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ASKLFJADLKFJLKAGF 00:35. LOOOOVE OH MY GOD. BOYS. BOYS. GAY CHICKEN FTMFW. And then he follows it with "I wish he wasn't my brother" with the OBVIOUS unspoken "so I could fuck him publicly". !! I'LL BE IN MY BUNK.

Speaking of which - Jesus Christ on pie, SPN fandom, stop wanking all over the place. It's getting really messy and we're almost out of tissues. Just rewatch the goddamn video, love our boys, and play nicely. I'm so sorry for anyone who got unfairly called out in the hate meme. I love you all, I swear. ♥
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My post to [ profile] food_porn with the picture of the raspberry lime smoothie I just consumed was rejected because it "looks like the image was hot linked". Haha, what? I took a picture and uploaded it to imageshack! That is, in fact, [ profile] marenzi's porch railing. TRUE STORY.

I am tempted to go take a really horrible, out-of-focus picture of me sucking on the straw and resubmit. Clearly, my sekkrit calling is culinary photography, because I am too good for mere pornography.
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Oh hey, let's go from seventy & sunny to BOOM! SURPRISE!HAIL. AT THE TOP OF THE SEVENTH INNING WITH TWO OUTS. Thankfully the other team (whose mascot is a snail. I can't tell if this is some karmic joke or if someone really wasn't thinking) didn't want to try to make up the difference, so the game ended and we won.

I am alternating between amused and headdesking over the recent con ~drama. Seriously, people? Is this all one big joke or are we really butthurting over this? IDEK anymore. Whatevs, let's just all admit that they're in a threesome, and everyone's happy! LIKE SO:

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Fuck you too, Amazon. Way to alienate a huge portion of your customers.

My current plan to get this twenty-page John Irving paper done is that for every five pages I write, I get to read a section of [ profile] musesfool's Beggars Would Ride. I reorganized my delicious account again a few days ago and have a million tabs open of things I want to re-read. We'll see how this goes.

I'm sitting in Caribou and I swear there's something about this place - there's always a weirdly high percentage of attractive people here. Not that I'm complaining, but it's not very conducive to getting papers done.

(Also, ICON. Alex Pettyfer, ladies & gentlemen. ♥)
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Dear LJ,

If you're going to write about next week's promo, PLEASE INDICATE THIS so spoilerphobes can avoid it. Don't put it in the middle of your regular review & we'll all get along much better.

Crankily yours,
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You're being really slow and not sending me any comment notifications. This is Not Appreciated.
No love,

I am still dismayed that fandom has not exploded in weechester fic yet. REC ME, PEOPLE. I am so not above begging or sexual favors or both.


EDIT JENSEN ACKLES HOW ARE YOU EVEN POSSIBLE. Every time I think I could not love this man any more, I read shit like this about him. Not spoilery.

YL Wank

Sep. 8th, 2008 09:29 am
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The sheer WTF kills me. This entire situation was mishandled, but most of all that they didn't even bother to contact Jensen's management and ask.

If they actually wanted to run this, he just donated his Soap Box Derby prize money to Doctors Without Borders. I think that says a lot more than an interview from ten years ago.

Why anyone thought that this would fly in a primarily-slash fandom, I have no idea.

ETA: All the money is now going to Doctors Without Borders.


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