Apr. 16th, 2010 03:52 pm
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You know what is an EXCELLENT movie? Hallmark's made-for-TV Snow White: The Fairest of Them All. It is wonderfully gory and the acting's surprisingly good and there are lots of pretty pretty people. I sincerely doubt any of you have actually seen it, but somehow one of my friends here LOVES IT like I do and I just dl'd it to watch during pregaming tomorrow night, which is going to make it even more excellent. Watch/download it here for awesome funtimes.

We also pregamed to The Swan Princess last weekend which was definitely my favorite when I was little and still has a kickass soundtrack. And we both definitely remembered all the words. YEAH WE'RE THE COOL KIDS.

Road Block

Apr. 12th, 2010 01:02 pm
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I completely disappeared for the last week for no real reason. It was spring break and I had plans to go spend a week drunk off my ass in Panama City with a couple of the frats, but then that Thursday two of the guys I was rooming with had a huge fight because one slept with the other's girlfriend and then they weren't going and then we couldn't fill the room in 24 hours so the rest of the room couldn't go either. Life's bitchy like that sometimes.

So I drove the 700+ miles home and promptly determined that I am not going to be able to live at home this summer and keep my sanity. IDK, guys, I know this is probably just me being a whiny teenager, but my mom and I get along so much better when we're several states apart. For all intents & purposes, I'm really living without any supervision here; the RAs & housing staff don't care what we're doing as long as no one's getting hurt. It's just frustrating to go home and immediately revert to being twelve with a ten o'clock curfew. Yes, I know I don't have a life there. It'd just be nice to pretend.

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Haha, I can't even imagine going back to being twelve. I was still living in Idaho and going to a school I loved and surrounded by some of the best people I've ever met, all of whom I'd known since we were five. I had no idea that my dad would lose his job and my mom would be diagnosed and we'd have to move to DC, so I was pretty happy back then. If I could see myself now... I'm probably at the happiest point in my life here at college, despite all of the stress and drama, because I love what I'm doing and I've made a place here. Those six years in between were pretty miserable, but it's interesting that these are the two high points of my life so far.

To actually answer the question, an amusing mixture of both. I'd be horrified that I wasn't studying English to become a ~real writer~, which I wanted since I was three, and I probably wouldn't be all that pleased with the drinking and partying and sex, but twelve-year-old me was very very sheltered. (Okay, I still sort of am, shut up.) I've gotten past that now. ;) But overall, I think I'd be okay with my life, which is nice to realize.

Also, there's a pretty important episode of a pretty awesome show airing this week! (No spoilers, please!) I rather like the relevancy of this icon, although unfortunately Jared Padalecki hasn't worked up the nerve to actually ask me to fuck on the Impala yet. Jensen's probably taking up all his time, that bitch. ♥
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Last night I was over in a friend's room, continuing our Firefly marathon, and River & Simon were being incestuous as always. So, sort of to test him out, I said, "Man, they have a really special sibling relationship."

His response?




Sep. 9th, 2009 02:57 pm
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FML all Threadless shirts are $9 today. Which would be awesome except I am a broke college student. But I NEED this one & this one & this one. And maybe the spoiler shirt, except not because I'd feel too guilty to ever wear it.

You know what's distracting me from cute t-shirts? There's this show tomorrow with these boys who MAKE MY LIFE. alfjdklfj SPN S5 IS ALMOST HERE. \o/

And I still feel so guilty for not being in fandom right now, except I'm never on the computer anymore! I don't want to have to actually make a schedule for you amazing, fantastic people, but I don't know how else to make this work time-wise. :/
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Ahaha I AM SO BEHIND IN FANDOM, GUYS. Like I just skimmed back through the whole last week, but I've missed all the Vancouver fun and the amazing fic and everything. Please link me to everything??

Dorm life is a lot of fun, although my roommate and I are definitely going to have issues fairly soon. She's great, but she's also extremely messy and disorganized. I do not want your shit all over the floor. You have plenty of storage space. You know it really really bothers me. But I've been very good so far in terms of not strangling her. So far as actual college, classes are pretty good, although I haven't had all of them yet. One of my teachers is apparently a misogynistic bastard & another's the sweetest man you'll ever meet, so it's an interesting mix, but I don't feel completely overwhelmed yet. Tonight's the PKA foam party, which all the girls are invited to because hey, no girls on campus, so that should be fun.

I got a package notification from the mailroom yesterday and I was all excited because I thought it was SPN S4, but no. WTF, Amazon? I NEED MY BOYS. BOOOYS. All of the girls here watch shitty shows, really. I'm hoping to drag them into SPN with the complete & utter sexassness, because HEY. It's pretty much undeniable.

By the way, [livejournal.com profile] sadcypress, my entire floor is obsessed with Diet Coke. One of our SAs began lovingly describing its perfect flavor and exact level of carbonation, but all I could think of was Jared's enormous Diet Coke peen. Thank you for that!
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TVaddict!chef has finished SPN S2 and, being an incorrigible Deangirl, is incensed that only Sam got dirty in S2.
Her: Can we please talk about hot, sexed-up Dean? When does he get a sex scene?
Me: Not until S4. Then they both get some.
Her: But they're really good, right?
Me (thinking about Dean's sweet & slow versus Sam's rough & dirty): It's... really not the way you'd expect it.
Her: ...it's together, isn't it.
adsfjkljlf OBVIOUS BOYS ARE SO OBVIOUS. SO. FUCKING. OBVIOUS. I COULDN'T EVEN PROCESS. I just sort of gaped at her and flapped around wordlessly, which she (NATURALLY) took as my utter horror at the idea of gay sibling incest. She just shrugged & said, "They act like gay lovers all the time anyway. I bet the real surprise of the series is that they aren't actually related, so then they can get it on with each other. I'm totally right, aren't I?"

Goddamn, I love my coworkers. I am seriously going to miss this job.
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I wanted to do the ten-favorite-OTPs thing, except I got kind of stuck:
01. Sam/Dean (SPN)
02. Jared/Jensen (RPS)
...yeah, you can probably spot the trend there.

I adore my G1, but it's driving me crazy that there's no livejournal app. Well, there's ElJay, but it only lets you make the most basic post; I want something for my flist and stuff, like to put everything in light formatting so it loads quickly. Anyone else have G1s? What other apps am I missing?

[livejournal.com profile] spn_fml is made of so much win. This entire show is an FML entry on its own. And I am bouncing in anticipation of @mishacollins' #asylm updates. Yay boys!
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This weekend was the most social I've been in months, now that classes are over. Worked at my bakery internship most of the day Saturday, and as I was signing out, the owner asked if I'd be interested in staying on for the summer! YES PLEASE. I am loving this so much, and I feel so lucky to be working on something fun instead of sitting at a desk like my friends. I'd been a little self-conscious about being such an obvious newbie (and yeah, a little paranoid that they were annoyed that they had to babysit some high schooler) but being offered a job on my fourth day? I'm feeling very reassured. :D

Softball sleepover Saturday night included jumping on the trampoline in pouring rain at midnight. Do you need more proof of how amazing these girls are? Sports award ceremony Sunday afternoon, where I won the award for team leadership & commitment again, and then we all drove out to the middle of nowhere for a party at the coach's house. We ate unbelievably quantities of junk food and terrified the neighbors and absolutely destroyed her deck (although to be fair, she started the food fight).

I've been playing softball all four years of high school, but this has easily been the best by far. We started out without a pitcher or half of our infield and went on to host states and finish third. I've never been so happy at school as I have with these coaches or these girls - I've watched the other teams we played, whose coaches screamed at them and whose pitcher or catcher mocked other players' mistakes, and I feel so lucky. We have the best underclassmen, seriously. A couple of the freshmen girls actually wrote me letters/birthday cards saying how much they'll miss me next year, and I can hardly remember how miserable I was at this school freshman & sophomore years because this? Makes it worth it.

/Hallmark moment

[livejournal.com profile] jelliclekat wrote me birthday!fic which is the BEST THING OF MY LIFE: Long Past Time, Sam/hallucinations, spoilers for the finale. BEST. EVER. Angsty and fucked-up and hurts so so good. MMM WINCHESTERS. ♥

SO EXCITED FOR BIG BANG POSTING, OMG. Except I will be crazy-busy with prom and graduation and all of that for the first week, so I'll just have to play catch-up the second week. :D

Now that I have my G1 and can actually set songs as my ringtone, Carry On Wayward Son makes me glee every time someone calls. SPN theme song! Hope that everyone else had an amazing weekend too.

(@mishacollins is MAKING MY LIFE right now. I am fangirling his dorkiness so hard.)
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If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied
Illuminate the nos on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

-- Death Cab For Cutie, I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Here, have a song. ♥


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