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I'm hooooome! Last week was finals week, with a grand total of six hours of sleep, 42 hours in the library (I AM NEVER GOING BACK THERE until spring quarter finals week), and zero meltdowns. So, you know, success!

Then we drove up to Michigan Friday night after my last exam to shoot the Western Intercollegiate Rifle Championships at Michigan State on Saturday morning. It went well for the team, okay for me - my goddamn air cylinder completely busted during my first set, so I kind of just completely winged my air targets - and no I am not at all bitter than every single part of that gun other than the wooden pieces of the stock have broken during a match this season - it's a $6000 competition precision Walther! - okay this has just completely devolved into an incoherent rant of rage. Apparently I have ~feelings about this!

ANYWAY. Ahem. So after the awards banquet, where I'm proud to say we held our own against all the division one teams with Olympic shooters, we drove back to Indiana and I got straight on a plane to DC. Actually, I got on a plane to Atlanta and then another one to DC, because AirTran is super cheap but kind of stupid. And then I slept for more than two hours in a row for the first time all week and it was GLORIOUS.

So I woke up this morning, went grocery shopping, and haven't left the kitchen since. The fridge is already full & it's only the first day. SOMEONE COME HELP ME EAT ALL OF THIS, PLEASE.
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i. I am home! And really, really ready to go back to Indiana. I miss it so much already. Still considering just driving back and living at the house if things get too bad here.

ii. Yeah, I'll be retaking differential equations II in the fall. For an engineer, I am so terrible at math, it's not even funny anymore. But I should be done with all my math courses after next quarter. Fingers crossed!

iii. I desperately, desperately want to go see Foreigner, Styx, & Kansas at Nissan Pavilion Jiffy Lube Live (wtf really? when did this happen?) on June 12th! $20 lawn tickets, people! But I don't really have any friends left here and none of them seem interested anyway because they have no taste in music. DC fangirls, anyone wanna go with me??

iv. SPEAKING OF, DC fangirl meetup sometime while I'm home, Y/Y? :D I very much want to see you lovely ladies!

v. My really exciting news... the dad of my best friend from high school, Caro, now works as the Icelandic diplomat, so they're living there now. I'm half Icelandic on my dad's side, so I have tons of family there I've never met. So this August, I'm actually going to leave the country for the first time (!!) and visit! I'll probably be spending two weeks there, mostly in Reykjavik. I'm booking my flight this week and am so, so excited. (I'll spam about this much more once I actually have details worked out.)

vi. I'm loving [ profile] classy_lawyers, a new Jared-Jensen-Danneel RP by [ profile] poor_choices & [ profile] setissma. You should be following this.

vii. Because I can't end on an even number, and seven is a good number - I love you all. ♥
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Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?

It is SO BEAUTIFUL here!! When I left two weeks ago, it was 19° and bitterly windy. This week has been in the seventies & sunny & gorgeous. Indiana, I will never understand you, but I love it. We're all wearing t-shirts and flip-flops and all the windows are open. It feels like summer already!

Which also means that I have been completely useless & unproductive all week. Whatever, it's not like I needed to start the quarter off right or anything. And I really like all my professors this quarter, which is a pleasant change. (My programming prof from last quarter told me he was so proud of me for doing well "because it's so hard for girls to understand this sort of thing". FUCK YOU TOO. Not like I had the highest grade in the class or anything.) Despite it being at 8 freaking am every day of the week, I am especially in love with my DC circuits prof, who is an old Scottish man who says "bloody hell!" several times per class.

Today is crazy-busy - solid classes & work from 8 to 3, orientation leader meeting from 3 to 5 (haha those freshmen are SO DOOMED), a housing meeting tonight at 8, and then I'm hosting a prospective student overnight. And there's an IM softball game around 11 or so. And I can't even go over to see the boys because they prefer it if we keep the underage high school girls away from the frat houses. So really, the logical conclusion here is that I should frantically try to finish my homework in the next couple hours, but instead I'm typing this up and eating sour gummy worms instead of going to dinner. Mmm, good life choices.

SO REALLY, this post is pretty much just to reaffirm that I am a complete spaz and I love this stupid, stupid school. And warm weather. And you.
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asjfkljaklfdasf PUPPIES. I NEED TO CUDDLE THEM. I get to see my little ones in just two and a half days. :)

Okay, back to studying differential equations. DNW. WANT PUPPIES.
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Today is my Christmas-on-campus, because we're finishing our hall decorations this afternoon and then I'm exchanging gifts with my friends over coffee and then this evening is the team dinner. I'm about to go downstairs and make vodka pie & candy cane cookies for the dinner, so I even get to cook! It's a good day! Except for the lab and papers I haven't finished yet. :)

I'm also notoriously terrible at gifts (and broke) so I ended up making gifts for the girls here. All of my friends joined Chi Omega sorority, whose mascot is an owl and whose colors are red & yellow excuse me, cardinal & straw, so I made them ornaments vaguely based off of these (yay Etsy!): picture! )
They're pretty cute, so simple to make, and inexpensive; it would be really easy to change the animal without changing the template too much.

I now have one of these formspring things, because all the cool kids are doing it. Please ask me asinine questions!

eta Oh, and holiday cards have finally been sent out!! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me cards, they are all beautiful and picking up actual post is exciting! ♥
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How is it possibly December already?? Second quarter classes started yesterday and I'm already convinced that there is no way I can pass half of them, but we'll see. I have a weekend Wednesday this quarter which makes up for some of it. I'm just really ready for Christmas and the holidays right now; I've already hung rainbow lights around my dorm room and we've begun decorating the hall. (Although really, I have a feeling the rainbow lights are going to stay for the rest of the year because they're just that awesome.)

Speaking of the holidays, comment on my card post so I can send you something!! It will probably be lame but whatever, snail mail is always exciting.

Also, my culinary discovery of the year: vodka pie crust. Try this, it is AMAZING! Very light and flaky and buttery. The alcohol keeps the dough moist without forming the gluten bonds which make other doughs chewy, and it's much easier to roll out, too. OH THE WONDERS OF VODKA.

Basically, I have nothing to say here, but I did manage to use an icon that is relevant to both Christmas & pie, so I still count it as a win. Om nom nom pie.

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You know which vids never fail to make me smile? Jensen Ackles being a complete dork, dancing in the middle of a train station, boys kissing OMFG, and THIS. The absolute best condom advertisement I have ever seen. I first saw this in French class a few years ago, and it has pretty much formed my entire opinion of the culture. THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF YOU AND YOUR BAGUETTES.

Maman, je peut mettre le chat dans la machine a laver?


Aug. 11th, 2009 11:39 pm
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Just got home from a going-away work party, since one of our Swiss apprentice bakers is flying home this week. In theory, it was an American Melting Pot potluck, which turned out to mean cases and cases of European liquors. Let me tell you, drunken Swiss boys singing in German makes for some damn good entertainment. And, of course, the food was ridiculous since it was all made by bakers and pastry chefs. I'm full for the rest of the week, thanks. And oh my god, there were mojito sorbet popsicles... mmmph. I love my coworkers.

And then what do I find when I get home? A message from the beautiful, lovely [ profile] lady_sarai, who was once my accomplice and who was checking back in on me, since I completely fell off LJ until last year. Sara, I have missed you like Sawyer misses his coconuts and you have completely made my day. I can't wait to bake crack pie with you again!



Jun. 2nd, 2009 04:26 pm
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I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. I call upon the people of the United States to turn back discrimination and prejudice everywhere it exists.
Presidential Proclamation
delivered 01 June 2009
OBAMA ILY. A LOT. I am so excited about the direction of our country right now, because despite all the prop 8 shit, our president gets it. ♥

You know what else I love A LOT? Jensen talking about Danneel's dog! When he pulls out his phone to show a picture, all proud? asdfjkladjf SO CUTE OMG. JENSENNNNN.

Damn it, I caved to the Threadless $5 sale. In my defense, they were selling reprints of some shirts I didn't manage to get the first time around. This one & this one & this one. Sigh. OH WELL, now I just need to find a white graduation dress by next week. Eee I hate shopping. :/
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I like to plan these things out, okay? Many thanks to [ profile] impalalove for oh-so-helpfully posting the fall schedules because I've lazy like that.

8:00 - CBS - How I Met Your Mother
9:30 - CBS - Big Bang Theory
10:00 - ABC - Castle
9:00 - FOX - Glee
9:00 - CW - Supernatural

After six years, I think my torrid love affair with NCIS is finally over. I still adore Gibbs and Ziva, but I didn't watch much this season. What I did watch just seemed sloppy. And with the new LA spinoff (what.) it seems to be headed towards CSI, which - no. :/ This summer, I plan to watch/catch up on Firefly, Big Bang Theory, & How I Met Your Mother. Thanks to all of you, I'm also interested in Doctor Who, Leverage, & Psych. Oh, decisions.

I'll also be working all summer at the bakery - they asked if I wanted a summer job after the internship ended, and today we began to finalize details. I am just a little pleased that I was offered a job after only four days, especially since they've made it clear that I am welcome and needed during any breaks, too. Now I get to apply for student loans! Yay college.
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This weekend was the most social I've been in months, now that classes are over. Worked at my bakery internship most of the day Saturday, and as I was signing out, the owner asked if I'd be interested in staying on for the summer! YES PLEASE. I am loving this so much, and I feel so lucky to be working on something fun instead of sitting at a desk like my friends. I'd been a little self-conscious about being such an obvious newbie (and yeah, a little paranoid that they were annoyed that they had to babysit some high schooler) but being offered a job on my fourth day? I'm feeling very reassured. :D

Softball sleepover Saturday night included jumping on the trampoline in pouring rain at midnight. Do you need more proof of how amazing these girls are? Sports award ceremony Sunday afternoon, where I won the award for team leadership & commitment again, and then we all drove out to the middle of nowhere for a party at the coach's house. We ate unbelievably quantities of junk food and terrified the neighbors and absolutely destroyed her deck (although to be fair, she started the food fight).

I've been playing softball all four years of high school, but this has easily been the best by far. We started out without a pitcher or half of our infield and went on to host states and finish third. I've never been so happy at school as I have with these coaches or these girls - I've watched the other teams we played, whose coaches screamed at them and whose pitcher or catcher mocked other players' mistakes, and I feel so lucky. We have the best underclassmen, seriously. A couple of the freshmen girls actually wrote me letters/birthday cards saying how much they'll miss me next year, and I can hardly remember how miserable I was at this school freshman & sophomore years because this? Makes it worth it.

/Hallmark moment

[ profile] jelliclekat wrote me birthday!fic which is the BEST THING OF MY LIFE: Long Past Time, Sam/hallucinations, spoilers for the finale. BEST. EVER. Angsty and fucked-up and hurts so so good. MMM WINCHESTERS. ♥

SO EXCITED FOR BIG BANG POSTING, OMG. Except I will be crazy-busy with prom and graduation and all of that for the first week, so I'll just have to play catch-up the second week. :D

Now that I have my G1 and can actually set songs as my ringtone, Carry On Wayward Son makes me glee every time someone calls. SPN theme song! Hope that everyone else had an amazing weekend too.

(@mishacollins is MAKING MY LIFE right now. I am fangirling his dorkiness so hard.)
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No time for a real update, just spastic GLEE: yesterday was our senior game, but it was rained out. Today, we played our rivals, and it was their senior game, and we WON 12-2 even though they're a much higher seed & we haven't beaten them in years! YAY! (My God I have had more sugar today than I have in the last week.) So we're now leading the ISL & ranked 3rd in the state. Tournaments all weekend/next week, wish me luck! BOOM.

(Also, really randomly, Dick Cheney was at our game. Apparently we were playing his granddaughter or something? Whatever, the secret service were incredibly not-stealthy. And no one got shot.)

BC Calc exam this morning - after spending nine months dying inside over this class, I think I did really well. Definitely 3-5 range, and I feel so good about it. Fingers crossed!! AP English tomorrow morning, then AP Bio & AP Psych next week. OKAY GOODNIGHT. ♥
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MY LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL IS OFFICIALLY OVER. Unbelievable, and it really hasn't sunk in yet, but - wow. Won our softball game 10-0 mercy rule again, which is always good. Tomorrow's senior day, where the entire class sleeps in, goes out to breakfast, and then there's 'senior speeches' to reminisce. WHATEVER, I AM DONE. Now I just have to get through four AP exams and an internship and then GRADUATION. :D

My internship is at a local high-end bakery - I know I haven't done any food posts in a while, but I love to cook - and I'll be doing a hundred hours in two and a half weeks. Yay? I'm excited. I'm starting early this Saturday because they're catering an event at the National Cathedral and they need an extra pair of hands.

So much congratulations to everyone who managed to finish their Big Bang! I'm still frustrated that my word count fell short, but there has been no time, what with it being the last few weeks of school and all. I'll still write it, it just won't be a part of the official challenge.

Today has been declared lurker amnesty day! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Here for the fic? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so in a post just for that.
Ahaha, this meme was made for people like me - I've been trying to comment on everyone's posts, because I know I'm a terrible commenter. Sigh.

And finally, I know April is poetry month - I'm not a fan of most poetry, but the last stanza is my journal title and my favorite ever.
the boys i mean are not refined
e.e. cummings

the boys i mean are not refined
they go with girls who buck and bite
they do not give a fuck for luck
they hump them thirteen times a night

one hangs a hat upon her tit
one carves a cross on her behind
they do not give a shit for wit
the boys i mean are not refined

they come with girls who bite and buck
who cannot read and cannot write
who laugh like they would fall apart
and masturbate with dynamite

the boys i mean are not refined
they cannot chat of that and this
they do not give a fart for art
they kill like you would take a piss

they speak whatever's on their mind
they do whatever's in their pants
the boys i mean are not refined
they shake the mountains when they dance

eta And the fabulous [ profile] girlmostlikely has hooked me up with Dreamwidth! I'm marenzi over there as well.
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asdfkljdsl SO HAPPY OMG. Here is a rundown of the past thirty-six hours in list format, because I am anal retentive like that:

PRO: A three-hour softball practice of nothing but batting. YES. I may be a shitty fielder, but when I'm feeling on top of things, give me an Easton and I will jack some bombs.
CON: The inch-long blisters along my thumb and heel of my palm. DNW. (However, I am stupidly pleased with the way my entire right scapula is one huge bruise, plus a few little ones on my shoulders. I love the thunk when you finish your swing and feel the bat hit you just right and you just know it was good.)

PRO: The best pizza I have ever had. I've heard so many people talk about Church Street Pizza, but I hadn't tried it. Clearly, this is why my life was formerly unfulfilled.
CON: It was used as a bribe to get me to show up at Sadie Hawkins. It's okay, we were there for twenty minutes, signed in to get free dress on Monday, and then booked it. Yay for cheating the system!

PRO: Spending six hours in J's hot tub, which is inset into the enormous pool. Honestly, I will never get used to the idea that I have friends who are wealthy, but it was so nice. Even if I did lose at five fingers twenty times.
AND THEN. We were talking about nicknames and he mentioned that since his initials are J.J., his swim team calls him J-squared. I KIND OF DIED. Fandom/RL is the crackiest slash ever.

And so after spending all night in a hot tub, I got up at six to drive up to Princeton because C, my best friend from Idaho, was visiting the campus and we haven't seen each other in two years. LOVE. Oh god, I don't care if everyone thinks Idaho is a) the lamest place ever, b) Iowa, or c) nonexistent, I miss it so badly. We spent the afternoon together before her flight left & it's so hard to leave again.

AND NOW BOYS. Jared saying he would date Dean & working with Colin on Sam's characterization. Misha being generally hilarious and cracky and utterly loveable (plz to be stalking me, btw!). Jensen & Danneel acting adorable together. Needing to shave Not have time to shave because of certain ~*special morning activities. I want to just squish them all! There are pictures here & here, and I leave you with this:

FUCK ME PLZ. UGH HIS THROAT. THE BRACELETS & RING. THAT STUPID VEST. Jensen Ackles, if you ever get tired of the toppy 6'4" manbeast and your Maxim model girlfriend? I AM TOTALLY AVAILABLE.

Yeah, that's all. ♥
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This week felt like a carbon copy of last week - I just came home and got into bed again last night, but I'm feeling better now anyway. I tend to avoid LJ when I'm in a bad mood because I don't want to dump on everyone else.

From a brief skimming of my flist, however, I'm deeply concerned that these two plot bunnies aren't being written. [ profile] lazy_daze? These scenarios are firmly stuck in my head and I am sort of craving them now.
ETA: [ profile] _mournthewicked is made of WIN.

Also made of awesome: my advisor got married over spring break! I seriously love this man - he's Spanish and very shy and the textbook definition of metrosexual. Possibly the best-looking man I know personally, plus the exotic accent and extremely tight pants? Highly attractive. We asked him what he'd done over break and he told us his parents had visited America for the first time and that he had gone to Mexico with his girlfriend. It wasn't until I noticed his ring that he admitted that he'd finally married her, but he didn't want to impose on us by making us congratulate him. He keeps blushing whenever he talks about her and is generally being adorable.

And of course that story just reminds me that Jared & Jensen are golfing. In Oregon. This is my new euphemism for a 'weekend fishing trip'. They are so Brokeback.
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Someone brought this picture and asked Jared what he was thinking. He honestly had no idea - I don't think he even remembers doing it. He said something about it being that silly time at four in the morning. Jensen, however, LOVED it. He laughed and held it up for the camera to zoom in on so everyone could see it and said, "I'm gonna get a LOT of mileage out of this one." And Jared was all "Where did you even FIND THAT?"

-- [ profile] juice817's tag

Misha Collins --
"We all hang out naked in each other's trailers."
"Maybe Castiel is just a big pussy."
"They don't act like primadonnas - much."
"Is this going to be research for some slash fic?"

-- [ profile] afrocurl via [ profile] arabella_hope


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Someone asked them about the wrap party and they said they didn't know, they didn't make it. They flew here yesterday to be with us instead and, to quote Jensen, "Jared and I had our own wrap party last night." Then he smirked and added, "That's why I'm having a hard time moving around this morning."
Jared is definitely more awake than Jensen is. They were late because Jensen hit "off" instead of "snooze".
One of the new writers from this year, the one who did "After School Special", apologized to Jensen. He said the guy told him that sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks "It would be SO FUNNY to put Dean in plum-snuggler shorts! and a headband! and knee socks!" and that he forgets that Jensen is an actual person and a grown man who has to DO those things the writers dream up. Jensen said he really should be apologizing for thinking of him in bed.
Someone asked them how they liked each other's movies. Jared was all 'YAY IT WAS AWESOME OMG'. Jensen sort of gave us a Look and said he didn't like Friday the 13th, didn't appreciate the juxtaposition of the story line. Then he said the protagonist was dim. Jared said, "That was a CHARACTER CHOICE. He didn't need to be smart." Jensen said, "The dude's on the roof. LOOK UP."
Someone asked Gabe if he thought the supernatural is real, and he said, "Do I believe in the supernatural in general, or do I believe Jensen really hunts demons? BECAUSE HE DOES."
Jensen was saving the last cupcake. He really wanted that cupcake. He came back to the trailer one day and it was gone, and there were greasy footprints in the trailer. Jared said, "I AM SEEING A LOT OF ACCUSING LOOKS. IT WAS NOT ME." Then he turned his back to Jensen and sort of hunched over guiltily. We all laughed, and Jensen looked at him and said very seriously, "I will KILL you."

-- [ profile] juice817's tag

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asldfjdkalf NEW REINVENTING LOVE 'VERSE. I can't believe I haven't recced this all over the place, because this is my happy 'verse and I love it to death and oh my god these boys are too adorable.

The 'verse started as a J2 remix of Superbad, which I was hesitant to read because the movie was just okay to me. But [ profile] _mournthewicked writes the boys as teenagers brilliantly and posted an epic 30k follow-up (!!) to her original 26k story which makes me squirm and flail and melt and just smile like crazy. Find a few hours, put on the soundtrack, and read it. LOVE. ♥
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Today was... ugh. This morning, I spent a total of four hours discussing eating disorders and rape in my psych class and my English class. And I never consider that sort of thing triggering or whatever, but I was just completely drained by noon. Today was just kinda shitty in general.

ANYWAY. Let's move onto the fact that I abandoned LJ for a week and there is much to catch up on.
1. Last Friday was our school's annual variety show. You'd think that the highlight would have been all of the teachers dressing up as zombies and doing Thriller horribly out of sync. Or the MCs accidentally splattering cream pie all over the new velvet curtain. But the finale was five senior guys who dressed as the Backstreet Boys to perform I Want It That Way. NINETIES POP FTW. They had every single one of the cheesy dance moves down and their singing was indescribably terrible. This is why I love my class.
2. Softball varsity pre-season has started! My love for this sport is rather inexplicable, as I have played for seven years and am still rather terrible, but whatever. I'm still over-the-top excited every year. :)
3. The true meaning of food porn. Best served with alfredo sauce, y/y?
4. OH, destitute!JENSEN. ♥ But for the record, I highly disapprove of this housecat army. Dogs are the way to go, man.
5. I AM GOING TO SEE F13 THIS FRIDAY WITH [ profile] balefully & PEOPLE!! THIS FRIDAY, 7:30, GALLERY PLACE, DC. BE THERE. Who else is going to DIE over Jared Padalecki's ridiculous face??
6. I greatly dislike even numbers. I've noticed this on my flist before, and I can only conclude that it is a sign of extreme intelligence and general awesomeness.
7. Right, I'm off to dl & watch Misha Collins suck his own cock. You'll know what happened if I never post again.
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New profile! I like it, I think. And I love those quotations, so it'll be around for a while.

Ungh that episode BROKE ME. I cannot look at this picture without squealing, because GOD could they BE any more adorable, and I am looking at it a lot. SOMEBODY WRITE IT, PRETTY PLEASE.

Tonight I went out with my dad's side of the family (read: me, my parents, & my grandparents) for my grandfather's birthday. And as uncomfortable as I expected the night to be, because my grandmother is a horribly offensive racist homophobe, the evening was saved by George.

George was our waiter. He was also around my age, Bulgarian, and quite possibly the most attractive man I have ever actually seen. We were talking with the owner, whom my grandparents know, and someone mentioned how cheerful and prompt he was, and the owner started telling us ALL ABOUT HIM. He works there part-time as his second job while he goes to school, and half of his money goes toward tuition and he sends the other half home to his family in Bulgaria. SERIOUSLY. And his English was passable, but his accent, oh my god.

Anyway, he's refilling my water every five minutes, and we start talking, and he says I look familiar, what country am I from? I tell him my family's from Italy, because I have very classic Italian features other than my ridiculously pale Icelandic skin (very odd combination, I admit). And he sort of cocks his head and has the sweetest, most charming smile and says, Oh, but then your name should be Bella, no? Which is probably the cheesiest thing I have ever heard, but that doesn't mean I didn't melt & DIE in a little puddle. AHAHA I FEEL LIKE A THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL TYPING THIS, GOD. I'm going to shut up now. Except now I really want to go back next week.


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