Jan. 11th, 2010 01:13 pm
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FML. No, I'm actually really excited, and since I have no plans to do anything for spring break I'm hoping it'll happen then. I miss writing.

In actual FML news, that sore throat that I thought was from playing in the snow on Saturday? Turns out it's laryngitis. I am torn between amusement and mortification because there's really a 99.9% chance that on Saturday night, I gave it to one of the guys on the team, all of whom are technically off limits. And quite possibly all of his housemates, since we were doing shots and not really keeping track of glasses. And of course I feel guilty as hell, but I didn't know I was sick!

Practice tomorrow should be interesting if we both turn up without voices.
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Oh god. Okay, I've sort of begun writing a rather ridiculous fic which, despite being in the earliest of early stages, is already tangled and complicated and going to be much longer than anything I've written in years. And while I know that I have been a complete flake about writing recently, let's pretend that I'm going to actually do this thing.

For anything longer than a few thousand words, I usually just sketch out a rough outline on paper, but I know this will be much longer and need to be constantly updated and reworked. Anyone have a good suggestion for storyboard programs? Storybook looks rather intriguing, but I trust you guys more than Google.

WTF am I doing I am leaving for college in TWO WEEKS this is a BAD IDEA, SELF.
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My laptop is flying across the country as I write this. Three weeks and counting. :/

You know what's really surreal? Getting new reviews on ff.net stories you wrote in seventh grade. Honestly, I can't even remember what they're about, but it seems like a few of them were pretty popular? IDEK. Two were set in Tamora Pierce's Tortall and another was a workaround retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

Was anyone else a Tamora Pierce fan? Oh man, I remember pretty much worshiping her in middle school. And my TP fanfic was so well planned out! I had one insanely long fic that I was so certain could be a novel - it was an AU of Raoul's daughter, the first girl to join the King's Own. I just found an entire notebook of unposted scenes from that fic.

In the same folder, I found fifty pages of a fantasy novel I wrote for my eighth grade English final project. It's only the first few chapters, but my storyboard (seriously, all of this was very well planned!) had all sorts of racial and social commentary and I had a rather beautiful twist at the end to defy all the fantasy norms. It's weird to admit that it wasn't entirely terrible. I might even have continued it, if I hadn't lost all interest in fantasy.

Does this happen to anyone else? Getting reviews on a fic from a fandom that's so old, you don't even remember what it's about? It's kind of amusing and flattering, that someone actually went back and read it.

I need a writing icon. I think I have over twenty tabs open for Big Bang research right now.
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My friends showed up at the end of practice and demanded that I go out with them, to which I moaned and complained that I was broke and was generally a pain. They won. And because they were dragging me against my will, I chose the movie. I've probably terrified them all to death and they'll never see a slasher flick again, but I needed to see that ass in those jeans Jared again.

By the way, JARED PADALECKI IS KIND OF RIDICULOUS. There were a few scenes where his lips were just - I think he gets gypped on SPN because he's next to Jensen Ackles, whose cocksucking lips are so perfect that no one can ever possibly compare. But Jared could reciprocate rather well, I'm sure.

Also, that opening sequence? Even better the second time around. Yay this movie. I'm ready to see it again now.

OH AND [livejournal.com profile] balefully IS AMAZING. Lucy beta'd an old original piece for me last week and pulled it much further into the realm of coherency (and taught me how to spell lightning). It was a piece from last year, and it was so wordy. I think that's the main reason I haven't posted in the SPN fandom - because I look at pieces like that, from a year ago, and wonder how I ever wrote such shit. And then I think that a year from now, I'll just look back and think the same thing. It's a completely useless, unproductive cycle, and I'm sort of stuck in it. Gah.

Lit mag reading tomorrow! And I haven't even started my spreadsheet to keep track of everything, so. Off to do that. Flist catch-up tomorrow! ♥
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So [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing posted Coeur d'coeurs, a story about Sam&Dean retiring from hunting to move into The Pie Hole from Pushing Daisies. WHICH IS AWESOME ENOUGH IN AND OF ITSELF, LET ME TELL YOU. I have such a baking kink that it's not even funny.

But the title made me think of Coeur d'Alene, which is right next to the little town I grew up in, Post Falls. And that brought me back to my perpetual sulk that I wasn't in fandom back when [livejournal.com profile] spn_50states was going on. Because northern Idaho? Has so many local legends that more places are considered haunted than not.

And, well, that took me to Google and sites of awesomeness like Idaho Hauntings: Idaho's Paranormal Resource, Idaho's Haunted Hotspots, & Idaho Ghost Sightings. Seriously, I am dying here because I keep imagining the Ghostfacers typing all of this up.

But now I really want to combine my love for the area & the ridiculously elaborate folklore. There are some fantastic stories about Tubbs Hill (which I first heard while camping out on Tubbs Hill, which definitely didn't hurt the creepy factor), and just a few blocks away is the Bates Motel, which has always been considered haunted anyway and is just the sort of run-down place the boys would stay at.

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I've had the [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang sign-up post tab open for a week now, and I really really want to play, but. On one hand, May 1 is the end of senior year and AP time and my internship. On the other, SAM&DEAN. Maybe this will give me that final push back into writing? IDEK.

Also, I have been quietly geeking out over next week's SPN all. day. long. CANNOT WAIT SIX MORE DAYS. ♥


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