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Tonight, I was pulling a Father's Day cake out of the oven when I accidentally knocked a round metal thermometer off the top rack. Because I have crazy-awesome reflexes 21% of the time, I instinctively grabbed for it. I now have burn blisters across the pad of every finger, which, while looking pretty badass, still throb painfully eight hours later. I have to keep them submerged in ice water to keep the pain manageable and am typing this one-handedly.

Basically, I spent all week pulling ten-hour shifts at a bakery, then come home and get second-degree burns from baking a cake. FML. Irony's a bitch.
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So my foot started hurting two weeks ago on field studies, and a couple days later I got this very kickass bruise. I assumed it was just a bad bruise because I couldn't remember actually doing anything to it, and I've been out running and dancing since then without any pain.

After going out Friday night, though, it started hurting, and since the bruise was mostly gone by that time, my doctor wanted to take an x-ray.

I fucking broke the two outer metatarsals. And since it's been two weeks, the outer one is like a centimeter out of place. I DID NOT NOTICE THIS FOR TWO WEEKS.

I knew my pain tolerance was pretty high, but not that high!!

I have a long history with broken bones, though, about one every three years since I was little. My latest was breaking my leg sophomore year sliding into home plate - but I had a bone density test done and I'm above average, so I have no idea what this is all about. Mostly I'm just confused, because I have no idea how it happened.

Anyway. I'm pretending this is an excellent excuse to not do any of my homework or study tonight. Time to watch SPN again, y/y?


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