Mar. 23rd, 2010

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My best friend just texted me in the middle of my design class to tell me that Matt Wertz is playing in Chicago tomorrow night and we should be going. Which would be FREAKIN' SWEET if it wasn't the middle of third week. We'd leave right after classes tomorrow and probably not get back until 4am. But on Thursday I have classes from 8am-3pm including two exams. So you see why this is a monumentally bad idea, right?

But. Matt music brought us together! We always argued over classic rock versus country (which is just Not Acceptable, I'm sorry) but we both love Matt music, which is a mess of Matt Nathanson & Matt Wertz & Mat Kearney. And the tickets are $28, which is obviously more than I ought to be spending on anything but still really reasonable.

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I had literally thousands of books as a child. They had nickel-&-dime sales at the local library and I was all over that. I read daily and kept them all and pretty much filled my entire bedroom with YA novels. Leaving Idaho happened kind of fast and I only ended up packing a few books since all of my stuff had to fit in two airline-friendly suitcases. Today, I own maybe a dozen books. I miss being surrounded by pages of adventures.

What made me think of this, though, was Avi's novel The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. It is GLORIOUS, or at least I remember thinking so when I was ten. God, I wanted to be her. (Actually, I really wanted to be a young, daring girl facing the world alone at just about any point in history. Except, of course, the twenty-first century, which I deemed utterly boring.) It looks like there was some hype about DeVito directing the movie version last year, but it seems to have died out. It could actually be really amazing if they did it right, especially since they had Saoirse Ronan cast as Charlotte.

What were some of your favorite books when you were younger? Or really (since I can't imagine trying to list favorites) the ones that you really remember for some reason? I wish I had a list of every book I've read in my lifetime.


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