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In the past week, I have:
Completed my internship & began my summer job at the bakery.
Given my final presentation for my internship, complete with shameless food bribery.
Attended senior prom.
Attended a ceremony where I received honors for my project & three writing awards.
Practiced walking and sitting for three hours.
Graduated from high school. Pictures or it didn't happen! )
Gone to five grad parties & the school-sponsored all-nighter from 10-6 at ESPNzone.

This totaled out to three all-nighters (prom, grad party, crazy friends), wearing a skirt or dress for five days in a row (I wore a skirt twice the entire school year), and approximately nine million tagged photos on facebook. IN ONE WEEK. And ?skip=600 flist, which was honestly better than expected since I haven't been online since last Saturday, but I just skimmed without commenting. :/ I have so may tabs open that I may have broken Chrome.

In other not-news:
Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles are still so fucking sexy it kills me.
Misha Collins has become a BNF of himself & I love him for it.

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I wanted to do the ten-favorite-OTPs thing, except I got kind of stuck:
01. Sam/Dean (SPN)
02. Jared/Jensen (RPS)
...yeah, you can probably spot the trend there.

I adore my G1, but it's driving me crazy that there's no livejournal app. Well, there's ElJay, but it only lets you make the most basic post; I want something for my flist and stuff, like to put everything in light formatting so it loads quickly. Anyone else have G1s? What other apps am I missing?

[ profile] spn_fml is made of so much win. This entire show is an FML entry on its own. And I am bouncing in anticipation of @mishacollins' #asylm updates. Yay boys!
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Am coming to the realization that Misha Collins is my perfect man. The snark! The adorableness! The unsubtle-yet-loving mockery of fandom!

This is not to say that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki aren't perfection personified, because they are. But I think they might be a little put off by the amount of dirty PWP I read about them and their incestuous characters. Misha? Wouldn't just accept this, he's already writing filthy, kinky threesomes. TRUFAX.
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This weekend was the most social I've been in months, now that classes are over. Worked at my bakery internship most of the day Saturday, and as I was signing out, the owner asked if I'd be interested in staying on for the summer! YES PLEASE. I am loving this so much, and I feel so lucky to be working on something fun instead of sitting at a desk like my friends. I'd been a little self-conscious about being such an obvious newbie (and yeah, a little paranoid that they were annoyed that they had to babysit some high schooler) but being offered a job on my fourth day? I'm feeling very reassured. :D

Softball sleepover Saturday night included jumping on the trampoline in pouring rain at midnight. Do you need more proof of how amazing these girls are? Sports award ceremony Sunday afternoon, where I won the award for team leadership & commitment again, and then we all drove out to the middle of nowhere for a party at the coach's house. We ate unbelievably quantities of junk food and terrified the neighbors and absolutely destroyed her deck (although to be fair, she started the food fight).

I've been playing softball all four years of high school, but this has easily been the best by far. We started out without a pitcher or half of our infield and went on to host states and finish third. I've never been so happy at school as I have with these coaches or these girls - I've watched the other teams we played, whose coaches screamed at them and whose pitcher or catcher mocked other players' mistakes, and I feel so lucky. We have the best underclassmen, seriously. A couple of the freshmen girls actually wrote me letters/birthday cards saying how much they'll miss me next year, and I can hardly remember how miserable I was at this school freshman & sophomore years because this? Makes it worth it.

/Hallmark moment

[ profile] jelliclekat wrote me birthday!fic which is the BEST THING OF MY LIFE: Long Past Time, Sam/hallucinations, spoilers for the finale. BEST. EVER. Angsty and fucked-up and hurts so so good. MMM WINCHESTERS. ♥

SO EXCITED FOR BIG BANG POSTING, OMG. Except I will be crazy-busy with prom and graduation and all of that for the first week, so I'll just have to play catch-up the second week. :D

Now that I have my G1 and can actually set songs as my ringtone, Carry On Wayward Son makes me glee every time someone calls. SPN theme song! Hope that everyone else had an amazing weekend too.

(@mishacollins is MAKING MY LIFE right now. I am fangirling his dorkiness so hard.)
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Oh hey, let's go from seventy & sunny to BOOM! SURPRISE!HAIL. AT THE TOP OF THE SEVENTH INNING WITH TWO OUTS. Thankfully the other team (whose mascot is a snail. I can't tell if this is some karmic joke or if someone really wasn't thinking) didn't want to try to make up the difference, so the game ended and we won.

I am alternating between amused and headdesking over the recent con ~drama. Seriously, people? Is this all one big joke or are we really butthurting over this? IDEK anymore. Whatevs, let's just all admit that they're in a threesome, and everyone's happy! LIKE SO:

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Jared joined Jensen on stage & they joked that they were going to reenact a scene from the finale. "It's Jensen doing a sex scene. With me".
Jared ran out to defend Misha's accusation that he'd had pec implants. And then made a million jokes about how Misha thought he was so sexy.
After he kept bouncing around and spinning in his chair and consumed an unmentionable number of Fantales caramels, Jensen told Jared to calm down and asked if anyone had any Ritalin.

Also, LOLOLOL MISHA COLLINS MAKES MY LIFE. He knows exactly what we want to hear! How did we get so lucky??
To Jared & Jensen -- "Is it weird playing brothers when you're lovers in real life?"
Question about Ed & Harry versus Sam & Dean - "Are you talking about slash fic?"
If there were an SPN musical? Castiel would be a stage manager. Sam & Dean should sing and dance and strip.
He wants to get pranked by J2, so he hangs around their trailers looking naive and innocent.
Oh, and then there was that thing where he HUMPED JARED SHAMELESSLY and Jensen got jealous.
Reports from here & here.

I love that both Jensen & Misha shot down the stupid 'who do you like better' questions. And Danneel & Genevieve are both adorable! The boys both look so happy when they're with their girls. No haters, plz.

I am so psyched that they're finally giving us an official DVD of this con. :D
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asdfkljdsl SO HAPPY OMG. Here is a rundown of the past thirty-six hours in list format, because I am anal retentive like that:

PRO: A three-hour softball practice of nothing but batting. YES. I may be a shitty fielder, but when I'm feeling on top of things, give me an Easton and I will jack some bombs.
CON: The inch-long blisters along my thumb and heel of my palm. DNW. (However, I am stupidly pleased with the way my entire right scapula is one huge bruise, plus a few little ones on my shoulders. I love the thunk when you finish your swing and feel the bat hit you just right and you just know it was good.)

PRO: The best pizza I have ever had. I've heard so many people talk about Church Street Pizza, but I hadn't tried it. Clearly, this is why my life was formerly unfulfilled.
CON: It was used as a bribe to get me to show up at Sadie Hawkins. It's okay, we were there for twenty minutes, signed in to get free dress on Monday, and then booked it. Yay for cheating the system!

PRO: Spending six hours in J's hot tub, which is inset into the enormous pool. Honestly, I will never get used to the idea that I have friends who are wealthy, but it was so nice. Even if I did lose at five fingers twenty times.
AND THEN. We were talking about nicknames and he mentioned that since his initials are J.J., his swim team calls him J-squared. I KIND OF DIED. Fandom/RL is the crackiest slash ever.

And so after spending all night in a hot tub, I got up at six to drive up to Princeton because C, my best friend from Idaho, was visiting the campus and we haven't seen each other in two years. LOVE. Oh god, I don't care if everyone thinks Idaho is a) the lamest place ever, b) Iowa, or c) nonexistent, I miss it so badly. We spent the afternoon together before her flight left & it's so hard to leave again.

AND NOW BOYS. Jared saying he would date Dean & working with Colin on Sam's characterization. Misha being generally hilarious and cracky and utterly loveable (plz to be stalking me, btw!). Jensen & Danneel acting adorable together. Needing to shave Not have time to shave because of certain ~*special morning activities. I want to just squish them all! There are pictures here & here, and I leave you with this:

FUCK ME PLZ. UGH HIS THROAT. THE BRACELETS & RING. THAT STUPID VEST. Jensen Ackles, if you ever get tired of the toppy 6'4" manbeast and your Maxim model girlfriend? I AM TOTALLY AVAILABLE.

Yeah, that's all. ♥
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Hey, 24-4 isn't a bad start to our season! I would feel bad, except we mixed in our second string after the first inning. Their pitcher couldn't have been doing more than 40mph, which definitely helped (ours averages sixty). I stayed out at second, made several really stupid errors, and then made up for it with a triple play. Here's hoping the rest of the season runs like this!
Although the pitcher we're playing tomorrow is apparently crazygood. Eee nerves.

UGH I CARE TOO MUCH. DEAN WINCHESTER FTW! I'm far too emotionally invested in this character for my own good.
Interviewer: [Castiel] seems to have a real affection for Dean. How do you work with that sort of dichotomy?
Collins: Yes, how do you explain the homoerotic tension [laughs]?
“We went and shot at an abandoned warehouse last week, and Jared, Jensen and I did get scolded for breaking some windows.” In Collins' defense, he did mention that the windows were asking for it.
I kind of love Misha Collins.

SPN TOMORROWWWW! YAY WINCHESTER BOYS. I am going to sob pathetically if I'm not home from our game by nine. Also, I am completely unspoiled. Let's keep it that way. ♥
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JESUS CHRIST MISHA COLLINS. I... I think I died. Several times. In between dying, I also replayed that scene a dozen times. I mean, HOW. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING.
...NNNGH. *flail*

Fics that I NEED, as bunnied by my flist and/or my twisted mind:
-- Jared cockblocking Jensen & being a perfectly happy third wheel on his date with Danneel (who may or may not have a name, IDK) and then they spend the entire movie talking to each other and giggling and sharing popcorn until Danneel's just like WILL YOU TWO DO IT ALREADY and let me watch.
-- Castiel making good use of Misha's... TALENT. And then Dean walking in on him and being really turned on and really jealous. OR Castiel asking Dean about his new human body. Either works, I'm not too picky.
-- ANYTHING WITH BROCK OR COLIN. God, I want to squish Colin for being so adorable, and I want to bang Brock... well. Yeah. PLEASE.

Also, new Tractorbeam timestamp! I'm certain you've all read this already, but I need to rec it anyway. Nnngh, I cannot describe how much I adore this series. Geeky!Jensen and bemused!adoring!Jared and so many science jokes! LOVE.

You know what else is awesome? I finish classes by 12:20 on Thursdays, so I'm sitting in Caribou with a full coffee cup and free internet. Life is good.

EDIT I'm writing my psych notecards on sexuality and found this beautiful fact: "Men who have older brothers are also considerably more likely to be gay" (Blanchard, 2001; Bogaert, 2003). This is called the 'fraternal birth-order effect'.

BUNNY #721: I want Sam to read this in his textbook and suddenly become ~*concerned about his too-close relationship with Dean and begin obsessing until he realizes his TRUE FEELINGS. Ensue weecest.

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Today was... ugh. This morning, I spent a total of four hours discussing eating disorders and rape in my psych class and my English class. And I never consider that sort of thing triggering or whatever, but I was just completely drained by noon. Today was just kinda shitty in general.

ANYWAY. Let's move onto the fact that I abandoned LJ for a week and there is much to catch up on.
1. Last Friday was our school's annual variety show. You'd think that the highlight would have been all of the teachers dressing up as zombies and doing Thriller horribly out of sync. Or the MCs accidentally splattering cream pie all over the new velvet curtain. But the finale was five senior guys who dressed as the Backstreet Boys to perform I Want It That Way. NINETIES POP FTW. They had every single one of the cheesy dance moves down and their singing was indescribably terrible. This is why I love my class.
2. Softball varsity pre-season has started! My love for this sport is rather inexplicable, as I have played for seven years and am still rather terrible, but whatever. I'm still over-the-top excited every year. :)
3. The true meaning of food porn. Best served with alfredo sauce, y/y?
4. OH, destitute!JENSEN. ♥ But for the record, I highly disapprove of this housecat army. Dogs are the way to go, man.
5. I AM GOING TO SEE F13 THIS FRIDAY WITH [ profile] balefully & PEOPLE!! THIS FRIDAY, 7:30, GALLERY PLACE, DC. BE THERE. Who else is going to DIE over Jared Padalecki's ridiculous face??
6. I greatly dislike even numbers. I've noticed this on my flist before, and I can only conclude that it is a sign of extreme intelligence and general awesomeness.
7. Right, I'm off to dl & watch Misha Collins suck his own cock. You'll know what happened if I never post again.

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