Mar. 3rd, 2010 10:01 pm
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Today was about friends & food, two of my very favorite things! I spent the morning and most of the afternoon visiting my friend who's attending Georgetown. She's a compulsive shopper and so she dragged me all around M Street, which I complained horribly about and secretly loved. I did find the exact awesome boots I've been looking for, but not for $69. Maybe if they magically go down to $20, haha. I'm cheap, okay? And very broke.

We had lunch at Amma's Kitchen in Georgetown, and it was AMAZING. SO GOOD, GOD. I had the saag paneer, which is a spinach and homemade cheese dish served with rice, and it was delicious. I cannot rave about it enough. All of you DC people? EAT THERE. And then after wandering around for another few hours, we stopped at Baked & Wired, a cupcake coffeeshop. The cupcakes were yummy - very dense cake and perfect buttercream - but I like my coffee roasted darker.

And then for dinner, I met up with two of my teachers from high school who I ADORE. He was my physics teacher and softball coach, she was my English teacher and lit mag advisor, and they are the absolute stereotype of a bickering old couple. They took me to P.F. Chang's in Fairfax Corner, which I LOVE. I got Dan Dan Noodles like always because they are spicy chewy perfection. We talked about everything and they bickered like always and it was amazing. I'm going to drop by softball practice tomorrow afternoon to see all of my underclassmen. Softball & lit mag were pretty much the only two things I enjoyed in high school and it's because this couple is so amazing. I love them.

Best day of break, definitely. I'm so full and so happy. It's a good feeling. ♥
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