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I've been freaking out all week because the bakery called me back to tell me that despite the fact they had guaranteed me a job for this summer, my internship last year worked out so well that they're starting a program with the local culinary school. Which means they no longer need an engineering student. Shit.

But I just had an interview this morning which could not have possibly gone any better - they ended it by saying that I interview very well, they couldn't believe I didn't have an internship yet, and they were going to do everything they can to find me a position in the next week. Which yes, very much what I wanted. :D And of course an engineering internship looks much better (honestly, I'd almost given up on one, since I keep getting to the final round of interviews and getting shut out by juniors). So fingers crossed for that!

Or, you know, if absolutely nothing else works out, I can always just live at the Delta Sig house all summer with awesome people I love and get a waitressing job. I hate not knowing what's going to happen, but it'll be okay.
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radio commercial: Charles Tooown races and slots! Right down the road, where the action is hot!
Swiss intern baker R: What are sluts?
Kate: ...uh. Saywhatnow?
R: Sluts! Like in the commercial. You know, races and sluts.
Kate: *explains difference between slots and sluts*
R: Oh. So either way, you pay to put something in, no?
There does seem to be a particular emphasis on hot action.
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It should maybe be weird that my softball coach called me at 11 o'clock at night and we ended up talking for half an hour, but any conversation about hit men and movie quotes is good with me. Don't worry, I know they only want me for my cooking.

Am drinking a ghetto espresso milkshake and eating sour cherries while reading Good Omens. This is a good night.
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My post to [ profile] food_porn with the picture of the raspberry lime smoothie I just consumed was rejected because it "looks like the image was hot linked". Haha, what? I took a picture and uploaded it to imageshack! That is, in fact, [ profile] marenzi's porch railing. TRUE STORY.

I am tempted to go take a really horrible, out-of-focus picture of me sucking on the straw and resubmit. Clearly, my sekkrit calling is culinary photography, because I am too good for mere pornography.
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Oh hey, let's go from seventy & sunny to BOOM! SURPRISE!HAIL. AT THE TOP OF THE SEVENTH INNING WITH TWO OUTS. Thankfully the other team (whose mascot is a snail. I can't tell if this is some karmic joke or if someone really wasn't thinking) didn't want to try to make up the difference, so the game ended and we won.

I am alternating between amused and headdesking over the recent con ~drama. Seriously, people? Is this all one big joke or are we really butthurting over this? IDEK anymore. Whatevs, let's just all admit that they're in a threesome, and everyone's happy! LIKE SO:


Mmm icon.

Apr. 15th, 2009 10:40 pm
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Today we talked about dissociative identity disorder in psych and all I could think about was [ profile] _mournthewicked's amazing fic-in-progress. And then we took diagnostic tests for social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, which. The rest of my class is just stupidly well-adjusted. Everyone else was below the halfway mark, while I scored full points on social anxiety and all but cleanliness points on OCD tendencies. Haha, fail, self. But how can you NOT count things and organize them properly??

AHAHA ALSO. My (Spanish) advisor told us today that he and his new wife (!!) moved out of their old apartment and just bought a condom. Cue moment of silence before I asked, "You mean condo, right?" And he just sort of scrunched his face up and said, "Well, yes, a nice big one." I freaking love this man and his misunderstandings of English words & idioms.

Actually, I'd just like to state for the record that there are a lot of highly attractive, just-out-of-college male teachers at my school. Like my psychology teacher. Just saying.
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I'm working on my AP biology research paper (yes, this is my Saturday night, shut up) and my dad walks in to ask about dinner (and yes, we're apparently eating at midnight tonight since we all forgot earlier). Our conversation:

Dad: So about dinner - *stops*
Kate: Yeah, dinner?
Dad: Um.
Kate: *realizes that she still has twenty or so tabs open about the male reproductive system, and her screen is filled with pictures of different penises*
Kate: *ALT-F4 ALT-F4*
Dad: Okay then. You, uh, do your research. *walks out*

Ahaha, I think I scarred him. Because in his mind, I don't even know what sex IS. *g*

Spending hours reading about seminal plasma and the epididymis make throbbing members and burning love-swords look good in comparison. I think I'm quitting soon.
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My laptop is flying across the country as I write this. Three weeks and counting. :/

You know what's really surreal? Getting new reviews on stories you wrote in seventh grade. Honestly, I can't even remember what they're about, but it seems like a few of them were pretty popular? IDEK. Two were set in Tamora Pierce's Tortall and another was a workaround retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

Was anyone else a Tamora Pierce fan? Oh man, I remember pretty much worshiping her in middle school. And my TP fanfic was so well planned out! I had one insanely long fic that I was so certain could be a novel - it was an AU of Raoul's daughter, the first girl to join the King's Own. I just found an entire notebook of unposted scenes from that fic.

In the same folder, I found fifty pages of a fantasy novel I wrote for my eighth grade English final project. It's only the first few chapters, but my storyboard (seriously, all of this was very well planned!) had all sorts of racial and social commentary and I had a rather beautiful twist at the end to defy all the fantasy norms. It's weird to admit that it wasn't entirely terrible. I might even have continued it, if I hadn't lost all interest in fantasy.

Does this happen to anyone else? Getting reviews on a fic from a fandom that's so old, you don't even remember what it's about? It's kind of amusing and flattering, that someone actually went back and read it.

I need a writing icon. I think I have over twenty tabs open for Big Bang research right now.
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[ profile] 2009_scrapbook
Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. Think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes. How about all those conversations you had via comments, or the huge post in ONTD that you spent all night commenting on? The 2009 Scrapbook Post is a way to help you remember all of that in a single post.

From High School to College )
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aksdjlfjaf OH GOD. This is why I shouldn't surf eljay while working on psych homework.

I'm writing notes about the middle ear, and instead of writing vibrations on the cochlea, I wrote vibrations on the cocklea. FREUDIAN MUCH, I KNOW.

I'm such a dork. Except now I kinda want to change it back and see if my teacher notices.


EDIT PART TWO "God keep going, do it again just like that." Awesome new Jared interview despoilered by [ profile] missyjack - thank you!
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I'm still a little confused, but life seems to be good? It really shouldn't be, but I've been ridiculously happy. Which is maybe just hormones, but I'm not complaining!

Spent last weekend down in Blacksburg with family and went hunting. Not of the supernatural variety. ) I know that hunting makes a lot of people uncomfortable (hence the cut). But I'm finding that there are a LOT of misconceptions about it - like that we waste good meat or ignore injuries or that overpopulation's just an excuse. And that frustrates me. I think a part of hunting is helping other people understand that it's a social and economic necessity in some areas. For the record, I'm totally open to answering any questions here.

As of Tuesday, my 26-hour cells lab YES over one full day of my life WASTED goddamnit is DONE. And today I took the test and failed but whatever, it's all over with!

ANYWAY. Enough srs bzns. Plz to be noticing androgynous!Kristen Stewart.

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Two last things before sleep:

I have had Kane's song 'House Rules' on repeat for the past three days. IT IS SO CATCHY. And I really hate that kind of country-ish music, but. I just keep imagining Jared & Jensen singing along loudly and off-key, drunk off their asses, and YEAH. ♥

Also, today while drooling over the ridiculously priced Anthony Bourdain books at Borders, I saw a display which was very not-discreetly labeled "Porn For Women".



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