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Apr. 15th, 2009 10:40 pm
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Today we talked about dissociative identity disorder in psych and all I could think about was [ profile] _mournthewicked's amazing fic-in-progress. And then we took diagnostic tests for social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, which. The rest of my class is just stupidly well-adjusted. Everyone else was below the halfway mark, while I scored full points on social anxiety and all but cleanliness points on OCD tendencies. Haha, fail, self. But how can you NOT count things and organize them properly??

AHAHA ALSO. My (Spanish) advisor told us today that he and his new wife (!!) moved out of their old apartment and just bought a condom. Cue moment of silence before I asked, "You mean condo, right?" And he just sort of scrunched his face up and said, "Well, yes, a nice big one." I freaking love this man and his misunderstandings of English words & idioms.

Actually, I'd just like to state for the record that there are a lot of highly attractive, just-out-of-college male teachers at my school. Like my psychology teacher. Just saying.
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Fuck you too, Amazon. Way to alienate a huge portion of your customers.

My current plan to get this twenty-page John Irving paper done is that for every five pages I write, I get to read a section of [ profile] musesfool's Beggars Would Ride. I reorganized my delicious account again a few days ago and have a million tabs open of things I want to re-read. We'll see how this goes.

I'm sitting in Caribou and I swear there's something about this place - there's always a weirdly high percentage of attractive people here. Not that I'm complaining, but it's not very conducive to getting papers done.

(Also, ICON. Alex Pettyfer, ladies & gentlemen. ♥)
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This week felt like a carbon copy of last week - I just came home and got into bed again last night, but I'm feeling better now anyway. I tend to avoid LJ when I'm in a bad mood because I don't want to dump on everyone else.

From a brief skimming of my flist, however, I'm deeply concerned that these two plot bunnies aren't being written. [ profile] lazy_daze? These scenarios are firmly stuck in my head and I am sort of craving them now.
ETA: [ profile] _mournthewicked is made of WIN.

Also made of awesome: my advisor got married over spring break! I seriously love this man - he's Spanish and very shy and the textbook definition of metrosexual. Possibly the best-looking man I know personally, plus the exotic accent and extremely tight pants? Highly attractive. We asked him what he'd done over break and he told us his parents had visited America for the first time and that he had gone to Mexico with his girlfriend. It wasn't until I noticed his ring that he admitted that he'd finally married her, but he didn't want to impose on us by making us congratulate him. He keeps blushing whenever he talks about her and is generally being adorable.

And of course that story just reminds me that Jared & Jensen are golfing. In Oregon. This is my new euphemism for a 'weekend fishing trip'. They are so Brokeback.
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I want something that says elegant, but at the same time, incredibly slutty and available. In fact, I'm not that bothered about elegant.
[ profile] marlisle. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. I just sat through an entire Emma Roberts movie because of Alex Pettyfer, an eighteen-year-old British boy who is hot like burning. Just. LOOK AT HIM. He's actually my age, as opposed to the other two men I flail over (and let's not talk about that thirteen-year difference - hi, Jensen Ackles). And his smile is adorable. And when he drives that silly car & grins, I really, really wish I were riding shotgun. The dirty things I would do to him...
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New profile! I like it, I think. And I love those quotations, so it'll be around for a while.

Ungh that episode BROKE ME. I cannot look at this picture without squealing, because GOD could they BE any more adorable, and I am looking at it a lot. SOMEBODY WRITE IT, PRETTY PLEASE.

Tonight I went out with my dad's side of the family (read: me, my parents, & my grandparents) for my grandfather's birthday. And as uncomfortable as I expected the night to be, because my grandmother is a horribly offensive racist homophobe, the evening was saved by George.

George was our waiter. He was also around my age, Bulgarian, and quite possibly the most attractive man I have ever actually seen. We were talking with the owner, whom my grandparents know, and someone mentioned how cheerful and prompt he was, and the owner started telling us ALL ABOUT HIM. He works there part-time as his second job while he goes to school, and half of his money goes toward tuition and he sends the other half home to his family in Bulgaria. SERIOUSLY. And his English was passable, but his accent, oh my god.

Anyway, he's refilling my water every five minutes, and we start talking, and he says I look familiar, what country am I from? I tell him my family's from Italy, because I have very classic Italian features other than my ridiculously pale Icelandic skin (very odd combination, I admit). And he sort of cocks his head and has the sweetest, most charming smile and says, Oh, but then your name should be Bella, no? Which is probably the cheesiest thing I have ever heard, but that doesn't mean I didn't melt & DIE in a little puddle. AHAHA I FEEL LIKE A THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL TYPING THIS, GOD. I'm going to shut up now. Except now I really want to go back next week.
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Today was officially the last day I had to wear button-downs this year - sweatshirt & jeans for the next few weeks! Yay for being comfortable.

More than anything, it's the last 30 seconds that make me LOL every time. We got kicked out of class twenty minutes early for blasting it in the tech lab, and I've had "and when we're holdin' hands, it's like having sex to me" running through my head all day. Andy Samberg, plz?

Mmm, yeah, this was a rambly & pointless post. :)

EDIT [ profile] missyjack FOR THE WIN.
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Ohhh shit. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, POSTING ABOUT MERLIN ALL THE TIME. Because I just watched the first episode, and it is FINALS WEEK, and NOT THE TIME TO FALL IN LOVE. But omfg ajkafldfj yes. I ADORE Merlin and want to roll in the hay with him and I'm already shipping Arthur/Merlin SO HARD.

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I've been working on my laptop in Caribou Coffee today, and about five minutes ago there was this flood of absolutely gorgeous men. No lie. I've sat here all day, and suddenly they are EVERYWHERE. Not complaining, however. At all.

They aren't together (Let me rephrase that: they didn't come together. Wait, let me rephrase that: ...whatever, let's just stay in the gutter, it's more fun down here.) but I'm just admiring the pretty. One's very stereotypical All-American and wearing very tight jeans, another looks like a better-looking Mohinder Suresh, there's a dad with a little boy...

Apparently, this is no longer a productive work environment for me.


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