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I have such a terrible habit of getting completely overwhelmed with life and dropping out of fandom. And then I wonder why I don't have some sort of non-engineering creative outlet anymore. Sigh.

I promise to keep trying because I love you all! I did do a bit of a friends cut just because the smaller my flist is, the less I can distract myself with LJ (or at least that's what I tell myself). I still think you're stunningly fantastic people. ♥

First quarter was really rough in pretty much every way. Physically, I had knee surgery and then broke my leg a few weeks later; mentally, classes were barely passable; emotionally, I thought I was falling out with most of my friends. It was the first time I haven't loved Rose, and it was honestly really hard to handle.

But I went home for a week, ate good food, passed my classes, talked to friends, and now we've just begun the second quarter and I'm optimistic. I think I needed a perspective adjustment. It really will all work out.

I did get some good news - I was invited to intern for a major defense firm, so I'll be living by Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin this summer, designing & testing control systems for military vehicles! I'm pretty excited, since I really connected with the company and they'll be letting me work on both mechanical & electrical projects so I'll have experience in both my majors. Working on hands-on projects that will really help people? This is exactly what I was hoping for. (Okay, maybe not in Wisconsin, but we'll see!)

Basically, I'm just reminding myself that there are Good Things to be excited about: the upcoming holidays (and the many excuses for baking!). Rifle. The first snowfall, snowball fights, & ice skating on the lake. My ΔΣΦ boys. Going home in a few weeks to see my parents & puppies. Coming back to fandom, because I've missed you.
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It's been over three weeks since I've updated, but I'm alive! Sorry for the complete lack of communication & the fact that there is no way I can ever catch up on my flist. I still love you all, I promise.

The first two weeks were my Iceland trip (which oh my fucking god was so amazing & will get its own post... someday) and then the day after I got home I drove back out here to Indiana, since summer classes began on Monday. I'm grade-replacing differential equations II (I am truly terrible at math for an engineer, and I'm going to need this material for the rest of my life, so I figure it's worth it) and technical communications, the only required English class that is usually taken as a junior.

Thanks to the accelerated pace (essentially double that of the school year) and the fact that these are both incredibly work-extensive classes, I'm very near drowning, but so far it's workable and I really feel like I understand what's going on, which is always nice. I am sort of :/ with my DE prof at the moment, as I couldn't recall some trig substitution (which I haven't used in years, okay) and he made the offhanded comment, "Well, if you're an EE and you don't understand this, you may as well give up and walk out right now." WHICH I VERY NEARLY DID. Sorry I suck at this, but I'm trying? This ME/EE thing is hard, cut me a little slack because I couldn't remember one fact from high school.

But I'm fully moved into the Delta Sig house now, which is disgustingly fantastic. I'm living in the basement because it's much quieter down here. I'd forgotten that six hours of sleep is a luxury here, especially living with these boys. Still amused by the enormous mirror above the curtained-in bed, although it's rather disorienting when you wake up in the morning.

ANYWAY. TL;DR I've missed LJ, but July has been a very good month for me! Please link me to all of the wonderful things I've missed?


Jun. 29th, 2010 09:25 pm
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Hello all! I've been awful about posting lately because in the last few days I've been completely rearranging my summer. This means that in two days, I'll be leaving the country for the first time (!!) to visit Iceland for two weeks! I'm half Icelandic and have never met anyone from that side of the family before, and my best friend from high school's family moved there as diplomats so I'll be able to stay with them. YES I'M REALLY FREAKING EXCITED.

I've been going crazy trying to figure out what I need to pack and finalize travel plans. The current plan is DC metro to bus to train to Newark airport, which is pretty inexpensive but going to require a lot more coordination with a suitcase than a direct train to the airport. IDK I'm kind of freaking out that I'm going to miss one of the transfers, but mostly just bouncing around like a five-year-old. :D

I'm running out to the bookstore tomorrow for novels & a beautiful journal (ohhh I have such a kink for pretty blank journals) because I am going to write about this, damn it. And take lots of pictures. (I say this all the time. I sort of also have a phobia of writing in my pretty blank journals. But this is important!) Anyway, please rec me your favorite fun books! I'll have over twenty hours of travel time on this trip, so anything long is especially appreciated.

Okay back to packing! Slash finishing up my marathon of TBBT. (GOD I LOVE SHELDON. In very small, fictional doses.)
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The boy who lives below me climbs out onto his roof at night and sings along with his guitar right below my open window. I know he doesn't know I'm up here, but it makes me so happy to sit here in the warm night breeze with the stars just coming out and listen to him. He has such a pretty voice.

Thank you, boy. ♥
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Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?

It is SO BEAUTIFUL here!! When I left two weeks ago, it was 19° and bitterly windy. This week has been in the seventies & sunny & gorgeous. Indiana, I will never understand you, but I love it. We're all wearing t-shirts and flip-flops and all the windows are open. It feels like summer already!

Which also means that I have been completely useless & unproductive all week. Whatever, it's not like I needed to start the quarter off right or anything. And I really like all my professors this quarter, which is a pleasant change. (My programming prof from last quarter told me he was so proud of me for doing well "because it's so hard for girls to understand this sort of thing". FUCK YOU TOO. Not like I had the highest grade in the class or anything.) Despite it being at 8 freaking am every day of the week, I am especially in love with my DC circuits prof, who is an old Scottish man who says "bloody hell!" several times per class.

Today is crazy-busy - solid classes & work from 8 to 3, orientation leader meeting from 3 to 5 (haha those freshmen are SO DOOMED), a housing meeting tonight at 8, and then I'm hosting a prospective student overnight. And there's an IM softball game around 11 or so. And I can't even go over to see the boys because they prefer it if we keep the underage high school girls away from the frat houses. So really, the logical conclusion here is that I should frantically try to finish my homework in the next couple hours, but instead I'm typing this up and eating sour gummy worms instead of going to dinner. Mmm, good life choices.

SO REALLY, this post is pretty much just to reaffirm that I am a complete spaz and I love this stupid, stupid school. And warm weather. And you.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 10:01 pm
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Today was about friends & food, two of my very favorite things! I spent the morning and most of the afternoon visiting my friend who's attending Georgetown. She's a compulsive shopper and so she dragged me all around M Street, which I complained horribly about and secretly loved. I did find the exact awesome boots I've been looking for, but not for $69. Maybe if they magically go down to $20, haha. I'm cheap, okay? And very broke.

We had lunch at Amma's Kitchen in Georgetown, and it was AMAZING. SO GOOD, GOD. I had the saag paneer, which is a spinach and homemade cheese dish served with rice, and it was delicious. I cannot rave about it enough. All of you DC people? EAT THERE. And then after wandering around for another few hours, we stopped at Baked & Wired, a cupcake coffeeshop. The cupcakes were yummy - very dense cake and perfect buttercream - but I like my coffee roasted darker.

And then for dinner, I met up with two of my teachers from high school who I ADORE. He was my physics teacher and softball coach, she was my English teacher and lit mag advisor, and they are the absolute stereotype of a bickering old couple. They took me to P.F. Chang's in Fairfax Corner, which I LOVE. I got Dan Dan Noodles like always because they are spicy chewy perfection. We talked about everything and they bickered like always and it was amazing. I'm going to drop by softball practice tomorrow afternoon to see all of my underclassmen. Softball & lit mag were pretty much the only two things I enjoyed in high school and it's because this couple is so amazing. I love them.

Best day of break, definitely. I'm so full and so happy. It's a good feeling. ♥
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You know what MADE MY NIGHT? Someone just posted a comment on a Postsecret card: I knew things were changing when my Fraternity Brothers threw a guy out of the house for making fun of me for being gay. THIS HAPPENED. HERE. Even though yes, my college is in the Midwest and the general atmosphere is pretty homophobic, both of the flamboyant, openly gay guys in my class were able to pledge the fraternities they wanted. Last night, there was a huge fight over at one of the houses because a drunk senior started attacking the gay pledge. Not only did he get thrown out of the house, but they're discussing throwing him out of the frat as well. And most people are pissed that they're taking this ~so seriously~, but other people are starting to think about what happened and think about what unconditional brotherhood really means.

I love it when the world changes for the better.
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SAY WHAT, WE WON SOMETHING?? YAY SHOW! I can't believe the shows they beat out, too! Just goes to show the importance of crazy obsessive fans. Actually, although I didn't care about the PCA at all (didn't even know they were going on, really) I'm very happy with the results. Glee! Inglourious Basterds! BBT! ALYSON HANNIGAN who I adore like crazy even if I never talk about HIMYM! I'm only surprised that The Hangover didn't win too.

Continuing my complete lack of motivation, last night they sent out an e-mail saying that the ice on the lake & ponds is now 6" thick so we can walk on it AND it showed several inches last night! So many people are skipping classes & work and just playing and it makes me so happy. There's an ice hockey game and people falling off the rope swing and just generally falling on their asses. Can't wait for tomorrow so I can join the fun. :)

India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima. :) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Mike Echo Mike Echo.


Nov. 20th, 2009 12:24 am
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Craziest week so far this year, but I'm still alive! Quick rundown:

Home rifle match versus OSU last Saturday. (All the schools we shoot against are D1, because the NCAA hates us.) Did really well personally; brought my small bore standing (worst position) up to the 90s from the 60s, which was awesome, and matched the scoring team's scores for air rifle. Of course, one of the OSU girls is currently third in line for the Olympic team, so. At least it went better than we expected!

Was also the range officer at 7:30am, so I had a full twelve-hour day at the range. I jokingly complained about it to my coach, and he told me he wanted me to RO now so he has the option of putting me on the scoring team for air rifle when matches resume in January. WTF SERIOUSLY. My coach told me this in earshot of the senior I would be replacing, though, so he's going to step it up. We'll see how this plays out; the competition should definitely be fun. :)

And then FINALS FINAL FINALS Monday Tuesday Wednesday. I survived my first quarter at Rose, although we'll see if I need to retake calculus III next quarter to grade-replace and save my GPA. UGH DNW. It's ironic that I'm doing so terribly in math at an engineering school.

My flight home to DC doesn't leave until Saturday, so now I'm staying in Indianapolis with a friend. I have a non-twin-sized bed and homemade dinner and absolutely no work to do for another full week. Life is good. Now to actually sleep.
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This morning I registered for winter classes and signed my insanity card by officially declaring my mechanical engineering/electrical engineering double major. There are maybe a dozen people who get through Rose with a double major each year, so we'll see how this goes. shoot me now

In other news, I'm failing calculus & have an exam next period. But then it's fall break, so I get three glorious days of sleeeeep. ♥ And I'm wearing my awesome navy girl!Dean jacket and brand-new motorcycle boots and, not gonna lie, feeling just a little kickass.

Also, pictures of boys at the airport make me smile a lot. Jensen needs to wear that jacket all the time.
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Hey, I'm alive! In some form or the other, because the sleep deprivation is already kicking in. Gotta get ready for 5 am cram sessions. So I've been at Rose-Hulman for a week and I am so in love with this place that it's ridiculous. Classes start tomorrow, so it's sort of felt like camp until now, but I have a good schedule and an amazing res hall and I am so happy it hurts. (Please remind me of this in a week when I am bitching miserably about problem sets.)

The guys are pretty much split into two groups: the ones who can't look you in the eye, much less talk to you (think Rajesh from BBT) and the ones who can't stop talking at all (think Wolowitz). But the floor of guys below us is pretty decent - all of the girls live on the top floor (1:5 ratio!). This also leads to our dorm cheer, girls on top, which is catching on rather well. T-shirts are in the works.

The thing about this ratio is that girls are really appreciated here, which is kind of weird but very nice. Still sort of getting used to it. I'll probably make some twelve-year-old-girl post about this later, but it's... nice.

Okay, I typed this post out to here and then the girl across the hall came in and there was a cryfest for four hours. There will be a post about the girls later too, because I seriously love them & I love how tight we already are. But now, bed (this will be the first time since I moved in that I will get more than five hours of sleep) and classes tomorrow.

I promise I'll come back to LJ soon, since I'll need to procrastinate starting tomorrow, but I am just loving life right now. Hope everything's good with all of you too. ♥
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In the past week, I have:
Completed my internship & began my summer job at the bakery.
Given my final presentation for my internship, complete with shameless food bribery.
Attended senior prom.
Attended a ceremony where I received honors for my project & three writing awards.
Practiced walking and sitting for three hours.
Graduated from high school. Pictures or it didn't happen! )
Gone to five grad parties & the school-sponsored all-nighter from 10-6 at ESPNzone.

This totaled out to three all-nighters (prom, grad party, crazy friends), wearing a skirt or dress for five days in a row (I wore a skirt twice the entire school year), and approximately nine million tagged photos on facebook. IN ONE WEEK. And ?skip=600 flist, which was honestly better than expected since I haven't been online since last Saturday, but I just skimmed without commenting. :/ I have so may tabs open that I may have broken Chrome.

In other not-news:
Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles are still so fucking sexy it kills me.
Misha Collins has become a BNF of himself & I love him for it.



May. 23rd, 2009 03:47 pm
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Raspberry Lime Smoothie
It is so gorgeous today, everything that summer should be. I made raspberry lime smoothies and am continuing to watch Firefly, which is every bit as brilliant and lovable as you all promised. I want to marry Nathan Fillion & I want Kaylee to be my best friend FOREVER.

Have an amazing weekend, everybody. ♥
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This weekend was the most social I've been in months, now that classes are over. Worked at my bakery internship most of the day Saturday, and as I was signing out, the owner asked if I'd be interested in staying on for the summer! YES PLEASE. I am loving this so much, and I feel so lucky to be working on something fun instead of sitting at a desk like my friends. I'd been a little self-conscious about being such an obvious newbie (and yeah, a little paranoid that they were annoyed that they had to babysit some high schooler) but being offered a job on my fourth day? I'm feeling very reassured. :D

Softball sleepover Saturday night included jumping on the trampoline in pouring rain at midnight. Do you need more proof of how amazing these girls are? Sports award ceremony Sunday afternoon, where I won the award for team leadership & commitment again, and then we all drove out to the middle of nowhere for a party at the coach's house. We ate unbelievably quantities of junk food and terrified the neighbors and absolutely destroyed her deck (although to be fair, she started the food fight).

I've been playing softball all four years of high school, but this has easily been the best by far. We started out without a pitcher or half of our infield and went on to host states and finish third. I've never been so happy at school as I have with these coaches or these girls - I've watched the other teams we played, whose coaches screamed at them and whose pitcher or catcher mocked other players' mistakes, and I feel so lucky. We have the best underclassmen, seriously. A couple of the freshmen girls actually wrote me letters/birthday cards saying how much they'll miss me next year, and I can hardly remember how miserable I was at this school freshman & sophomore years because this? Makes it worth it.

/Hallmark moment

[ profile] jelliclekat wrote me birthday!fic which is the BEST THING OF MY LIFE: Long Past Time, Sam/hallucinations, spoilers for the finale. BEST. EVER. Angsty and fucked-up and hurts so so good. MMM WINCHESTERS. ♥

SO EXCITED FOR BIG BANG POSTING, OMG. Except I will be crazy-busy with prom and graduation and all of that for the first week, so I'll just have to play catch-up the second week. :D

Now that I have my G1 and can actually set songs as my ringtone, Carry On Wayward Son makes me glee every time someone calls. SPN theme song! Hope that everyone else had an amazing weekend too.

(@mishacollins is MAKING MY LIFE right now. I am fangirling his dorkiness so hard.)
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No time for a real update, just spastic GLEE: yesterday was our senior game, but it was rained out. Today, we played our rivals, and it was their senior game, and we WON 12-2 even though they're a much higher seed & we haven't beaten them in years! YAY! (My God I have had more sugar today than I have in the last week.) So we're now leading the ISL & ranked 3rd in the state. Tournaments all weekend/next week, wish me luck! BOOM.

(Also, really randomly, Dick Cheney was at our game. Apparently we were playing his granddaughter or something? Whatever, the secret service were incredibly not-stealthy. And no one got shot.)

BC Calc exam this morning - after spending nine months dying inside over this class, I think I did really well. Definitely 3-5 range, and I feel so good about it. Fingers crossed!! AP English tomorrow morning, then AP Bio & AP Psych next week. OKAY GOODNIGHT. ♥
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Happy birthday, Sam Winchester! Please know that if you belonged to me, you would be spending the day on a tropical island instead of, y'know. Um.

Yesterday: Senior Day! Our class took over an entire IHOP, then had senior speeches (my god, some girls were crying for five hours straight. Tons of fun, let me tell you), then the faculty softball game! Which is stupidly unfair, because two of the faculty are former minor league baseball players who consistently hit the ball over two soccer fields onto either Jermantown Road or Route 123. WHATEVER, FUN TIMES. And then the senior musical that night, Kiss Me Kate - I never knew how many boys could sing! It was a good way to round it all up.

Today was the first day of my senior internship as well. Rather than start off on a normal day, they needed someone to help out with the Flower Mart carnival they cater at the National Cathedral. I worked from 7 this morning until 8 tonight and was standing from 9-6, so my knees HURT, but other than that I had a good time. I'm surprised how many kids my age were there - I know they won't be around during my actual internship in the kitchen, but it was fun for the day.

One of the girls is honestly straight out of a YA novel. She's that quirky, fun, silly sidekick who says anything (and seriously looks exactly like she could be [ profile] marlisle's little sister, by the way). Two minutes after she met me, she asked me out for coffee (we were early and the owners hadn't showed up yet), and as we were walking back, she just said, "You're really pretty. Not to be awkward or weird, but I just thought you should know." It was just completely platonic and something a best friend would say, but. No one has ever straight-up told me that, and I can't believe her or anything, but it seriously made my day. She works at their other location, but I really wish we could work together and I really want to get to know her. It was the sweetest thing ever.

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"For fans who are worried that we are truly jumping the shark... watch the episode, decide for yourself. Personally, I don't think we're gassing up the motorcycle quite yet, but you tell me. And stay tuned for next season, when the boys take trips to London and Hawaii (haunted Tiki dolls!) and Sam and Ruby get married. And Ted McGinley joins the cast as the thoughtful (but hot!) college professor."
Eric Kripke, here.

After a completely up-and-down week, yesterday ended it nicely. There are a lot of things I dislike about my school - yes, it's a private East Coast prep school, and it does fit quite a few of the stereotypes you're thinking of. But most people assume that everyone who attends is filthy rich, despite the fact that there are students like myself who are there on a full scholarship. And there are still students who surprise me after four years here.

Yesterday, when the jazz band gave a casual performance in the commons to end off arts week? Two of the athlete-type boys ran out and started a dance party. They asked the teachers, they asked the quiet geeky girls, they did ridiculous twirls - they made idiots of themselves and got the entire school to relax. More about high school. )

We had a game against one of our rivals last night and we won at the last second - bottom of the seventh, two outs, bases loaded. She hit a line drive right down the middle and I did a ridiculous dive and caught it for the out. Possibly my best moment ever in softball, and I love the feeling of team when everyone starts screaming.

Realistically, Big Bang isn't going to happen. This is my last week of high school, and I have no free time at all. If the deadline were just one week later, I could do it once everything was finished, but. I'll be at school all day tomorrow to take a BC calc exam, and then we're trying to cram everything in before senior day on Friday. I'm still going to finish the story in May, but it won't be official.

So how's your weekend looking? ♥
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Everything I love about Castle in one scene! You can even see their chemistry in screencaps.

Arts week has officially begun at school! The English department awards prizes for a piece of upperclassmen creative writing and an expository essay, and I won both. (While I knew I had won the awards, because they're published in the literary magazine which I run, it was still really freaking awesome to get a combined $50 at Borders.)

The lit mag finally came out today - okay, I'm the first to admit that I am far too involved, but I am so ridiculously proud of it. When I was a freshman, it was printed in black & white on computer paper and stapled together. This year, we put together a 124-page full-color edition on glossy paper with a sewn book binding. The publisher made extra copies as prototypes for other customers, and we're submitting it for evaluations. It is gorgeous - I saw people reading it all day, even the kids who never read anything they aren't forced to. Like, I'm so proud of my baby this magazine that I kind of want to post pictures of its awesomeness, but I'll restrain myself.

I feel so productive! I went grocery shopping after practice, did my laundry, made seven layer bars for our softball game tomorrow, made cookies for English class, and cleaned my bathroom. This would probably be much more impressive if I wasn't doing it all to avoid homework. On the other hand, eight days of high school left!

AHAHA Castle is so tricksy! And hot with a gun. Beckett got played.
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OH SWEET JESUS FUCK. THIS IS MY SHOW. DEAN! SAM! CASTIEL! Spoiler: Our boys are BADASS & FUCKED UP & HOT LIKE BURNING. I am all flaily and trembling and making fists of glee.

I do not want to hear any squee-harshing, okay? Or spoilers about next week's promo! Nnngh. Will try to catch up with my flist backlog when I'm coherent.

Um. Spent all day driving with Caro - we found a dozen little markets in middle-of-nowhere PA & generally made idiots of ourselves. Not to mention that my thirteen-year-old car got 36 mpg, which I am VERY happy with. I wish we could do this every weekend. Because we can sit a foot away from each other for twelve-plus hours straight and come out of it laughing. We cranked down the windows and put on my iPod and argued over terrible middle-school pop versus cock rock. It was a really fantastic day.

And then this and these and I am DONE. sofjdsoafjf Today FTMFW.
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FUCK, JARED. I don't even know anymore. HIS MOUTH ON A COCK. COWBOY HAT. HIPBONES. WHAT. ashdfkjdjaf is he real? Like, is it physically possible for him to exist in real life?

In other really really amazing news, I got my financial aid offer from Rose-Hulman today - almost full tuition and room & board, plus a laptop waiver. And what I have saved up will cover most of the rest. I can't even express how relieved and happy I am. Everyone else has been so focused on just getting in, so they kept saying I was so lucky to have found out back in October - but I really wasn't sure I could go until now. I sort of can't believe it's all working out so beautifully.

Also, I threw together leftovers last night and made a to-die-for chicken & portobello risotto. It doesn't look like much, but it's the sort of meal you'd eat by the fire after skiing, which is exactly my kind of comfort food. Whatever, it was DELICIOUS and terribly rich, with grated parmesan cheese... yummy. And then I made apple dumplings a la mode for dessert. I need someone to forcibly keep me out of the kitchen to save me from myself.

About to leave for the Melting Pot to celebrate a family birthday! Best restaurant ever. So, yes. Many good things. ♥


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