Nov. 2nd, 2008

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I don't think I've said this yet, but Halloween? BEST HOLIDAY EVER. It's hands-down my favorite. Friday, we dressed up for classes and then spent the afternoon watching laughably awful horror movies (and Fight Club ohgodyes), then actually went trick-or-treating. Um, yes, I am technically eighteen, but I never said I acted my age. For the record, we had fantastically kickass costumes - we were the seven deadly sins. And people loved us because we were polite and stayed off their lawns and were nice to their little kids. SO YES, I have a ridiculous amount of chocolate sitting on my desk which I don't know what to do with.

AND THEN. LAST NIGHT. It was Caro's 18th birthday, so we drove into Georgetown and went to Cafe Milano. YES REALLY. And it was unbelievably, orgasmically good. I had raviolini di spinaci e guancette di manzo al tartufo, spinach ravioli filled with braised beef and drizzled with a buttery truffle sauce. I swear I can never enjoy another meal again. Just nnngh yummy. And then I shared cassata siciliana, sponge cake scented with Grand Marnier and layered with ricotta and candied fruits, with Caro & Mari. It was delicious but too sweet for me, but it came with this citrus ice which was so sour it hurt and I loved it.

And then we just walked around Georgetown and looked at the pretty lit-up shops. The boys were silly and it was freezing and it was fantastically saccharine. ♥


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