Jan. 20th, 2010

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Oh god I love weekend Wednesdays. SO MUCH. The upperclassmen kept telling us how much we would hate winter quarter, but no. We didn't believe them. I am paying for my disbelief now, guys. Although I will really miss this schedule next quarter, when I will have classes from 8:00-11:00 every morning and then three more in the afternoon. Sigh.

I also love book clubbing with the ΔΣΦ boys. (Haha, I was never supposed to be a frat girl! Really. It's just DIFFERENT at Rose, okay?) This started a couple months ago as an excuse to cram a dozen guys in a room so they could all drink together, but then one day I brought an actual BOOK to book club and now they're all reading too. I am highly amused at this "liberal arts bullshit", as they like to call it, because everyone here's an engineer and came here to get away from the humanities. I AM SUCH A BAD INFLUENCE.

ANYWAY, that tangent was to say that I spent an extremely reasonable $1 and ordered the complete Chronicles of Narnia, which I haven't read since first grade and really want to reread now that I'll actually understand all of the allegories. I am impatiently checking the tracking page like every five minutes. It's not like I really ever have time to read it, but book club is usually around 2-5 in the morning, so. Lewis on drunken sleep deprivation is going to be fantastic, I am sure.

(Also, there's supposed to be this show on tomorrow night? IDK, I'M KIND OF SPAZZING OUT ABOUT IT. ♥)


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