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As my BB rec list continues to eat my life, I need all of you to go watch this right the hell now:
VID: The Road Ahead by [ profile] gigglemonster. Sam/Dean. 2:55. When the war is over, what comes next?

BEAUTIFUL. This is their relationship laid out, and the entire series arc is interwoven throughout. Absolutely gorgeous setup and the clips are pieced together perfectly. JUST WATCH, okay, and roll around in the Winchester love.

TV addict!pastry chef is nearly finished with SPN S2, and I think she's going to begin mainlining S3 soon because I leave for college in two weeks (OMFG, by the way). I've already told her that she has to call me the second she watches the S3 finale, because she's such an avid Deangirl that her reaction is going to be PRICELESS. And she may kill me, but totally worth it.

ALSO WATCHING SPN: [ profile] lady_sarai! Without any harassment from me, even! We're taking over, guys, Misha's Minions all the way! Also, there was this thing about her birthday too?

For some silly reason, I was informed that we can't ship cakes up to Maine (I know, I know, crazyness). I am still sort of freaking out that we found each other again, because you are the sort of incredible person who makes fandom so much fun. I hope you had the best day. ♥

Date: 2009-08-14 01:39 am (UTC)
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AWWW KATE!!!! I LOVE IT!! I am still freaking out, too. Thaaaaaank you! I had a LOVELY day, yes. OMG YOU MADE A TAG FOR ME. ♥!!! EEEEEEEEEE!


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