Feb. 22nd, 2010

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Tenth week is over, rifle is over, finals week is here. Just a few days until I'm home again. Almost there.

I can't even describe how miserable tenth week was; suffice to say that I slept eight hours the entire week. We got on the bus five minutes after my last class on Friday and headed up to Michigan for the riflery conference finals on Saturday. Despite less-than-ideal conditions - they were morons and wouldn't let us adjust the height of our targets, so I had to shoot at the seniors' normal height. They're 6'4"; I'm 5'4". WTF. - we all did really well, especially considering we were shooting against girls from the Olympic training team. Our team broke both school records and I had season highs in most of the events, which put me in fifth in conference for championship smallbore performance. It was a good way to end the season. :)

And now I have finals for the next three days and then I am getting obliterated Wednesday night and then I'm going home to sleep for a week. And as stupidly miserable as I've been for the last week, finals aren't even stressing me. Bring it on, Rose. I'm ready.


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