I've been influenced by the show's music, both songs played in the episode and fandom interpretations. The show music got me into classic rock and has forever changed my driving playlist. Vids and fics and meta have all given me great songs or music associations, and sometimes lyrics will just make me stop and think, BOYS. Music's essential to every episode of Supernatural and it's essential to fandom as well.

[livejournal.com profile] quidditchkiss compiled a fantastic ranking of SPN's top 15 music moments which I mostly agree with, and that covers most of the pre-S4 onscreen music. Then there are other songs which always create a vivid image or memory of Sam&Dean or J2 which might seem silly to anyone outside fandom, but make so much sense to me. Here's my own vid/song/music rec list with dl links! )

YOUR TURN. Tell me your fandom songs! Let me know if the links expire, I'll be happy to reupload.

TV Shows

May. 19th, 2009 07:11 pm
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I know some of you are serious television addicts, but the only show I watch consistently is Supernatural. I used to love NCIS but haven't watched at all this season; I love Castle but keep missing it. I know there are a million and one shows that have ended or are still on the air that I would love, so this is where I need you! Guide me, wise flist! Or something like that.

[Poll #1402566]
Please note that I am very easily swayed by picspams of pretty actors. :D

Who else can't wait for the Glee preview tonight?? I'm absolute in love with their version of Don't Stop Believing. ♥
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So. Now that that's over with, I can pretend to continue with my life (HA).

I finished AP exams and softball on Tuesday - third in the state! It's the first time we've ranked, and a home game at that. Lost 6-5 in the seventh inning, but we played amazingly and they were a good team. It's really weird to think that I'm done with softball, which has sort of defined spring for the last four years.

My birthday was yesterday, and it was nice and quiet. I began my internship, so I worked at the bakery from 11-7 and then took home their signature black&white cake, which was very pretty and delicious. I assumed I'd be observing and dishwashing to start off, but it's been very hands-on; today I was actually icing and decorating the sale cakes. It's extremely weird to think that someone is going to pay $22 for a tiny cake made by a high schooler.

My extended family often pools birthday presents together, so from my parents/relatives I got a white G1. It is extremely pretty and incredibly addictive and I'm already in love. I'm finally beginning to see why so many people love iPhones! There are a lot of great free apps, too. Any recommendations from fellow G1-users? The only thing I'm considering buying is the Microsoft Office app, which would be very useful but very expensive. I'm desperately hoping someone will code a free version soonish.

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"For fans who are worried that we are truly jumping the shark... watch the episode, decide for yourself. Personally, I don't think we're gassing up the motorcycle quite yet, but you tell me. And stay tuned for next season, when the boys take trips to London and Hawaii (haunted Tiki dolls!) and Sam and Ruby get married. And Ted McGinley joins the cast as the thoughtful (but hot!) college professor."
Eric Kripke, here.

After a completely up-and-down week, yesterday ended it nicely. There are a lot of things I dislike about my school - yes, it's a private East Coast prep school, and it does fit quite a few of the stereotypes you're thinking of. But most people assume that everyone who attends is filthy rich, despite the fact that there are students like myself who are there on a full scholarship. And there are still students who surprise me after four years here.

Yesterday, when the jazz band gave a casual performance in the commons to end off arts week? Two of the athlete-type boys ran out and started a dance party. They asked the teachers, they asked the quiet geeky girls, they did ridiculous twirls - they made idiots of themselves and got the entire school to relax. More about high school. )

We had a game against one of our rivals last night and we won at the last second - bottom of the seventh, two outs, bases loaded. She hit a line drive right down the middle and I did a ridiculous dive and caught it for the out. Possibly my best moment ever in softball, and I love the feeling of team when everyone starts screaming.

Realistically, Big Bang isn't going to happen. This is my last week of high school, and I have no free time at all. If the deadline were just one week later, I could do it once everything was finished, but. I'll be at school all day tomorrow to take a BC calc exam, and then we're trying to cram everything in before senior day on Friday. I'm still going to finish the story in May, but it won't be official.

So how's your weekend looking? ♥
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I am in such a bad headspace. I struggled to keep it together all day Friday, then came home at six after practice and just got into bed because I couldn't handle thinking anymore. Spent 9-5 yesterday at school finishing the yearbook, but I was so drained that the literary magazine isn't done. Four of my friends, a teacher I admired, and a coach are currently not speaking to me, and I have no idea what happened. My dad's job was just cut back and now we're not sure if I can afford college. I am just feeling like I'm made of fail in everything right now, and it's really fucking difficult to get out of it.

Anyway. I just got my laptop back, so I still haven't read or watched any con reports, but I hope the boys were adorable and being BFFs. I completely understand the squick factor of 4.18; this doesn't mean I didn't love it and love Kripke and love that Show has a sense of humor. [livejournal.com profile] missyjack said it best: "Show/fandom is my OTP." And, um, "I feel like Kripke just rimmed me and I loved it." This it the best type of thinky meta, really!

Iowa Court Voids Gay Marriage Ban. This made me smile more than anything this week. Iowa is Middle America, definitely not the most progressive of the states, and this gives me so much hope. I can't wait until we all get there. ♥

Does anyone have a high-resolution version of this photo? You know, where the boys are sitting right next to each other looking all nonchalant but sekritly sending each other schmoopy love texts which they save for ever and ever?


Apr. 2nd, 2009 07:09 pm
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I began panicking & almost went home before school even started today. Coming back from spring break made me realize how stressed and anxious I am the rest of the year. How stupid is it that I have one month of high school left and I can't even make it through the first week?

I've been so busy I haven't watched any vids or read my flist all week - I'm hoping to catch up on con reports & all this weekend. I haven't been ignoring any of you and I can't wait to read about Jared & Jensen's epic tinhatty love! Please link me to anything really amazing?

I was procrastinating by flipping channels and just saw the first couple seconds of tonight's SPN promo. Don't spoil me, but I really need something amazing and sweet and BROTHERS tonight. Plz deliver, show.


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