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Hello all! I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season, or at least an excellent few days off work!

First off, I got a nook for Christmas! I've been working my way through the Harry Potter books, which I've been wanting to reread for forever - but who the hell wants to lug all those books around?? - and I'm halfway through Goblet of Fire. God I'd forgotten how much I love this world! Shoebox Project will definitely be next, since that's my canon anyway. ♥

But I was hoping some of you might be able to point me towards any comms for ebook sharing? Because I haven't figured out how I'm paying for next quarter's textbooks, much less fun reading. I'll love you even more than I already do!

And secondly, my cousin has convinced me to finally try Tumblr. I'm shakethemountains, from the e.e.cummings poem the boys I mean are not refined, which I adore. So far it's just quotations & pretty things & utter randomness, and it's not going to be super fannish since it's connected to my RL. But link me to yours? And to any pretty picspam feeds? Please & thank you!

Love to you all - get ready for 2011!
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First of all, I want to tell you all about Chrome For A Cause! From now through this weekend, every time you open up a tab in Chrome, you get a point. At the end of each day, you get to choose how to donate them! All you have to do is install an unobtrusive plug-in that counts your tabs, so there's really no reason not to. :)

And secondly, I need you to listen to me very carefully. You must try Mario Batali's recipe for linguine with clams. This is imperative. It is the best kind of simple that is effortlessly classy. It is a two-pot dish - one for pasta, another for the rest - that honestly only takes 20 minutes & comes out perfectly every time. It's fast and easy (and you know that's how I like it). You will fall in love.

I make it every single time I go home, usually within 48 hours. However, if you're 1. unfortunate enough to live in some crazy Midwest town where you can't buy, say, clams - and the boy at the seafood counter doesn't know the difference between clams & mussels anyway - or 2. a dead-broke college student, or even 3. both - it's okay. I'll let you cheat.

Because you know what? If you trudge back through a foot of slush after a lab that quite literally blew up in your face - giving a whole new meaning to "pop a cap" - followed by a test that has you considering dropping the class, and you're cranky and hungry and ready to cry because you've only had 7 hours of sleep in the last three days and have another three tests before you can finally, finally get on that magical plane home tomorrow night - well, first you might want to hire an editor, because your run-on sentences are atrocious.

And then you can make some pasta in the microwave, open up some canned clams, and dump 'em on top with some olive oil, garlic powder, parsley flakes, garlic powder, and salt & pepper. You can ignore those looming deadlines and open up the internet - because you're not procrastinating, you're being charitable! - and relax.

But at some point you should probably open up that thermo book again. Damn it.


Dec. 4th, 2010 03:27 pm
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YAY IT SNOWED!! Like six inches! \o/ And everything is wonderfully white and campus is so pretty, even if I'm stuck inside because stupid broken leg. I spent the morning watching happy movies & drinking hot chocolate while I did my homework, though. Yum.

I very selfishly want to sign up for holiday cards, because getting something other than tuition bills in my campus box is super exciting. And then I get to extend Christmas into January, when I come back to cheerful cards! But I feel terribly guilty asking for cards when I'm not sure if I can send any - I can't drive since it's my right leg that's casted, and I don't know if anyone's going to the store this weekend. We'll see, I'll hopefully put a poll up soon! I want to send you happy things. ♥

Here, have pictures of the view from my window:

First picture was taken when I moved in in August, second one was taken thirty seconds ago & has a weird dotted effect because it's too cold to raise the screen. :)

edit OMG someone is building an EPIC igloo below my window & I can hear the civil engineers yelling about the best way to make it structurally sound. I love my geek school.
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I have such a terrible habit of getting completely overwhelmed with life and dropping out of fandom. And then I wonder why I don't have some sort of non-engineering creative outlet anymore. Sigh.

I promise to keep trying because I love you all! I did do a bit of a friends cut just because the smaller my flist is, the less I can distract myself with LJ (or at least that's what I tell myself). I still think you're stunningly fantastic people. ♥

First quarter was really rough in pretty much every way. Physically, I had knee surgery and then broke my leg a few weeks later; mentally, classes were barely passable; emotionally, I thought I was falling out with most of my friends. It was the first time I haven't loved Rose, and it was honestly really hard to handle.

But I went home for a week, ate good food, passed my classes, talked to friends, and now we've just begun the second quarter and I'm optimistic. I think I needed a perspective adjustment. It really will all work out.

I did get some good news - I was invited to intern for a major defense firm, so I'll be living by Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin this summer, designing & testing control systems for military vehicles! I'm pretty excited, since I really connected with the company and they'll be letting me work on both mechanical & electrical projects so I'll have experience in both my majors. Working on hands-on projects that will really help people? This is exactly what I was hoping for. (Okay, maybe not in Wisconsin, but we'll see!)

Basically, I'm just reminding myself that there are Good Things to be excited about: the upcoming holidays (and the many excuses for baking!). Rifle. The first snowfall, snowball fights, & ice skating on the lake. My ΔΣΦ boys. Going home in a few weeks to see my parents & puppies. Coming back to fandom, because I've missed you.
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Today is my Christmas-on-campus, because we're finishing our hall decorations this afternoon and then I'm exchanging gifts with my friends over coffee and then this evening is the team dinner. I'm about to go downstairs and make vodka pie & candy cane cookies for the dinner, so I even get to cook! It's a good day! Except for the lab and papers I haven't finished yet. :)

I'm also notoriously terrible at gifts (and broke) so I ended up making gifts for the girls here. All of my friends joined Chi Omega sorority, whose mascot is an owl and whose colors are red & yellow excuse me, cardinal & straw, so I made them ornaments vaguely based off of these (yay Etsy!): picture! )
They're pretty cute, so simple to make, and inexpensive; it would be really easy to change the animal without changing the template too much.

I now have one of these formspring things, because all the cool kids are doing it. Please ask me asinine questions!

eta Oh, and holiday cards have finally been sent out!! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me cards, they are all beautiful and picking up actual post is exciting! ♥
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It is SO DAMN COLD HERE. It's been snowing all day, but it is crazy windy - like, can-barely-walk-upright windy - and it isn't sticking. And the heater in the range is broken! SOB MY LIFE. I shivered for three hours straight and I'm going to pretend that's why I shot so badly. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

AND THEN THE SNOWFLAKE COOKIES. ♥♥♥ You guys are AMAZING, I was just totally overwhelmed when I went to my profile! I'm so sorry I missed out on sending them to everyone. Stupid time limits. But I love you all!

a;lfjakldfjaklfj I am just SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS, YOU GUYS! Today I wrapped my dorm door and hung up stockings and wrapped gifts and am now drinking hot chocolate. So good. And this is the last call for holiday cards, because I'm sending them out this weekend! Please, please sign up if you haven't already, because I have super-awesome cool cards and there'll be something cute in them and I am just excited to send them to you guys! Don't let the extras I have now go to waste!

Rose is all decked out for the holidays and everyone's in a good mood and people are actually singing carols in the hallway right now. I am blissfully ignoring homework to type this up and revel in the fact that I will be home in a week and there will be a tree with lights and ornaments and my family.
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How is it possibly December already?? Second quarter classes started yesterday and I'm already convinced that there is no way I can pass half of them, but we'll see. I have a weekend Wednesday this quarter which makes up for some of it. I'm just really ready for Christmas and the holidays right now; I've already hung rainbow lights around my dorm room and we've begun decorating the hall. (Although really, I have a feeling the rainbow lights are going to stay for the rest of the year because they're just that awesome.)

Speaking of the holidays, comment on my card post so I can send you something!! It will probably be lame but whatever, snail mail is always exciting.

Also, my culinary discovery of the year: vodka pie crust. Try this, it is AMAZING! Very light and flaky and buttery. The alcohol keeps the dough moist without forming the gluten bonds which make other doughs chewy, and it's much easier to roll out, too. OH THE WONDERS OF VODKA.

Basically, I have nothing to say here, but I did manage to use an icon that is relevant to both Christmas & pie, so I still count it as a win. Om nom nom pie.

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So I'm alive after all! The past week just - I honestly can't account for half of that time. What happened, people? But good times were had, so I really can't complain. I was firmly planted in the kitchen for five days straight, which was beyond awesome. I'm not even going to get into that now because I'm planning an epic picspam/storytelling sometime tonight.

Christmas turned out nice, even if we didn't do much. I was sort of nostalgic re:decorations, because they just didn't happen; we did get a tree, but didn't decorate it or hang stockings. IDK, they were just so iconic as a kid that I really missed them now, especially since it's my last year at home and all. My parents found me an elliptical though, so that was awesome! I wasn't expecting anything like that, because even secondhand ellipticals are well over $100 and that tends to be the family limit. But a neighbor got one and hated it, so she sold it for $50 just to get it out of her house. Whatever, I'm psyched! It's definitely an improvement over working out after school in the gym basement, because now it's stuffed with the lacrosse boys who're training. (Okay, so that admittedly wasn't exactly a hardship, but.)

And then AND THEN. I drove up to Pennsylvania early Friday morning (ugh, I did not sleep at all last week) to help with another family dinner. So much more than you ever wanted to know about the Italian side of my family! )

I spent Saturday night in Pennsylvania and then took the long way home yesterday. All back roads, no highways - it was fantastic. I was really disappointed not to find any little coffeeshops (I have a thing), but it was still so relaxing. Mmph. Good way to end the week.

I really hope all of you had happy Christmases as well! ♥
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I'm going to save my emo for another time, I swear, because I used to love Christmas and the holidays and I really still do, despite everything. So I hope all of you have lots of homemade cookies and are surrounded by awesome people because every one of you guys deserves it. ♥
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I'm planning to finally head out to Tyson's Corner today. Ugh, wish me luck. I hate shopping, and going to DC's most popular mall right before Christmas? Really not high on my list of funtimes. You'd think that this would finally teach me something about shopping earlier, but... nope. :D On the plus side, [ profile] causette, Urban Outfitters is at Tyson's, so I'm going to check if they have your bracelets! And then I get to go Christmas-dinner shopping at Wegmans, which will be much more enjoyable.

Speaking of cooking, I have been eating AWESOME food lately. I had aush and kadu palow at this fantastic Afghan place, Panjshir, on Sunday, and then I made artichokes & lobster last night for Mom's sixtieth birthday. First time I've ever had a chance to try lobster, and all I can say is that I obviously had a deprived childhood.

ETA: the give me anything meme
& I believe homophobia is wrong. )


Dec. 20th, 2008 03:43 pm
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A group of us went into DC last night to celebrate the end of exams. We saw Legally Blonde: The Musical at the Kennedy Center, and it was pretty good. It's only the third major play I've seen, and it didn't even come close to Rent or Wicked, but I was pleasantly surprised just because I didn't expect much. (I wanted to steal the dogs, by the way. I'm really not a fan of chihuahuas or pugs, but they were adorable.)

Highlight of the show: There! Right There!, aka Is He Gay or European?. I stopped breathing halfway through because L and I were both thinking of Señor M and couldn't stop looking at each other. It cracks me up even now.

It's still so surreal to me sometimes, being in DC. Driving across the Arlington Memorial Bridge towards the Lincoln Memorial, with the Washington Monument & the White House on the right and Georgetown on the left... I don't think I'll ever get used to it.
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I AM FINISHED WITH HIGH SCHOOL EXAMS. I won't have final exams (other than the official APs) at the end of the year, so that was IT. And it was an awesome way to end, because psych's such an easy class.

Afterwards, we all ran over to Starbucks and took up an entire corner and exchanged gifts. Rather loudly, but we weren't really being obnoxious? I hope. Anyway, my friends REALLY know me, because they got me new kitchenware (OMG it is beyond awesome I am in love) and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. ALL I NEED IN LIFE, I TELL YOU.

It's finally beginning to feel like Christmas, even if we do have nothing but torrential rain. Mostly because I'm freezing my ass off, but also because I put lights up last night and candles and everything's all pretty now. ♥
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So. Why the hell did I take this class again? Not that the impossibility level was unexpected. There's only twelve of us in the entire high school who signed up for this torture, and we're all failing. Like, no-one-has-above-a-C, get-an-F-on-every-test failing. Personally, I think that if everyone is failing, it's the teacher, not the otherwise-straight-A students. But he's this batshit-crazy 75-year-old man who you kinda have to love because he's so quirky, so he essentially has tenure here.

ANYWAY. Like I said, it wasn't unexpectedly hard, just... still really, really difficult. I wrote another seven pages in an hour today, and on top of the thirteen yesterday, my shoulder's really cramping up.

But you know what made my day? THIS. Now with bonus Padacock! OMFG. Twelve Sam/Dean & Jared/Jensen drawings by [ profile] oddments, and they are all beyond gorgeous. I am so in love with that first one... mmmph. Yay boys.

Christmas shopping for friends tomorrow! 'Tis the season and all of that. ♥


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