Mar. 19th, 2009

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FUCK, JARED. I don't even know anymore. HIS MOUTH ON A COCK. COWBOY HAT. HIPBONES. WHAT. ashdfkjdjaf is he real? Like, is it physically possible for him to exist in real life?

In other really really amazing news, I got my financial aid offer from Rose-Hulman today - almost full tuition and room & board, plus a laptop waiver. And what I have saved up will cover most of the rest. I can't even express how relieved and happy I am. Everyone else has been so focused on just getting in, so they kept saying I was so lucky to have found out back in October - but I really wasn't sure I could go until now. I sort of can't believe it's all working out so beautifully.

Also, I threw together leftovers last night and made a to-die-for chicken & portobello risotto. It doesn't look like much, but it's the sort of meal you'd eat by the fire after skiing, which is exactly my kind of comfort food. Whatever, it was DELICIOUS and terribly rich, with grated parmesan cheese... yummy. And then I made apple dumplings a la mode for dessert. I need someone to forcibly keep me out of the kitchen to save me from myself.

About to leave for the Melting Pot to celebrate a family birthday! Best restaurant ever. So, yes. Many good things. ♥
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ajkfldsajo I MISSED TONIGHT'S EPISODE. Family dinner was five hours and I only just got home. I will be completely avoiding my flist until I find a dl sometime Saturday & get a chance to watch!

Tomorrow morning I'm heading up to Lancaster with Caro for a mini-road-trip! This was originally supposed to be a Thursday-Friday-Saturday thing, but we both got busy and we've cut it down to just tomorrow. But yeah, we have a general idea of where we're driving and we're pretty much set. Open road and loud music and all that - I'll probably even channel Dean and annoy her with classic rock. Pictures if I remember my camera! Yay spring break. ♥


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