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Can't even remember how I found it, but Surviving The World is a pretty fantastic webcomic. It's by a thirtysomething MIT grad and there are engineering jokes throughout - like XKCD but daily. And not quite as funny but slightly more thought-provoking. Sometimes. On occasion.

Top Three: Two Fandom-Related, One That's Just Geektastic! )

And how are all of you? ♥

Sep. 18th, 2009 04:27 pm
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day one. a song
day two. a picture
day three. a book/ebook/fanfic
day four. a site
day five. a youtube clip
day six. a quote
day seven. whatever tickles your fancy

as this sunset turns to morning by [ profile] _mournthewicked
J2 high school AU featuring proud!GSA!Jared & shy!closeted!Jensen. adult. 86000 words.
SO MUCH LOVE. I really adore everything Carly writes, but this is so perfect. The slow build-up, the sweetness mixed in with the OMGHOT, their utterly undeniable love... her writing just sucks me in like no other. She also wrote one of my favorite fics in this fandom, underneath the weight of it all, which is a DID!Jared AU. This is all REQUIRED READING, guys, because her boys are beautiful and realistic and so in love it hurts.
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As my BB rec list continues to eat my life, I need all of you to go watch this right the hell now:
VID: The Road Ahead by [ profile] gigglemonster. Sam/Dean. 2:55. When the war is over, what comes next?

BEAUTIFUL. This is their relationship laid out, and the entire series arc is interwoven throughout. Absolutely gorgeous setup and the clips are pieced together perfectly. JUST WATCH, okay, and roll around in the Winchester love.

TV addict!pastry chef is nearly finished with SPN S2, and I think she's going to begin mainlining S3 soon because I leave for college in two weeks (OMFG, by the way). I've already told her that she has to call me the second she watches the S3 finale, because she's such an avid Deangirl that her reaction is going to be PRICELESS. And she may kill me, but totally worth it.

ALSO WATCHING SPN: [ profile] lady_sarai! Without any harassment from me, even! We're taking over, guys, Misha's Minions all the way! Also, there was this thing about her birthday too? Let there be cake! )
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up on dry land by [ profile] ampersands. Jared/Jensen. PG. Things have been ending for a while now.

NON-AU POST-SPN J2 ROAD TRIP. UNF YES. When it's well-written, this is pretty much my bulletproof kink, and this author handles it so, so beautifully. The atmosphere is incredible and her boys are so comfortable with each other. Actually, though, the thing that absolutely grabbed me was Jared's description of what it meant to be Texan. I know this 'good ol' Texas boys' angle has been played ad nauseum, but it was wrenching and it made me homesick. I love the writing style and will definitely be following the author's work.

Remember how I lent SPN S1 to one of our pastry chefs? (In retrospect, calling her pastry chef L was monumentally stupid, since there's only two and both of their names start with L. GOOD JOB, KATE. I need to think up clever names for coworkers.) She loves it because "each episode's like a different horror movie" and now she thinks our other pastry chef will love it too. And "the actors are pretty good, even if they have effed-up names. Padawhat?" I am doing good work, people.

I have an unexpected surprise!weekend today & tomorrow, since they need me to work crazy hours Saturday through Monday to make up for one of the pastry chefs being gone. Mmmph yay sleeping in. ♥
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If the Metallicar is the third character of Supernatural, music's the fourth. The Impala wouldn't be complete without its messy box of cassette tapes. Carry On Wayward Son is essential to every season finale. Dean's love of cock rock defines his character and his character is defined by his love of cock.

ANYWAY, I was thinking about how much I've been influenced by the show's music, both songs played in the episode and fandom interpretations. The show music got me into classic rock and has forever changed my driving playlist. Vids and fics and meta have all given me great songs or music associations, and sometimes lyrics will just make me stop and think, BOYS. Music's essential to every episode of Supernatural and it's essential to fandom as well.

[ profile] quidditchkiss compiled a fantastic ranking of SPN's top 15 music moments which I mostly agree with, and that covers most of the pre-S4 onscreen music. Then there are other songs which always create a vivid image or memory of Sam&Dean or J2 which might seem silly to anyone outside fandom, but make so much sense to me. Here's my own vid/song/music rec list with dl links! )

YOUR TURN. Tell me your fandom songs! Let me know if the links expire, I'll be happy to reupload.
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I have three different posts typed up right now, but let's stick with this:
artwork: Puppy Love
underage Sam/Dean, R, featuring short!Sam & innappropriate!Dean

I smile every time I look at this! Because it's such a simple, clever idea and it's so them. OH BOYS.
Not sure why, but I am all about the Sam/Dean more than the J2 right now. BBs have been AMAZING, my to-read bookmark is getting out of hand, but I've also got several really good books from the library. DILEMMA. And I need to make a huge rec list soonish.

But now I have to go to work, so. Should probably get on that instead of daydreaming about underage gay incest.
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This weekend was the most social I've been in months, now that classes are over. Worked at my bakery internship most of the day Saturday, and as I was signing out, the owner asked if I'd be interested in staying on for the summer! YES PLEASE. I am loving this so much, and I feel so lucky to be working on something fun instead of sitting at a desk like my friends. I'd been a little self-conscious about being such an obvious newbie (and yeah, a little paranoid that they were annoyed that they had to babysit some high schooler) but being offered a job on my fourth day? I'm feeling very reassured. :D

Softball sleepover Saturday night included jumping on the trampoline in pouring rain at midnight. Do you need more proof of how amazing these girls are? Sports award ceremony Sunday afternoon, where I won the award for team leadership & commitment again, and then we all drove out to the middle of nowhere for a party at the coach's house. We ate unbelievably quantities of junk food and terrified the neighbors and absolutely destroyed her deck (although to be fair, she started the food fight).

I've been playing softball all four years of high school, but this has easily been the best by far. We started out without a pitcher or half of our infield and went on to host states and finish third. I've never been so happy at school as I have with these coaches or these girls - I've watched the other teams we played, whose coaches screamed at them and whose pitcher or catcher mocked other players' mistakes, and I feel so lucky. We have the best underclassmen, seriously. A couple of the freshmen girls actually wrote me letters/birthday cards saying how much they'll miss me next year, and I can hardly remember how miserable I was at this school freshman & sophomore years because this? Makes it worth it.

/Hallmark moment

[ profile] jelliclekat wrote me birthday!fic which is the BEST THING OF MY LIFE: Long Past Time, Sam/hallucinations, spoilers for the finale. BEST. EVER. Angsty and fucked-up and hurts so so good. MMM WINCHESTERS. ♥

SO EXCITED FOR BIG BANG POSTING, OMG. Except I will be crazy-busy with prom and graduation and all of that for the first week, so I'll just have to play catch-up the second week. :D

Now that I have my G1 and can actually set songs as my ringtone, Carry On Wayward Son makes me glee every time someone calls. SPN theme song! Hope that everyone else had an amazing weekend too.

(@mishacollins is MAKING MY LIFE right now. I am fangirling his dorkiness so hard.)
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adsjflkajf GO READ underneath the weight of it all by [ profile] _mournthewicked RIGHT NOW. OH MY GOD. J2 dissociative identity disorder AU FTMFW.

I cannot adequately express how much I loved this, but it is sweet and heartbreaking and beautiful beyond description. The alters' personalities are so well defined, and the ENDING. I am broken. Just. ♥
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Fuck you too, Amazon. Way to alienate a huge portion of your customers.

My current plan to get this twenty-page John Irving paper done is that for every five pages I write, I get to read a section of [ profile] musesfool's Beggars Would Ride. I reorganized my delicious account again a few days ago and have a million tabs open of things I want to re-read. We'll see how this goes.

I'm sitting in Caribou and I swear there's something about this place - there's always a weirdly high percentage of attractive people here. Not that I'm complaining, but it's not very conducive to getting papers done.

(Also, ICON. Alex Pettyfer, ladies & gentlemen. ♥)
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ajkfdlkjsaf Someone you might have been IS OVER. And [ profile] fleshflutter broke me. If you haven't finished it yet... well, I have no idea why you're reading this instead.

Went to IKEA this morning - you guys, I could spend DAYS wandering around and decorating my imaginary loft with their stuff. I just - I NEED all of it! It's essential that I have picture frames in every color of the rainbow! (...which I may or may not have actually bought SHUT UP.)

The downside to being good and not spending money at IKEA is that now Threadless is having a $5 sale. I am usually so good with money, really, but the combination of these two forces? I'm doomed. I already have Living in Harmony, but now I want The Art of Conversation & Rock Is Dead & Movies: Ruining the Book. Although, haha, lots of death and black, which is very much not me. I would want Keep It Simple if the shirt were another color. And yeah, I also kind of want the spoiler shirt, but I'd feel way too guilty to ever wear it, so.
...I haven't bought new clothes since 2008, don't judge.

I also want a Rose-Hulman sweatshirt, but I can't let myself buy it until I know I can go there. This whole you're-in-but-we-won't-tell-you-how-much-money-we'll-give-you thing really sucks.

Since I'm stuck on my dad's computer while my laptop is being taken apart in California, I'm trying to find a clean version of PSP8, but no luck. Any help, please??
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...yeah, I don't really have a snarky comeback for that one.

DUDE. MARCH ALREADY. I have eight weeks of high school left. WTF. This is so crazy. Two weeks and then spring break and then less than two months and I'm done. No idea how to label the way I feel about this.

The Doors of Time. [ profile] felisblanco. Jesus fuck, it rips your heart out and sews you up just to tear you apart again. It feels like so much more than AU fic, and I can't describe it. This Jensen is so beautiful and breathtaking and real.

And they've already announced a snow day tomorrow - I'm still bemused by the general driving ineptitude of this region, but it's nice to have a random day off unlike the real world.
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asldfjdkalf NEW REINVENTING LOVE 'VERSE. I can't believe I haven't recced this all over the place, because this is my happy 'verse and I love it to death and oh my god these boys are too adorable.

The 'verse started as a J2 remix of Superbad, which I was hesitant to read because the movie was just okay to me. But [ profile] _mournthewicked writes the boys as teenagers brilliantly and posted an epic 30k follow-up (!!) to her original 26k story which makes me squirm and flail and melt and just smile like crazy. Find a few hours, put on the soundtrack, and read it. LOVE. ♥
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JESUS CHRIST MISHA COLLINS. I... I think I died. Several times. In between dying, I also replayed that scene a dozen times. I mean, HOW. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING.
...NNNGH. *flail*

Fics that I NEED, as bunnied by my flist and/or my twisted mind:
-- Jared cockblocking Jensen & being a perfectly happy third wheel on his date with Danneel (who may or may not have a name, IDK) and then they spend the entire movie talking to each other and giggling and sharing popcorn until Danneel's just like WILL YOU TWO DO IT ALREADY and let me watch.
-- Castiel making good use of Misha's... TALENT. And then Dean walking in on him and being really turned on and really jealous. OR Castiel asking Dean about his new human body. Either works, I'm not too picky.
-- ANYTHING WITH BROCK OR COLIN. God, I want to squish Colin for being so adorable, and I want to bang Brock... well. Yeah. PLEASE.

Also, new Tractorbeam timestamp! I'm certain you've all read this already, but I need to rec it anyway. Nnngh, I cannot describe how much I adore this series. Geeky!Jensen and bemused!adoring!Jared and so many science jokes! LOVE.

You know what else is awesome? I finish classes by 12:20 on Thursdays, so I'm sitting in Caribou with a full coffee cup and free internet. Life is good.

EDIT I'm writing my psych notecards on sexuality and found this beautiful fact: "Men who have older brothers are also considerably more likely to be gay" (Blanchard, 2001; Bogaert, 2003). This is called the 'fraternal birth-order effect'.

BUNNY #721: I want Sam to read this in his textbook and suddenly become ~*concerned about his too-close relationship with Dean and begin obsessing until he realizes his TRUE FEELINGS. Ensue weecest.

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You're being really slow and not sending me any comment notifications. This is Not Appreciated.
No love,

I am still dismayed that fandom has not exploded in weechester fic yet. REC ME, PEOPLE. I am so not above begging or sexual favors or both.


EDIT JENSEN ACKLES HOW ARE YOU EVEN POSSIBLE. Every time I think I could not love this man any more, I read shit like this about him. Not spoilery.
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I've been in the kitchen again, but I only thought to take pictures of a few things.

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo )

Lemon Ricotta Cookies )

Seven Layer Bars )

In other news, I have been completely and utterly broken by the SPN anonymous kink meme over at [ profile] blindfold_spn. Not only is everything ridiculously, brain-meltingly hot, but new kinks are being invented. Some of it's just - wow. Um, yeah, GO MELT READ.
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So. Why the hell did I take this class again? Not that the impossibility level was unexpected. There's only twelve of us in the entire high school who signed up for this torture, and we're all failing. Like, no-one-has-above-a-C, get-an-F-on-every-test failing. Personally, I think that if everyone is failing, it's the teacher, not the otherwise-straight-A students. But he's this batshit-crazy 75-year-old man who you kinda have to love because he's so quirky, so he essentially has tenure here.

ANYWAY. Like I said, it wasn't unexpectedly hard, just... still really, really difficult. I wrote another seven pages in an hour today, and on top of the thirteen yesterday, my shoulder's really cramping up.

But you know what made my day? THIS. Now with bonus Padacock! OMFG. Twelve Sam/Dean & Jared/Jensen drawings by [ profile] oddments, and they are all beyond gorgeous. I am so in love with that first one... mmmph. Yay boys.

Christmas shopping for friends tomorrow! 'Tis the season and all of that. ♥
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So now that we have to wait 52 MORE DAYS OMG, you need recs!

my love is one made to break every bended knee by [ profile] lyra_wing. Dean, R, 2600 words. Coda to 4.10 - SPOILERS. This broke me. It's an abstract account of Dean's time in hell & my new personal canon.

Double-Bluff by [ profile] lazy_daze. pre-Jared/Jensen, G, 500 words. Regarding Jared's picture of his three dogs. Adorable, ridiculous schmoop which will make you grin like crazy. ♥

Also, friending memes! Hi to everyone new, and the rest of you should go spread the love if you haven't done so already!
Spoilerphobes Friending Meme
'Nothing Good Happens After 2AM' Friending Meme

And finally, [ profile] keepaofthecheez's Six Degrees of Supernatural meme. Because we are all TOTALLY BFFS with the boys, FOR REALS!
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It's been a shit-awful excuse for a week so far & we're not halfway through. Then I found this fic and it made me just sort of sit back and smile and feel ridiculously warm and comfortable.

A Room With You In It by [ profile] dontyouwaitup. Jared/Jensen, R, 27,500 words. This is hands down the very best RPS or J2 I've ever read, and it makes me inarticulate. They're just such BOYS, with their silly banter and easy jokes. The progression of their relationship is perfect, because they're in it from the very beginning, they just don't see it yet. It's funny and adorable and awkward and sometimes you just want to smack both of them. You have to go read it, it's just... mmph. So much love.


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